Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest Worth USD 94.99 [Week #4]!

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Exclusive Blogging Course is worth USD 94.99 and will be given away exclusive FREE to SteemitBC/SteemCommunity members through this contest. Every week there will be ONE up to FIVE members will be selected to receive the prize.
"Exclusive Blogging Course" ini bernilai $94.99 (Dolar Amerika) dan akan diberikan secara PERCUMA eksklusif kepada ahli komuniti SteemitBC/SteemCommunity melalui pertandingan ini. Setiap minggu akan ada SATU sehingga LIMA ahli akan dipilih untuk menerima hadiah tersebut.

Title/topic Week #4: Why Do I love Steemit?

# Tajuk/topik Minggu #4: Kenapa saya suka Steemit?

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· Must join SteemitBC Discord.
· Must write a blog post related to the title/topic.
· A minimum of 150 words per blog post.
· Must comment on the giveaway contest and a link back to your blog post.
· Must have tags of steemcommunity and steemitbc.
· Formal Indonesian, Malay or English languages are acceptable.
· Harus menyertai "SteemitBC Discord".
· Mesti menulis blog yang berkaitan dengan tajuk/topik.
· Sekurang-kurangnya 150 perkataan setiap blog.
· Harus memberi komen dan pautan kembali ke penyiaran/"link back" blog anda.
· Harus mempunyai tag "steemcommunity" dan "steemitbc".
· Bahasa formal Indonesia, Melayu atau Inggeris boleh diterima sebagai penyertaan.

Deadline Before: 3 May 2018 (GMT +8)

Tarikh akhir sebelum: 3 Mei 2018 (GMT +8)

Free feel to join if you are not a SteemitBC community member yet as per link below:
Jika belum menyertai SteemitBC Discord sebagai ahli komuniti, sila menyertai seperti "link" di bawah:

Optional: Resteem is not required but it is recommended so more people will know about this amazing giveaway contest.
Elektif: Penyerbaran pertandingan tersebut adalah tidak diperlukan tetapi menggalakkan supaya lebih banyak orang akan mengetahui tentang pertandingan yang memanfaat dan hebat ini.

Extra Prize!

Winner of the giveaway contest will get extra 1 SBD and STEEM Basic Income x 1 fully sponsored by me.

Pemenang pertandingan hadiah akan mendapat tambahan 1 SBD dan STEEM Basic Income x 1 sepenuhnya ditaja oleh saya.

Link to the course:
Pautan ke kursus:

This giveaway contest course is fully sponsored by @paulag.
Kursus peraduan ini telah ditaja sepenuhnya oleh @paulag.

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Wrong title. Please change it. Thank you.

Please check out again. I changed it

Well done. Thank your for your entry.

Hi @legendchew I've written about the giveaway and it's the writing I've included for the contest. hope you like.



Thank you for your submission @acehpungo. Do DM/message me your Discord username/ID.

Thank you for your entry @muhammadddzacky. Do DM/message me your Discord username/ID.

My discord name muhammadddzacky

Saya sangat bahagia dengan kontes yang anda adakan dan saya dengan riang mengikuti kontes anda

Thank you for your submission @penasantri.

saya tertarik mengikuti pertandingan ini, dalam waktu dekat saya akan menulis tentang topik diatas. salam @legenchew

Tertarik terus menulis sahaja. Topik yang senang sesiapa pun boleh menyertai.

Saya suka sangat membaca tulisan bahasa Melayu dari @legendchew.

Kepujian tetap diterima tetapi jangan sekali-sekala tulis mesej yang berkiatan dengan isi "blog post".

Hasrat besar ingin mengikutinya,. Namun saat ini waktu saya masih sangat berat untuk saat ini...dan postingan ini sudah saya bagikan untuk anggota Komunitas saya, semoga ada beberapa anggota yang mengikutinua, terima kasih atas Informasinya, @legendchew

Terima kasih @helmibireuen di atas perkongsian kepada rakan-rakan anda!

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an easy way to learn, for free, with an excellent teacher, it's all one package, it's amazing, we will not get anything like this out there. this is good news for us member @steemitbc, a very brilliant idea from @legendchew. dont miss it this time.👩‍🎓

It is the best rewards I can give to the back to the Steemit community. Do spread the good news to your friends to participate. Thank you @mrday.

Dont worry @legendchew, l will announcement this good news for them. I will join to this time, l will catch 2 sbd from you guy 😂

Hahaha! You so clever @mrday!

I'm still on my way to the moon, man. Not yet there. But I just couldn't help myself with this writing contest, so I'm sending you an entry from space. Enjoy it, man. I hope you'd like it, a blog post from a SteemitHolic Spaceman to compete with all blessed souls on SteemitBC. Here you go: Reasons I Love Steemit | Alasan-Alasan Aku Menyukai Steemit [Bilingual].

@el-nailul, brother, would you be so kind to re-participate as a sponsor? ☺☺

Hi @aneukpineung78, please do not use the logo without permission or credit source. As you already know, it is already been dissolved and has been replaced by the new @steemcommunity. Your entry has been approved, good luck!

@el-nailul please do not send any extra SBD to my account. I will refund it if you send. If you like to sponsor them, you may send it to them directly. The reason behind is because I do not want to do extra job. 😁

I didn't know about that, @legendchew. Should I take the logo out of my comments and my post? What do you suggest, man? What is dissolved and replaced? I do really not know about this. Thanks, man.

Yes, @el-nailul, brother. Send it directly to ME, man. 😆😆

It is recommended to put image source. Dissolved means no longer exist, terminate or closed. Replace means "digantikan" in Malay language.

No longer SteemitBC? Since when? Ooh!! 😯😯

Since April 2018.

Too bad, happens when I'm starting to love it.
Okay, then. Thanks, man.

You're welcome.

I have put a caption to the logo. Is it okay, now? Enlighten your buddy, man. Thanks.

I prefer you to removed it. Thank you.

Done, man. Now I'm going to remove it from mh blog posts as well. What about Discord Channel? Is it changing it's name or dissolved as well?

Well done. The Discord still the same. The name may changed in future.

I'm sorry I can do nothing about my post-payout blog posts and comments, and maybe I couldn't track all of my comments that contains SteemitBC promotion including the logo on other's posts. Please be kind and take no legal actions against me.

That's depends on SteemitBC. 😆

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