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RE: - steem account monitoring & statistics

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Stats I care about:

  1. My SP interest rate
  2. Nominal Increase in SP and SD everyday(with history graph)
  3. Percentage increase of my SP balance(with history graph)
  4. How much I made from curation reward (total per day with history graph)

Second this

Currently im logging my SP / Vesting withdraw rate / and some other steem values that are needed to give a prospection and history of your account.

Hope to implement most of his in our V3 and v4 website:

-> <-

Those would be amazing. If anyone's got good reading materials on this subject matter, share some links! I'd love to read them.

What you'd need to do was seperate out the increase in SP into curation rewards, content rewards and the increase by holding SP. From there creating the graphs would just be presenting that data. I dunno, im not a programmer though! :)

@Jesta Wow! So beautiful... Just like, truly impressed...

I have placed both of the tools on SteemTools ... so we keep a handy overview of apps & tools & services for the community.

SteemTools - indexing all tools & services for Steemit users

Some good suggestions there Crypto! :)

Great idea! I would like to see that too!

I agree with all your points CG... niw that would be some great data

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Yay.. Amazing. A new way to get lazy again.

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