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RE: Pennsif's Progress #627 - Security - it must start with the local community

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I have to agree with you on so many levels here. Living rural can be a blessing yet a hindrance.
When I lived more rural, ALL the town's people knew my business. Heck they even knew who was in town at what store just by cruising down main street on any given day. We ALL knew whose car was whose, so being a gray man or anonymous was never an option. Even though the neighbors are a half mile or mile away, you can almost guarantee, they know what's going on down there.

Side note: I have been really enjoying your Pennsif Progress posts!


Previously we lived in a big Midlands city. Even though we had neighbours within a few feet of us all around we barely knew them, and greeting people in the street was deemed weird or suspicious even.

Internet was much faster, and a hundred big shops were within 15 minutes walk, but I would never go back to living in the city.

The fact that I can wake up and go for a walk with the dog down the lane in my pyjamas, and just hear bird song and not petrol engines wins it over for me.

I am happy you are enjoying my revived Pennsif's Progress series - only 626 left to go...

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