Here's my entry, enjoy and thank you, @steemitboard!

More photos and my story in the post ;)

Thank you and have a great day!


Thank you. Good luck with the contest.

My pleasure and thank you!

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Hey, this is my entry:

Here is my Carnival post! Great contest and badge!


Darüber freu ich mich aber 😄 Bei uns fängt das ganze, morgen schon an. Und von Samstag bis Dienstag laufen Wir, mein Karnevalsverein & Ich, an den Umzügen in unserer Region mit. 😁
Ein Upvote und habe den Beitrag geResteemd !

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen glücklichen Karneval @natha93 und freue mich darauf, Ihren Beitrag darüber zu lesen.

Ich danke Dir vielmals 😊

Hello to all good night ,Happy carnival to the entire community of Steemit, may God bless you all.

my entry


Thank you. Good luck with the contest.

Great carnival photos! Happy Carnival!

Great timing! We have a carnival in our town tonight. Not sure I will be going, too cold outside 😂😂😂

Happy Carnival! Receive Blessing and greetings from Venezuela!Carnaval 2019 Jhomacap.png

Wow! This is a cool badge and challenge. I happen to be participating in quite a few carnival activities over the next few days. Will have to see if I can put together a post.

Can't wait to read your post

SteemitBoard Carnival Challenge - A day of ordinary madness

This year I attended the Putignano Carnival (a city of Puglia, Italy), one of the most famous in Italy. The Putignano Carnival is emblematic of the art of papier-mâché which, for decades, is realized in the realization of magnificent allegorical wagons, masks of character and masked groups , protagonists of the colorful caravan of masked courses. The allegorical wagons, authentic works of art made with mastery by the masters of cartapestai, come to life in the forges of the "Capannoni"(large areas available to craftsmen), historical and fascinating laboratories that for months lull the carts, accompanying them from the moment of conception to that of realization. E' un'esperienza bellissima in cui le persone di ogni età trascorrono intere giornate di divertimento.

#carnival #steemitboard #fun #Italy

@claudio83, please create a separate post for your contribution to be valid.

@claudio83, please create a separate post for your contribution to be valid.

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