Exclusive Blogging Course : What Do I Want To Learn From Steemit? [Winners #3]

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The winners have been finalized! Pemenang telah dimuktamadkan! 获奖者已被选中!

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Congratulation! Taniah! 恭喜!

In steemit I realy wanna learn about it. Recommendations for be a big person and earn money the easiest way. I wanna read about how we can grow as person and comunity. I think that if we have good values that define us as person, we would already be taking the first step to victory. We must all help each other.
Steemit is very curious and I want to learn from it, right now I'm enjoying playing steemit and I want to grow. I think there are some things that I get from steemit and I want to continue to pursue it, what i want to learn
But it's okay. The fact is I am not a fast learner, and I have made peace with that. But I do learn through experience. I think, to know what we want to know is more principle. Not knowing what we want to know is indeed not a good sign, it's like a sign of progress' dead end.

This course definitely will help you to develop a new level of knowledge and insights too!
Kursus ini tentu akan membantu anda untuk membangunkan tahap pengetahuan dan pandangan baru juga!

P/S: I do realize there is some spelling and grammar mistake in your blog post. Remember to check and correct it.
P/S: Saya sedar terdapat beberapa kesilapan ejaan dan tatabahasa dalam catatan blog anda. Jangan lupa untuk memeriksa dan membetulkannya.
我知道你的博客文章中有一些拼写和语法错误。 记得检查并纠正它。

Winners take away an Exclusive Blogging Course worth USD $94.99 & 1 SBD!
Pemenang mendapat Kursus Blogging Eksklusif bernilai USD $ 94.99 dan 1 SBD!


The SBD prize has been sent to your account. Please DM me in SteemitBC Discord to receive the free course code.
Hadiah SBD telah dihantar ke akaun anda. Tolong mesej peribadi kepada saya di SteemitBC Discord untuk menerima kod kursus percuma.
SBD奖金已发送至您的帐户。 请在SteemitBC Discord中私信给我,以获得免费的课程代码。

Extra Bonus! Bonus tambahan! 额外奖励!


To the rest of the contestants, do not worry because this giveaway contest is continuous on a weekly basis! The next topic will be posted within 24 hours. Those who did not win may join the contest again. Until then, stay tuned for more!
Kepada peserta lain, jangan risau kerana pertandingan ini adalah berterusan setiap minggu! Topik seterusnya akan dipaparkan dalam masa 24 jam. Mereka yang tidak menang boleh menyertai semula pertandingan ini. Sehinggalah di sini, tunggu lebih banyak lagi!
对其他参赛者来说,不要担心,因为这场免费比赛每周都会持续进行! 下一个主题将在24小时内发布。 那些没有获胜的人可能会再次参加比赛。 在此之前,请继续关注更多!

Giveaway Contest Rules/Peraturan Pemberian Pertandingan/赠品竞赛规则:

Title/topic Week #3: What Do I Want To Learn From Steemit?

Previous Giveaway Contest/Peraduan Giveaway Terdahulu/以前的赠品比赛:

  1. Exclusive Blogging Course: Why I NEED It?
  2. Exclusive Blogging Course: What I Want To Improve In Steemit?

Previous Winners/Pemenang Sebelumnya/上届获奖者:

  1. Week #1
  2. Week #2

I'm very glad for this, thanks for choosing me as one of the best, Congrats for all participants,thanks to @lengendchew and @paulag thanks to SteemitBC,

Congratulation @hedijr7! Remember to learn and utilize the "Exclusive Blogging Course". Cheers!

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Congrats to all the lucky contestants.
Thanks to @paulag and @legendchew for making this all possible.

Congratulation @aneukpineung78! Enjoy your SBD prize and exclusive blogging course. Do share with us what you learn from the course. Cheers!

Yes,man. I hope you're ready when I'm back. 😀

Free feel to join again. 😆

You see, I'm on my way to the moon. Maybe I'll write from there.

Awaiting your moon writing. 😁

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