Pennsif's Progress #627 - Security - it must start with the local community

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In my previous Pennsif's Progress post about food security @bobydimitrov made a very good comment about security and being able to defend one's food stockpile against the marauding masses if a society breakdown occurs.

Your food stockpile is just a club swing away from being someone else's. Your greenhouse is a magnet for hungry bands of pillagers. Even if you keep an arsenal in your house, you cannot possibly keep a band of marauders from taking your stuff and your life.

That is of course a big concern. In that sort of situation we can only have food security if we have security.

Our remote location is both a blessing and a danger for us. Our nearest neighbours are one mile way in one direction and half a mile in the often.

The neighbours are too far away to even know if we were having problems... or are they?


Before I joined steem I wrote my daily Pennsif's Progress posts for many months on a UK Preppers forum. Discussions were always informative, often educational, commonly enjoyable and sometimes quite frank.

Security was a common topic for discussion - but 'OpSec' was the always the watchword.

Operational Securty was of the outmost importance - never give too much information away, least you would be 'uncovered' and hoards of undesirables would be beating a path to you door.

So my big takeaway from that preppers forum was to keep a low profile and never say too much.

That is sound advice. So in answer to @bobydimitrov I will keep it general.

One family in a remote farmhouse - even with a truckload of guns - couldn't mount any effective defense against hungry people with bad intentions.

But this is the UK, with very restrictive gun laws, so our truck won't be full guns... maybe just airguns, catapaults, sticks and stones and bows and arrows.

But this is rural Wales where every knows everyone, most people have the same surname and sometimes you really have to keep up with the Jones.

The Local Community

So that is where security will start ... with the community.

We moved here nearly 20 years ago and in that time we have been involved in a lot of what goes on in the local community.

Our children have attended the local schools, my wife has learnt Welsh at local classes, I have been been involved in organising festivals and other community events. In any ways and all ways we have got to know people in the local area and they have got to know us. My mother being born here has given us a free pass in some areas as well.

And our near neighbours have always been helpful - pulling our car out of the floods, lifting delivery vans that have slid off our lane, coming by in their 4x4s when we have been blocked in by snow.

The local community, and our neighbours, are the foundation of our security strategy.

Distance can be an issue, but that is nothing that some CB radios or a network of walkie-talkies won't be able to deal with.

So that is our Prepping Security Strategy, Part I.

Tomorrow, OpSec permitting, I will reveal Part II, and maybe even a glimpse of Part III...

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I have to agree with you on so many levels here. Living rural can be a blessing yet a hindrance.
When I lived more rural, ALL the town's people knew my business. Heck they even knew who was in town at what store just by cruising down main street on any given day. We ALL knew whose car was whose, so being a gray man or anonymous was never an option. Even though the neighbors are a half mile or mile away, you can almost guarantee, they know what's going on down there.

Side note: I have been really enjoying your Pennsif Progress posts!

Previously we lived in a big Midlands city. Even though we had neighbours within a few feet of us all around we barely knew them, and greeting people in the street was deemed weird or suspicious even.

Internet was much faster, and a hundred big shops were within 15 minutes walk, but I would never go back to living in the city.

The fact that I can wake up and go for a walk with the dog down the lane in my pyjamas, and just hear bird song and not petrol engines wins it over for me.

I am happy you are enjoying my revived Pennsif's Progress series - only 626 left to go...

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Agree. It all starts with OpSec and bond building. Community networks can also contribute to your Intelligence picture as to what is happening in the local area, anyone new in town and the general crime trends etc.
I can appreciate the difficulty of isolation and yet still being 'accesible', therefore every measure must be taken to make it hard for the would-be-attacker/burglar. You got to keep on your toes at all times...
What is more interesting is that maybe the threat isn't so much from the opportunist (when in a rural area) but more the planned and targetted attack. Shout loud, because without comms no one will hear you in the country.
But! We have the law on our side which allows us to defend ourselves....
Good luck.

Yes, building a strong local network is all important. Sharing resources and intelligence could be a key factor in survival in bad times.

One area I am exploring now is the use of appropriate (non-grid reliant) technology to enhance this. Maybe a subject for a future post...

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So agree with knowing ones community. Sometimes it proves helpful to know those living around us. Everyone has something to offer. 🐓🐓

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