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RE: SteemStats 0.2.2 - Posts you've voted on and posts created by accounts you follow

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I am your avid follower. Congratulations again for all the work you are doing. is an essential tool with Steemit.

And no - these update posts are not happening too often. Keep us posted, please.


Thank you, it makes me smile knowing that people find value in these tools. I'm pretty excited that I get to contribute to a cryptocommunity :)

As for the update frequency, I just don't want this to seem as if I'm posting too much. The payouts are incredibly helpful in supporting me when they happen, but they don't need to happen on every single one of these posts. I think that's all I was getting at.

I do want to let you guys know when I add things though, because I get excited by these things!

We see all your updates live. I click more often on steemstats that on steemit :)

You will (maybe) limit your posts to four per day anyways - after today's hard fork :)

That's true! Though I feel that 4 posts a day is probably way too much anyways. I've been posting about once every 2 days so far, which feels excessive. But I have been making considerable progress each time, so at least there's some substance! :)

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