SteemStats 0.2.2 - Posts you've voted on and posts created by accounts you follow

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Let me start by saying that I'm planning on regularly posting patch notes to steemit to keep the community informed of changes to Please, if you feel posts are happening regarding the project too often, don't upvote. The primary purpose of these posts is to inform users of new features as they are released, and will soon be syndicated (via the steem blockchain) to an "updates" page within itself.

With that being said, onto the updates!

Revamp of the "Activity" section

The activity section (default section) is slowly morphing into a tool for curation of content. It is probably not the best name for it still, but the site is evolving and will be reorganized in the future.

Currently this section shows you two things:

  • Any root level post that you've voted on.
  • Any post made by a user you are following.

This allows you to keep tabs on the topics you've upvoted, as well as content by people you follow that you should consider upvoting.

You can also click the "inspect" button on any of these posts, which is the button I've highlighted here in the red box:


Clicking this link brings up the Vote Inspector window:


This window has had a few changes made to it:

  • Colors have been added that indicate their relative weight. If you've played a certain MMO in the past, you might recognize the color scheme.
  • A legend has been added to the top to explain the highlight colors.
  • Any accounts that you are watching will appear in a smaller table above the main table. I found myself scrolling forever to try and find my votes all too often.
  • The accounts in the bottom table list all votes, chronologically, including your watched accounts.

The combination of these two screens, "Activity" and the "Vote Inspector" make for a powerful tool. Now not only can you see new posts by the accounts that you follow, but you can see posts that you've already decided to cast your vote on.

Networking rewrite and a load balanced steemd cluster

The largest thing I've been working on over the last few days is how steemstats speaks to the blockchain. It got out of hand quick and was using a massive amount of bandwidth if you were following a lot of people. I've since rewritten the logic and it's consuming much less (but still a lot!). If you're interested in the steps:

  • [Page Load] Calls get_api_by_name follow_api to retrieve the proper API
  • [Page Load] Calls get_followers account_name to get a list of accounts the account is following.
  • [Page Load] Calls get_account_history with a limit for each account you're following to retrieve recent posts
  • The posts are parsed and displayed on the page, and none of the above calls are ever made again.
  • When a new block is found, it compares the new postsin that block to the cached list of followers on each of the accounts. If it finds a match, it loads the post using get_content and displays it on the "Activity" section.

I'm hoping that steemit/steem#192 once complete will alleviate me from having to do any of this in the future. If I knew more about the steem infrastructure, I'd probably take a crack at resolving the issue myself.

Load balanced nodes

The other thing I did over the past few days was follow @xeroc's lead and setup a load balanced steemd cluster. I'd like to thank @xeroc again for letting me use (abuse?) his API servers for a while - until I got my own setup. To accommodate this expansion of services, I've upgraded the infrastructure behind steemstats as well. With the growth of the tool and it's real-time nature, I can only imagine I'll have to upgrade again if steemit keeps growing :)

I'm incredibly thankful that I haven't had to completely pay this cost out of pocket and that the community (via steemit) has helped fund this expansion.

Steem Power Growth Calculations

Thanks to @razvanelulmarin for pointing this out - the way I was calculating/sampling growth of steem power was being influenced by all sources of steem power (including curation and blog rewards). So there is now a large warning at the top stating that the numbers may be inaccurate if you receive a payout. I'd recommend refreshing the page if the numbers get out of whack.

Random parting thoughts & minor updates

  • The entire site is now HTTPS only, finally got around to setting up an SSL certificate!
  • If you follow or unfollow someone on, within 5 seconds the steemstats "Activity" tab should update to reflect it.
  • There was a bug where the people you ignored were showing up as people you were following. That's fixed.
  • I moved who you are following into a new tab under "Activity". Still needs work!

I know I said this last time, but I'm planning on focusing a lot more on steempress in the coming days. Let's hope that happens, and then expect an update on that end soon!


Superb! I love this site. Finally, we (effectively) get a FOLLOW page. Loving the vote distribution feature also. Nice job. Keep it up.

It doesn't work at all on iPhone 6s
. I know you said screen is too small but I thought I would be able to still see something but no. Looks like a cool ap though. I upvoted

Yeah it's not mobile friendly what so ever right now. There's way to much data on the screen, and probably way too much data usage in it's current state for it to be useful.

I do want to make it mobile friendly in the future, but right now I'd highly recommend at least a tablet, on wifi :)

I think a lot of people look at steem on phones. You should focus here for your next ap. None of the steem aps are focused on phone screens so there is a real Opty there. What are you working on next?

Good morning @jesta !

Thank you so much for your tool. Steemstats is what I use daily to follow accounts. I had also noticed it was slow and now it it is very fast! Congratulationst here!

What is the best way to communicate certain feature suggestions? Should I post and tag you ? or how?

I recently asked an interesting question that maybe you can figure out a way to more less calculate:

Almost 24 hours ago I added my intro post I and I pointed out a few predictions. A few were related to dev and one was that you have been providing such a good service to the community and you deserve every penny. Way to go man !

I invite you to check out my post here:

My predictions were:

1-Website overhaul with fast and efficient mobile friendly posting and voting capabilities
2-Talented Developers like @jesta will continue to appear and find that Steemit may pay better than most other projects
3-Some sort of status update or monitoring features, more addon's or new features
4-Real advanced search filters
5-Continuous security improvements and better spam bot protection
6-A more useful account management interface and a better wallet and transactional possibilities with internal Market growth as more and more transactions flock in
7-Additional or alternative ways or benefits for our post's to be heard
8-Forums and Chat rooms start to explode
9-Official app is released
10-Easier ways for crypto newbies for depositing and withdrawing Steem or 11-Steem Dollars to USD or other currencies.

#steemstats #steemit #steem

I wish I would have seen someplace that you tagged me, sorry! :)

If I can find a way to calculate those numbers, I'll definitely get it added. Most likely what it's going to take is a few days really exploring the steem code and exclusively looking at the rewards calculations. I've been learning a lot from the source, but I'm still not at the point where I understand it either!

Hi @jesta, awesome work! I am not sure if someone already asked you for it but would it be possible to have a section where we can also see what posts were up-voted by the people we follow? thank you!

I don't think anyone has asked for that yet, but I see the value in it.

I think I can pull it off, but only partially. I can watch the blockchain for votes created by people you're following, but getting the history of that would require a ton of bandwidth. I'd have to load every single persons account history that you're following and then aggregate that data together into a stream. Imagine you're following 100 people, that's 100 account histories to load and process.

I'll definitely add this to the feature list though, and I can probably at least make it notify you when one of the people you're following votes. But when you load the page it'd likely be empty with no history. Not ideal! But I'm sure eventually it'll be possible :)

awesome @jesta, thanks for the reply! any way to narrow it down time wise not too consume too much bandwidth would be ideal, so even if the page would simply show the last 24/12/6/3 hours of up-voting activity would be a great info imho

Thank you for the information, personally I love your page, with her I see the whole activity of my blog much more rapid , who has answered, voted for me .. maybe you might add a paragraph for "mention" for example, A user says your name in a post, I believe that it serious a very useful information also. (Though not if it can be done).

Example in image.

It's on my todo list, I just have to figure out the best way to do it!

Amazing work! So glad you do this for everybody.

It's pretty easy to stay motivated when you hear from so many different people everyday about how something you did, especially when its helped them understand something new that they're excited about. I imagine it's the same kind of satisfaction that a teacher gets from their students - getting to open someone's eyes to comprehension.

And thank you for the kind words :)

Thank you @jesta. The Vote inspector is pure gold! Keep at it. I'm amazed by your rapid development!

I'm still have some problems with the times in Votes and Replies -it's always 6 hours behind. I had assumed you knew about this, but it has persisted for the last 3 versions.

Yeah, I've had a few reports of it. I know why it's happening (timezone difference between the server and you), I just haven't come up with the solution yet. It's strange because I can change the timezone in my browser and the timestamps are accurately changed, so I'm not sure why it's happening for some and not others.

I heard it was happening here on for a while too. I'd be curious to know what the fix here was.

Haven't noticed here on Steemit - the time has always been accurate here for me.

Someone in slack a few days ago told me that early on it was happening to them. Can't remember who at the moment :)

Ah, so I found somewhere where it shows 6 hours ago - the internal market.

I am your avid follower. Congratulations again for all the work you are doing. is an essential tool with Steemit.

And no - these update posts are not happening too often. Keep us posted, please.

Thank you, it makes me smile knowing that people find value in these tools. I'm pretty excited that I get to contribute to a cryptocommunity :)

As for the update frequency, I just don't want this to seem as if I'm posting too much. The payouts are incredibly helpful in supporting me when they happen, but they don't need to happen on every single one of these posts. I think that's all I was getting at.

I do want to let you guys know when I add things though, because I get excited by these things!

We see all your updates live. I click more often on steemstats that on steemit :)

You will (maybe) limit your posts to four per day anyways - after today's hard fork :)

That's true! Though I feel that 4 posts a day is probably way too much anyways. I've been posting about once every 2 days so far, which feels excessive. But I have been making considerable progress each time, so at least there's some substance! :)

I love your commitment @jesta, keep it going, your tool is amazing!

Keep up the amazing work guys/gals!

Just lil' old me ;)

Well you are doing a hell of a job. Hey when you have a few weeks to spare hit me up via PM on Slack....I got a few ideas for other projects (Steemit related) that I would like to see come to fruition but I don't have the skills to make it happen.

How can I get access to the Slack page? The link has been broken for over 2 weeks now...

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