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RE: SteemStats 0.2.2 - Posts you've voted on and posts created by accounts you follow

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Thank you @jesta. The Vote inspector is pure gold! Keep at it. I'm amazed by your rapid development!

I'm still have some problems with the times in Votes and Replies -it's always 6 hours behind. I had assumed you knew about this, but it has persisted for the last 3 versions.


Yeah, I've had a few reports of it. I know why it's happening (timezone difference between the server and you), I just haven't come up with the solution yet. It's strange because I can change the timezone in my browser and the timestamps are accurately changed, so I'm not sure why it's happening for some and not others.

I heard it was happening here on for a while too. I'd be curious to know what the fix here was.

Haven't noticed here on Steemit - the time has always been accurate here for me.

Someone in slack a few days ago told me that early on it was happening to them. Can't remember who at the moment :)

Ah, so I found somewhere where it shows 6 hours ago - the internal market.

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