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RE: Pennsif's Progress #627 - Security - it must start with the local community

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Agree. It all starts with OpSec and bond building. Community networks can also contribute to your Intelligence picture as to what is happening in the local area, anyone new in town and the general crime trends etc.
I can appreciate the difficulty of isolation and yet still being 'accesible', therefore every measure must be taken to make it hard for the would-be-attacker/burglar. You got to keep on your toes at all times...
What is more interesting is that maybe the threat isn't so much from the opportunist (when in a rural area) but more the planned and targetted attack. Shout loud, because without comms no one will hear you in the country.
But! We have the law on our side which allows us to defend ourselves....
Good luck.


Yes, building a strong local network is all important. Sharing resources and intelligence could be a key factor in survival in bad times.

One area I am exploring now is the use of appropriate (non-grid reliant) technology to enhance this. Maybe a subject for a future post...

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