Here's my entry, enjoy and thank you, @steemitboard!

More photos and my story in the post ;)

Thank you and have a great day!


Thank you. Good luck with the contest.

My pleasure and thank you!

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Hey, this is my entry:

Here is my Carnival post! Great contest and badge!


Darüber freu ich mich aber 😄 Bei uns fängt das ganze, morgen schon an. Und von Samstag bis Dienstag laufen Wir, mein Karnevalsverein & Ich, an den Umzügen in unserer Region mit. 😁
Ein Upvote und habe den Beitrag geResteemd !

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen glücklichen Karneval @natha93 und freue mich darauf, Ihren Beitrag darüber zu lesen.

Ich danke Dir vielmals 😊

Hello to all good night ,Happy carnival to the entire community of Steemit, may God bless you all.

my entry


Thank you. Good luck with the contest.

Great carnival photos! Happy Carnival!

São João is a Catholic festival celebrated in Goa.


Probably a Portuguese thing... not sure... do you know Dias? I have kind of lost some of the historical references I studied, unfortunately.


Probably a Portuguese thing... not sure... do you know Dias?

Would be of Portuguese origin. @forykw
The Portuguese brought Catholicism to Goa.

São João is a Catholic festival celebrated in Goa in an unusual manner, with devotees leaping into, and swimming in, domestic drinking water wells, as a form of tribute to St. John the Baptist. It is organised on June 24 each year.
While the feast of Sao Joao is celebrated across the Catholic world on the same day, Goa is the only place in the world where it is marked by leaping into wells.

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Great timing! We have a carnival in our town tonight. Not sure I will be going, too cold outside 😂😂😂

Happy Carnival! Receive Blessing and greetings from Venezuela!Carnaval 2019 Jhomacap.png

Wow! This is a cool badge and challenge. I happen to be participating in quite a few carnival activities over the next few days. Will have to see if I can put together a post.

Can't wait to read your post

SteemitBoard Carnival Challenge - A day of ordinary madness

This year I attended the Putignano Carnival (a city of Puglia, Italy), one of the most famous in Italy. The Putignano Carnival is emblematic of the art of papier-mâché which, for decades, is realized in the realization of magnificent allegorical wagons, masks of character and masked groups , protagonists of the colorful caravan of masked courses. The allegorical wagons, authentic works of art made with mastery by the masters of cartapestai, come to life in the forges of the "Capannoni"(large areas available to craftsmen), historical and fascinating laboratories that for months lull the carts, accompanying them from the moment of conception to that of realization. E' un'esperienza bellissima in cui le persone di ogni età trascorrono intere giornate di divertimento.

#carnival #steemitboard #fun #Italy

@claudio83, please create a separate post for your contribution to be valid.

@claudio83, please create a separate post for your contribution to be valid.

I will take part in the amazing challenge
Hope to be able to do much more in front of this kind of challenge

Dear #steemitboard , Steemian and readers, how are you? I hope you are good. I'm not good and can not stay good. I'm fine, tell me, I'm writing something like yours. I can not understand what I will write. You are keeping me neglected. Needless to say goodbye. In fact, justify my mistakes, say so wrong. Understand this, someone might have tried to read the writing. Which will be my overall comfort.

Hello Friend Hide Help -

I will continue to write. My little inspiration will always be in my love.
Please resteem and upvote me with hounars .

Oh my, this is great, though I don't have any carnival pictures here but I know friends who do have.

#resteeming it for them.

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Talk to your friends nicely, they might give you a copy of carnival picture.

Carnivals don’t start here until March ,April time frame. Its still winter and the snow is falling. Nice idea, timing is off in my humble opinion

I think it's referring to the Brazilian carnival which I believe is happening soon.

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Yes but the badge is about an experance and not so much about a singular carnival .

I get that, I am just referring to the timing of this challenge. Hence why I brought up the Brazilian one. :)

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Its to cold here for any carnival activities here. Except maybe in New Orleans LA.

Yes, it may depend on where you live. But usually, Carnival takes place 40 days before Easter, so in the next days, hence our current timing.
Anyway, feel free to share your carnival experience, even if off-schedule, and participate in the challenge.

Thank you 😊
I have been thinking about it since I read the post. ; )
I do like the badges and it is a great idea. I missed the valentine badge. What a disappointment that was.

For me, there's no carnival at all😥

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Buenísimo carnival

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Nice post badge @steemitboard , happy-happy carnival

I love carnivals!!!

like it

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very nice

Oh this is game on. I love Carnivals. It's one of the few times I don't mind crowds, lol.

Ya hice el mio :)


Create your post in your own blog

Great ! I am game

Es momento de dar a conocer lo grandiosos que son los carnavales en mi estado de Morelos, Mexico.

Wow very nice badge carnival.

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unfortunately, i don't have any carnival in my town😭

Thanks for giving this opportunity

this is great ;) ;)


How to badges?

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Read the rules

We don't need no stinking badges.

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Good idea and I will go there for this contest jejeje

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Good Luck Y’all!

nice 😍

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Thanks for the event. Just upvoted and resteemed. Unfortunately(?!?) I have yet any experience in the carnival festival to share. However, the badge is one that I want to get! Thanks..;)

how to collect this badge?

Bei uns im Saarland feiern wir auch gut Fastnacht. Ich war dann auch mal verkleidet.
Hier mein Post:
Da @monsterbuster

Thank you. Good luck with the contest.

it's not actually a descriprion of my carnival festival in germany, but a try to let all the people of the world descripe their carnival festival:

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Thank you. Good luck with the contest.

thanks for the service :)

Hello friends, here is my post, with the help of the Google translator

Thank you. Good luck with the contest.

We don't do many Carnivals here, either. Those that happen are in the bit cities. We do have harvest festivals - at this time of the year. Anyway, great challenge. I'm not going to enter, but am very happy to resteem!

genial, me gusta la idea ya voy hacer mi post, tengo algunas fotos, siempre lo celebramos en familia.

Pronto haré mi publicación. Gracias por la motivación.

Hola amigos como les va, saludos desde Venezuela.

aquí en argentina este fin de semana es carnaval!! en mi ciudad Mercedes buenos Aires los corsos son muy bellos. felíz carnaval para todos!

No podre salir estoy mal solo se que hay mucha cultura ahi a fuera. Gran alegría aca en Bolivia

What a great idea @steemitboard ! love it :) Happy to share my experience from the longest lasting carnival in the world :)
here is my entry:
carnival green.jpg


Thank you. Good luck with the contest.

Love the badge.

Happy Carnival steemians. To the Catholic Happy Ashes Wednesday and especially to @steemchurch community.

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Aunque no estoy de animos por carnaval! Mas bien estamos de duelo en Venezuela. Sin embargo algunos sinvergüenzas indolentes lo van a celebrar.!

one question @steemitboard
Can I enter with two entries? I've already submitted my entry from the Uruguayan carnival - where I live now. But I just realised that a few days ago the czech (my native country) version of a small carnival happened! I could share the carnival experience from both countries! :)

If I can't submit with two entries, never mind, I will post the article about the Czech carnival regardless, just not as a part of this contest :)

Thank you for the answer!

reto cumplido.

steemitBoard carnival challegen

aqui en venezuela esta celebracion es una fiesta tanto para los pequeños como para los jovenes , esta tradicion se podria decir que te puese disfrasar y echar agua a cuarquier persona por que es una medida de divercion

mis carnavales este año fue increible mis vecinos y yo echabamos agua a todo lo que pasa por la calle , comimos parrilla ,se volaba volador o cometa ect.

carnival steemitboard

SteemitBoard Carnival Challenge partyyyyy time )
#carnival #steemitboard

This challenge is still valid? I am planning to get this badge.

Happy Carnival Steemians! 🎉
That sure is a real pretty carnival badge
there @steemitboard! :-)
I got my party post up 4U 🎈

Wow nice badge.

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@steemboard carnival challenge - what warms the cockles of my heart regarding my own experience w/ Carnival is the passion of the dance itself- the Latin #dances are so different , so hot , from the lovely yet ramrod straight, overly compartmentalized, world of classical #ballet in which I was brought up and trained in countless studio classrooms. For me- the samba in particular is the perfect mode to celebrate the advent of crazed Springtime-w/ the fluttering of birds, the color of blooming flora, and the heat between a male and a female. @angrytwin

What is carnival, what's use of carnival?
Thank you,

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