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RE: SteemStats 0.2.2 - Posts you've voted on and posts created by accounts you follow

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Hi @jesta, awesome work! I am not sure if someone already asked you for it but would it be possible to have a section where we can also see what posts were up-voted by the people we follow? thank you!


I don't think anyone has asked for that yet, but I see the value in it.

I think I can pull it off, but only partially. I can watch the blockchain for votes created by people you're following, but getting the history of that would require a ton of bandwidth. I'd have to load every single persons account history that you're following and then aggregate that data together into a stream. Imagine you're following 100 people, that's 100 account histories to load and process.

I'll definitely add this to the feature list though, and I can probably at least make it notify you when one of the people you're following votes. But when you load the page it'd likely be empty with no history. Not ideal! But I'm sure eventually it'll be possible :)

awesome @jesta, thanks for the reply! any way to narrow it down time wise not too consume too much bandwidth would be ideal, so even if the page would simply show the last 24/12/6/3 hours of up-voting activity would be a great info imho

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