Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest worth USD 94.99!

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Goodbye @steemitbc & Welcome @steemcommunity

As some of you may hear the latest announcement by the Steemit Blogger Center (@steemitbc) that their project has been ended. Sad to say, but whatever happens already happened. They have started powering down their Steem Power. Do send your regards and wishes to them at their final blog spot.

Reference Link:

What's Happen Next?

Not to worry. According to @rt395, the Discord Chat will be still available at https://discord.gg/J7TCJT6 and @steemcommunity will be taking over. Based on my understanding of the new core mission. Below are the three major focus:

· Developing remarkable curators
· Create new effective community leaders
· Provide Minnows education

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Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest!

In conjunction with the transition, I got an opportunity from @paulag to support minnows education by providing an outstanding blogging course fully sponsored by her at Udemy.

What is Udemy?
Udemy is an online platform that provide online courses.

The whole course is worth USD 94.99 and will be given away exclusive FREE to SteemitBC community members through this contest. Every week there will be at least ONE and up to FIVE members will be selected to receive the prize. Hints: I may giveaway some SBD to excellent blog spot too.

The criteria to win the giveaway contest:

· Must be joined SteemitBC Discord Chat. Community members will get a priority.
· Must write a blog post and tell me why you NEED it.
· Must comment on the giveaway contest for the link back to your post.
· A minimum of 150 words per blog post.
· Title of "Exclusive Blogging Course: Why I NEED it"
· Must have tags of steemcommunity and steemitbc

Deadline: 12 April 2018 (GMT +8)

Free feel to join if you are not a SteemitBC community member yet at https://discord.gg/J7TCJT6. Malay or English languages for this contest is acceptable.

Optional: Resteem is not required but it is recommended so more people will know about this amazing giveaway contest.

Link to the course: https://www.udemy.com/supercharge-your-blog/


Hi @legendchew I am ready to write a related article contest, I have followed the rules, I don't want to lose this opportunity, try check my writing contest thanks a lot.

Thank you for your entry @elnazry!

Hi @legendcew, l have write commented before, and now according my promise to you, l do not want to lose big catch, and here we go....https://steemit.com/contest/@mrday/exclusive-blogging-course-why-i-need-it

Awesome! A great leader who do by leading a great post!

Thank you for your entry @taministy!

Just check it out. Thank you for your submission @alzamna.

I am interested to enter the contest, but I still do not know how to follow it.

Hi @elnazry. Here is the instruction:

  1. Join Discord Chat https://discord.gg/J7TCJT6
  2. Must write a blog post and tell me why you NEED it.
  3. Post your link in the comment here.

Follow the contest criteria above.

well thanks for the help, I will make a post today.
I will choose one of this title :
· Developing remarkable curators
· Create new effective community leaders
· Provide Minnows education

Make sure the title is "Exclusive Blogging Course: Why I NEED it". In addition, you need to post your link here in comment. Hope this helps. Good luck!

"why do you need it", what does it mean?

It means why you need this free course?

So, there we are guided for free?

Winner of the giveaway contest will get a free course.

Hey buddy, you now..this is a giant opportunity for @steemitbc and @steemcommunity members, l dont want to lose this big catch, thanks @legendchew

Yes it is. Do help share the news to all community members. Thanks in advance.

thank you for all of the support you have given to @steemcommunity and @steemitbc You are a rock star...oh no, sorry you are a legend :-)

Haha, that's funny! 😆 Thank you for your sponsorship and generosity too. @paulag 👍

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Hmm can I participate? I kinda need this one :D

Yes. Feel free to join @asbonclz. This course will definitely help you to improve your Steemit blogging.

Yeah, I need this coz I am organizing a steemit workshop here :D

That's just fantastic! You can use share this giveaway contest to your Steemit workshop participation too. It cost nothing to win it. Hints: I may do more giveaway... 😎

Thanks mate :D

this is a very good program, what about the Indonesian language can be accepted, because it is not much different from the Malay language

You may submit on formal Indonesia language.

Wow..i like it, helpful and have class, i really like that @legendchew

@baroen96 Remember to enter the contest too. You are going to love it when you get the exclusive to the course.

Many people who do not understand about bloggers, and always hope without any ability and the desire to learn, of course like myself. I will make a post for this contest Mr @legendchew

Wonderful @taministy! Awaiting for your entry.

hello @legendchew, I am very happy to read this post, but I will try to follow this contest. but according to my personal, I am very supportive of this event. because it can evoke the spirit of steemias all. success create @legendchew

Hi @murthala, that's the spirit! Awaiting for your submission.

ok @legendchew here is my post in accordance with the contest : https://busy.org/@el-nailul/exclusive-blogging-course-why-i-need-it

thank you

Brilliant! Thank you for your participation @el-nailul!

Totally awesome, I'll try to take a part within the contests. Thank alots @legendchew for organizing the contests. What a great contribution toward community (steemit).

Awesome @seifanlj! Can't wait to see your contest submission.

In regards of this contest I would like to thank you @legenchew, will resteem it, I wish other user will see this as well

Thank you @el-nailul.

can i also participate in this? :)

Sure! Why not? Remember to follow the rules. @iamkuyaj

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