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With the recent update release for piston, we now offer a dedicated public API node for our developers. It can be reached via SSL-secured websocket connection using this URL:


Steem Node

The Steem witness node comes with the following plugins enables:

  • account_history
  • follow
  • market_history
  • private_message
  • tags


The underlying hardware should be sufficient to host Steem for quite some time:

  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 Cores)
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 2.8TB disk
  • Debian 8.5


You can install piston using pip:

pip install steem-piston

It comes with it's own executable that you can use, e.g. with

piston list

or programmatically in Python with:

from piston.steem import Steem
steem = Steem()

If you already had piston installed, you can redefine the node by running

piston set node wss://


More documentation and help can be found on the main documentation page.


The use of this API server is on a best-effort basis. Do not rely on it's accuracy and availability. I will try to deliver some useful statistics from operations. We may, in our sole discretion and without cost to you, with or without prior notice and at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any portion of our Services. You agree that Piston is not responsible or liable for Third-Party Content and that you access and use Third-Party Content at your own risk. Your interactions with Third-Party Content are solely between you and the third party providing the content. When you leave Piston, you should understand that these Terms no longer govern and that the terms and policies of those third-party sites or services will then apply.

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

You enabled debug_node on a public node? That can't be right.

And why do you need witness enabled?

I would lie to you if I told you I knew what all of the plugins are doing :)
I'll disable them because, it obviously makes no sense to keep them enabled
Thanks for pointin it out

Thank's for your post. i've just discovered piston and i've my mind dreaming on its possibilities.

Ty for Article.

Hey @xeroc - I started playing around with piston (library form) and am running into a problem with one of your examples.

I'm using the stream-comments example in your repository and I'm getting an error about the post object not having an attribute of url. The code it's referencing is here.

I looked around at all the other code and didn't see anywhere this would be defined either. Did this break in a recent version?

I fixed that last week, please install the develop branch from .. I'll make a release the next week

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Awesome, thank you.

I'll admit, I didn't think to check any other branches... probably time to stop tinkering :)

Hey @xeroc, I'm trying to install steem-piston, but I keep getting errors like 'Failed building wheel for scrypt'. I assume this is because I'm trying to build it on a windows machine and I'm missing a dependency somewhere. Can you point me in the right direction?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

hey thank you for providing rpc server! It's very useful to test some scripts! Will you keep this server up?

I'll do my best to keep it up ..

I try it and it's ok

What usefull data you mostly pick from it?

Still available ? I can't connect

Lost connection to node during wsconnect(): wss:// (2/-1) Retrying in 2 seconds
Lost connection to node during wsconnect(): wss:// (3/-1) Retrying in 4 seconds
Lost connection to node during wsconnect(): wss:// (4/-1) Retrying in 6 seconds
Lost connection to node during wsconnect(): wss:// (5/-1) Retrying in 8 seconds
Lost connection to node during wsconnect(): wss:// (6/-1) Retrying in 10 seconds
Lost connection to node during wsconnect(): wss:// (7/-1) Retrying in 12 seconds

I'm having the same issue, can't resolve it with the new update