Steem 0.12.0 Hardfork This Tuesday Will Bring Spamming Penalty If You Will Post More Than 4 Posts In 24 Hours

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More than 4 posts penalty

By Ervin Lemark @ervin-lemark - The upcoming hardfork of Steem 0.12.0 which is about to happen on Tuesday, July the 26th will, among other things, put in force this little bit called Issue #176 :

Each root level comment has a reward weight which impacts the end payout of the post. We are targeting 4 posts in 24 hours. Your first 4 posts in 24 hours will not be penalized. After that, they weight is decreased from 100% based on your average posting frequency. Having a frequency just barely higher than 1 every 6 hours will have very little impact, while spamming will be penalized heavily. This change is aimed to increase the quality of content at the cost of quantity.

Does this practicaly introduces a 4 posts per day posting limit?

What do you think?

And what is meant will barely higher? Are 5 posts in a day not barely high enough to get penalized?

How and how much will the weight be decreased with every post above the limit?

Questions and more questions ...

Should we be worried?

I, for one, am not a frequent poster - not yet - so this change won't affect me a lot. But I can imagine that some of you will have to rethink your posting strategy and dynamics.

@jesta - I see another addition to your excellent Steemstats site - a visual display of watched member posts in a running 24 hours window. What do you think?

Or am I completely wrong and making a fuss out of nothing?

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You can post as much as you want. The value of all your post after the fourth will decline. Comments are not effected.


After a fourth in a running 24 hours window, that is?

With running I mean from this moment one day bacwards in time.


Yes within 24hr period.

IMO, I think there are good reasons for having this kind of throttling, but also situations where it would stand in the way of certain applications.

At 35K users, we're not yet seeing scale or any kind of high levels of noise and abuse. This could change rapidly in the 100-500K user range. I think this throttling is a smart, conservative way to begin to think about that.

On the other hand, it might prevent 3P apps from doing certain things which use the Steemit blockchain programmatically.

Edit: as per comments, this may impact value of posting only, not actual ability to post.


Yes, you are right. I won't hinder your ability to post. Juste the reward for posting them.

Do comments count as posts? It seems they don't but why wouldn't they? My my attempt at 1,001 comments yesterday even harder seems timely.


My guess is that post is considered a comment #0 ;) In other words - a root level comment.

Are comments classed as posts?


Good point, they should be if they're same bot onliners over and over again.


I guess that a root level comment is actually a post. Am I right or am I wrong? :)

I am a bit confuse here. Comments are to be considered posts too? I am asking that because in the "status" page under [POSTS] also comments are listed.
I would like to have an answer if there is somebody out there who have it. Thank you in advance.


See my reply to @fiveboringgames 's question. I think that root level comment is a post. I would like it to be wrong here, though :)

I think it's great, there are people who are posting spam all day, not to be futile.


You might have a point there. Well, we'll wait and see.

I just found this official explanation:

There is a graph showing how rewards will diminish with number of posts within 24 hours posting window.

The only thing left to find out is - will all the posts be penalized or only those from fifth post onwards?

I guess we have to wait and see! I don't think we need people throwing up a bunch of crap content, so may be a good thing.


Yes, it might be a good thing but aren't 4 posts a bit harsh limit? Well, it depends on a 'penalization' level...

I've seen such limits imposed on other platforms. The number was usually 10 posts per day.

I , for on, appreciate the limit. Gives people time to think about posting quality instead of just churning out garbage.


True. As I said - I am not concerned about the limit either. But there surely are proficient writers with quality content and frequent publishing schedule who will have to rethink their posting strategy.


I think even for great writers, unless they are just reporting news snippets, 4 articles a day is plenty if they want to produce thought provoking content.

Still sunday and not tuesday, so I'm free to troll and to say: thank you for your posting :-)


I like your attitude :)

I really hope this will do something against the whole spamming. It is very good to see the team is constantly improving the usage of Thanks for explaining the coming improvements.


You are welcome and thank you for the reply.

That's a good news, thanks for the info


You are welcome.

"After that, they weight is decreased from 100% based on your average posting frequency. " - decreased means going down with each additional post. Not directly to 0%


No, not directly. But we don't know the grade. I guess we'll find out soon :)

What are the metrics driving this? That is, what percentage of users are hammering the site with large numbers of posts? What percentage of posts can be considered shitposting and is that based on quantity alone?


No idea. I didn't find and reasoning behind this change...