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Quite some new tools, apps & services have emerged recently, so I decided to put them in an overview on This way you can just go to and pick the tool you were looking for but forgot the url.

The community of coders, hackers and developers became very active in recent weeks and made a vast selection of tools for Steem and Steemit. Whether image hosting service, chat, stats, streams or graphs, you name it and a Steem Tool exists for it :)

As of now I have found about 16 tools and put them on a list, please let me know if I miss some... I can add them superfast. Anyone who is making apps & tools for Steemit, please use this form to submit your app to SteemTools.

Most of these tools are based upon the hard work of just a few:

A special mention for those who make it possible that (almost) anyone can program against the blockchain:

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Hello, i hope it is not too late. Here is a tiny tool I developed:

Please could you tell me how to publish it on steemtools? thanks.

And Steemit Downvote Checker- Check Who Downvoted Your Posts/Comments

And Steemit Delegator Checker - Check Who Delegate SP to You

Thank you for your great curation service!

I also posted a tool I just made yesterday called UNDERP_STEEMED
which helps curators to find out under-valued post more efficiently.


@roelandp you magnificent narwhal you!

I have put it on the site... It is the third url shortener I have now found out :)
But as said on your post, it is great to have some variety in urls :)

Cool cooL!

You never stop working!

My top 3 favorite:

Yes I have been out boating for quite some past days... But also working in sweaty boat cabin on this, yes.

Just what i need

This is really a helpful site. Love it! Best way to stay up to date with all the Steem Apps.


@roelandp really cool man! Great to have a spot for all the tools. If you can add steemurl to the list. To demo it off I shortned your post here, which makes it a lot easier to post internally in steem and slack

Here's the release:

Yes I am now going to post it... check...


Thank you for this tool its will help a lot. I would like to submit my library but it seem there is a small issue on the "get listed" form, i can't fill a valid email look this:

Here is my library :

Im thinking about learning python better would that be helpful in steem development? Thanks for the post

yes. Although my work has limited to javascript based apps till now (at least for Steemit) but yes python is very powerful. You could also look into GO lang maybe... Then you can work at Google afterwards :)

Thank you for adding steem whales man.

Oh and everything gets placed randomly after each reload, perfect fairness!

Very nice design too, fits the steem color scheme perfectly. GJ

Hi @roelandp,
A couple of weeks ago I used the code you uploaded for SteemStream and made a tool to see in a graph diagram way the new posts and his upvotes.

Have a look:
Maybe you can add it to your site.
I alredy marked as favorite.

Super!! Fantastic site thank you.

I recently bought a few domains in case you are insterested:


Great job :D
can anyone explain this?

All these tools are great. And having them in one place just makes it even better. thanks

Great interface and easy to use!

You Rock! Another great tool for us. Thanks.

Nicely done ! Like de steemviz site very much...

This site is actually called :)

I know, i meant the app called steemviz that you have on but you guys also rock !


what is the benefit of begin a steem developer? how can i earn with steem APPs if i develop a new.

Hi @roelandp,

Thanks for making this list

I just filled in the form to add my project: SteemPi

But the field ask to upload to and this domain name is not in use for this service anymore, you maybe want to change the text in the form and change it to a other image hosting service.

The form still works when putting in a non url and this is how i used the form to provide my submission.

Hope it will be listed soon,

Thanks for the work on this list i like and use it often.

Thanks @roelandp and of course not forgetting @xeroc, @svk, @pharesim. You guys are amazing!

that's great!
i had all of them in my favorites bar, and now i only need your site. thank you!

Have a look in this, it's great too!

nice post..i wiil try this

@roelandp everything would be better if more people were like you!

i recently posted a story with Flickr photos but they don't appear in the post. is there any tool or editor that I can use to show Flickr images?

Coolio ! I filled out the form with - the e-mail field is wrong. it expects a url instead of an email...

SteemTools is a really nice way to present all the varied steem related websites in one convenient place; thanks for making this!

Great job, with all the tools coming out rapidly I'm sure many people will love this.

Also, props on the sleek and simple UI!

Very good website. Hope you keep it updated.

Hey @roelandp I just launched based on features form your SteemStream. Check it out:

I was just thinking that I was losing track of all the third party tools. Perfect timing. A few on there I hadn't seen before, thanks for sorting it all out.

Great job. Thanks. Bookmarked it.

Hello roelandp, I would to ask a question I hope you can help me. I just read that signup can now be done thru invitation. Can we invite our friend or the admin will do it? If we can invite, how to do it?


Great job pulling all of these resources together. Thank you !

The best tool! Thanks!

Great stuff. SteemGO could be soon on the list...

So badass!!

I've submitted my app on your Get Listed! link. Thanks for creating SteemTools to organize all these fantastic #steemapps! Excited to get listed!

Thanks! @bitcoiner

Hi @roelandp,

I would love to add the SteemIt Forum to SteemTools if possible . I've been trying to reach you has the direct link image host is broken . Let me know what I need to do. Thanks!

@rolandp Is this still maintained? a lot of dead links on the site.

Yes, more added then deleted tho. I remove now by suggestion. I mailed all owners a couple
Of times. Please send any links you feel should be removed to [email protected] Thanks!

Love this! thanks @roelandp. now studying steem API on Github to see what other apps can be added.

@rolandp visited your site. Nice looking website, great design. Found some tools that didn't work. One had input, but no way to submit the info. There was a telegram one, but looks like you can only send to the author and not to just anyone. Others with no documentation on how to use. Maybe that should be a requirement for you to post on your site.

Anyway, I've not been able to find any documentation on the API such as available commands. Do you have any good links on what info is available to extract and the commands needed to do that? Is it a json or rest? I would like to search tags and get a list of posts using a tag so I can do some searching without having to login to steemit. Didn't find any tools for that. Thanks for any help.

Hi Internet guy thx for your remarks. This week I began filtering out tools & apps. I have started with removing all tools whom's webpage is no longer working. If you have a list of tools which are not working for you please mail their correct name to me on [email protected]

Steem API docs can be found here:
Searching on steemit can be done here:

thanks @roelandp. I will go thru again and mark down the ones of question.

How can i add my tool?

see bottom of the site for a link to a gdoc / form!

Hello Sir,
I am new to cryptocurrency and looking for mining can you help me?

Nice contribution to the Steemit community. Thumbs Up!

Hi @roelandp, can you add to your list SteemWinner to make contest/giveaway ? Thanks

"Steemer's love you @roelandp!"

Great list collected!

Hi @roelandp, I've recently loaded my steemit app on your site steemtools.
Did you receive it?

Thank you very much. I started following you and I've seen you organize Steem events. Are you planning to do some of them in Italy?

This is a wonderful website and I learn a lot from those tools listed on it! I submitted my app and found it on it already! Thanks! I was wondering if I could edit the info of my app, because I just got a good domain name for it. If not possible, could you please do me a favor? My app is called steemr. The new link to it is: Thank you!

Thanks for this useful tools.

Attention the SteemBoost App here is offline or obsolete and if someone other takes the domain, userlogins could be at risk. Please check and thanx!

They say good authors create, but great artist steal. You did just that and gave us one bookmark instead of 20. Thank you.

You should add a "tab" for bots.

Keep them coming! :D Thanks alot.

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