Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest [Winners #12]!

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The winners have been finalized! Pemenang telah dimuktamadkan! 获奖者已被选中!

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Congratulation! Taniah! 恭喜!

Winners #1 - 60% SBD Link
@el-nailul https://steemit.com/esteem/@el-nailul/steemit-what-interests-me-to-be-on-steemit-63bae96aa50cbest
Winners #2 - 40% SBD Link
@heartbeat1515 https://steemit.com/blog/@heartbeat1515/what-interests-you-about-steemit-steemcommunity-by-legendchew-heartbeat1515-personal-opinion
This course definitely will help you to develop a new level of knowledge and insights too!
Kursus ini tentu akan membantu anda untuk membangunkan tahap pengetahuan dan pandangan baru juga! 这个英语课程绝对会帮助您发展更高水平的知识和见解!
Winners take away an Exclusive Blogging Course worth USD $94.99, and part of 100% SBD payout!
Pemenang mendapat Kursus Blogging Eksklusif bernilai USD $ 94.99, dan sebahagian daripada 100% SBD payout! 获奖者拿走价值94.99美元的独家博客课程和部分 100% SBD payout!
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Image Source Week#12 Payout


The SBD prize has been sent to your account. Please private message me in SteemCommunity Discord to receive the free course code.

Hadiah SBD telah dihantar ke akaun anda. Tolong mesej peribadi kepada saya di SteemCommunity Discord untuk menerima kod kursus percuma. SBD奖金已发送至您的帐户。 请在SteemCommunity Discord中私信给我,以获得免费的课程代码。
To the rest of the contestants, not to worry since the giveaway contest is continuous on a weekly basis! Click here!
Kepada peserta lain, jangan risau kerana pertandingan ini adalah berterusan setiap minggu! 对其他参赛者,不要担心,因为这场免费比赛每周都会持续进行!Klik di sini! 点击这里!


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This giveaway contest course is fully sponsored by @paulag.

Kursus peraduan ini telah ditaja sepenuhnya oleh @paulag. 这个赠品比赛课程完全由@paulag赞助。

Giveaway Contest Rules/Peraturan Pemberian Pertandingan/赠品竞赛规则:

Title/topic Week #12: What Interests You About Steemit?

Previous Giveaway Contest/Peraduan Giveaway Terdahulu/以前的赠品比赛:

  1. Why I NEED It?
  2. What I Want To Improve In Steemit?
  3. What Do I Want To Learn From Steemit?
  4. Why Do I love Steemit?
  5. What Tag You Use In Steemit And Why Use It?
  6. What Will Motivate You To Write In Steemit?
  7. What Is Your Goal In Steemit?
  8. How Do You Overcome Obstacles In Steemit?
  9. If You Have A 1,000,000 SP(Steem Power) In Steemit, What Would You Do With It?
  10. Where Do You See Yourself In Steemit Within Next 5 Years?
  11. If you have a chance, what business will you build with SMT(Smart Media Token) and Steemit?

Previous Winners/Pemenang Sebelumnya/上届获奖者:

  1. Week #1
  2. Week #2
  3. Week #3
  4. Week #4
  5. Week #5
  6. Week #6
  7. Week #7
  8. Week #8
  9. Week #9
  10. Week #10
  11. No Winners (The SBD payout has been brought forward to week #12)

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Congratulation for the winners, this is beautiful moment of the week, thanks for @legendchew for contest and @paulag for sponsored it😄😍

Thank you @mrday for the participating too. Week 13 is open now. Feel free to join. 😆

Taniah kepada pemenang, sukses untuk kita sèmua @legendchew😙

@nurhayati, jika ada masa, menyertailah pertandingan ini. Terima kasih.

awak akan coba nanti :) @legendchew

Haha, harap anda mencuba juga. Hadiah ini mempunyai kursus yang boleh membantu anda untuk mempertingkatkan reputasi anda. 😁

Kedepan akan saya partisipasi @legendchew, terima kasih atas informationnya😁

@heartbeat1515 Enjoy the prize and blogging course. Make sure learn and practice the method and technique. Good luck!

Will do @legendchew. I am very grateful.Thank you so much. Winning the blogging course is a fortunate one for me who doesn't have the basic of blogging.

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