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This is actually my entry for a giveaway done by @legendchew.
It is on week 12 already.
He got some wonderful topics and amazing challenge in there.
The one that struck me is... I need to write a blog about the topic given in at least 500 words.
Wow!! This is a challenge for me and let see if I can do it.

For the love of writting, the positivity in steemit and the beauty of sharing plus long term investment in steemit... Join in steemians, HERE's the link

How do I start to answer this question?

Well.... Let's start from the beginning of my journey on steemit.

To make it simple and easier to read I'll write on point form.
Starting from...

  • The incomes.
    Well, where else do you get a chance like like this? I don't know any other place or platform that you can gain something by starting from zero.

Free registration, Write and Get paid for it.

  • Steemit purpose.
    A community where users are rewarded for sharing their voice. It's a new kind of attention economy - a copy from the steemit FAQ site
    Why do we have voice?
    Because we wanted to be herd right?

Steemit have ears. We are herd in letters form plus we gain earnings from just posting compare to other site such as facebook.

But actually, I did make a facebook account because of steemit 😅😝, It is as a stepping stone though.

  • Meeting a wonderful community.
    It is here in steemit that we can meet all kind of people from all over the world.

How do children travel? I believe they have been travelling through their imagination and one of the transportation is reading.
People said that the tongue is as sharp as a knife because words leave a great effect in someone heart but when words are put into writting it may show some of that person personality.

Well, I felt the same here in steemit. It also help to build more positivity in my life for what we write here can't never be deleted, so I believe that everybody including me will only write a wonderful contents that we won't regret later. Are we? 😁

  • A chance to help others even for someone you don't know.
    How do I say this in words? A simple thank you won't be enough.
    I myself have gotten a lot of help here in steemit both financial and mentally.
    I'm still at rock bottom for now but someday I too would like to give back to the community because I believe that is why we are all here, right? We receive.

I receive because somebody is giving. Therefore, now I'm receiving later I will be giving. This is how it should be and that is what makes steemit a wonderful community.

I don't know wheter I manage to reach the 500 words as needed but this is all that I could say about my interest in steemit for now. There are more but I'm afraid that you'll get bored reading. 😂😂

As for my conclusion...

The first step in steemit is too big and too high for me for I am not a writter, not even a blogger. I don't even have a facebook account at first 😅 but here I am now still in steemit, upvoting, commenting and re-steeming, Hoping to be giving more soon.

What I'm going to say is...

Stay long enough until you can see the true form of steemit so that you can stay for more because you won't lose anything for we start at zero from the first.
But if you stay long enough you will gain something that will make you stay for more.

That is all from me for now.
Thank for spending your time with me.
Do upvote, comment or re-steem if I manage to make you read my story until the end.

Plus.. Don't forget to checkout the link above and give it a shot.

Good luck!!


Good luck in this contest!

Good advice - people need to start a steemit account and stay around. The more people stay and interact, the more steem power they will have, and that makes their votes more powerful! :)

Yes and it is also the role of us who have been long enough in steemit to search for the newbies good content and support it so they have a reason to stay around, while powering up ourself.

And thanks though I'm not a best friend of luck😅😂

Hi @heartbeat1515, thank you for your participation to "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

Thank you for your contest actually.

Nice interview! Enjoy your 20% upvote. :)

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