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Many minnows and plankton like me are really busy trying to get up vote from whales, but we ignore for producing good contents, why?. The answer is “interest of money”.

Some of us die in the pool and some grown “dwarf” and some growing very well. When I look closer for some who are growing fast I found that they are well-prepared. They know how to make good content, they know how to make connection, and they know how to engage with other user. They Know The Key to Success.

Time of disoriented

I need to be honest to all of you about what my interest on steemit was. At the first glance when a lot of my friends are talking about steemit, it is all about earning money, I thought it could be my side job on the net. So then, I asked my friend @rizal.konoha2 to show me how to make steemit account. A week later I got approval, but I had no idea what to do with that.

Three days later I try to make my introduction post and wooww that was not my expectation, I feel disappointed since I could not get what I expected. I came back to my friend asking this and that and how to get upvotes and many more question.

Why I was so disappointed? Because, my first interest is “Getting Easy Money” my friend.

My first post was selected by @mitneb and invited to join discord channel. I learn more and more day by day on steemit, until my other friend gave me advice to check steem FAQ and I went through it carefully until I found one interesting section on it:

Why are people getting vastly different rewards?
Steemit is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme. While it is possible to post content that goes viral quickly and earn a lot of rewards on a single post, this is not typical for most users.
Most of the authors that you see earning high rewards are users that have spent a lot of time in the network building followings, making connections with others, and developing a reputation for bringing high quality content.
It is best to have realistic expectations, without focusing on rewards when you are first starting out. Work on building a following, making connections, and developing a good reputation. Consistency will pay off in the long run.

Source is from steemit FAQ

So, have you seen my “stupid thing I expected on steemit”?

If some of you still expecting money, you better learn more and how you get there with better commitment, and my advice is please read FAQ one more time carefully. Sorry if it is too harsh for you my friends, but that is true.

That is really interesting right?, when many people thought about collecting “money” quickly and get rich from steemit. And most of them will run away when they realize steemit is not the right place to come.

Then, I refer to this section and realized that earning from steemit is not something instant. I changed the mindset to be on steemit since the day, it was at my second month on steemit.

These were my thought before I found what my real interest on steemit:

  1. What should I learn to make myself recognize on steemit?.
  2. What kind of post will really attract other user to see?.
  3. What tag I should use to be more visible?.

I went across steemit collecting answers from many expert user, some of them responded me very well, some of them were busy with their own business.

Time to set myself free, I saw new real interest on steemit and I go for it to get closer to my real freedom

I know Lopster on your plate is much more delicious, but I am happy with my taro for my daily meal


My breakfast; Taro with brown sugar and coconut

I started to realize that, I was wrong about my thought even it seems very good, but if I keep doing it then I will lose my freedom. Don’t you see how??, alright I will show you:

1. If I think, “What should I learn to make myself recognize on steemit” then I will end up with a burden of thinking to be the most familiar user across the platform. That isn’t freedom of self-being!
2. If I think, “what kind of post will really attract other users to see” then I will be killed by burning head, how I could find the idea to make a thousand people love what I am posting. That is not freedom of choice.
3. If I think, “What tags should I use to make more visible” and then I put myself in the middle of nowhere, surely I will be busy with popular tags without being able to decide what my consistency is. That is not freedom of acceptance.

I don’t want to be a slave of SBD or STEEM, but I will make them as my slave, how?. I will do these and these are interesting me to be on this platform for long term commitment:

1. Push myself to the limit of writing experience/or other new experience
I write what I really know about and base on what value can be added to others in this platform, no plagiarism at all. I write from my heart not from my head, that is the real freedom I can feel. I paid no attention for what I will get on my post, every upvote will be considered as an appreciation for what I do for this community. I will not serve useless information to public, but all my best thought even if no people will come to read. I will know how good I am to write something and present useful information to the world by doing this way eventually. Even the whales will need plankton to feed them, so be a fat healthy informative plankton!. Earn my freedom of self-being. This interest me on the platform to see my opinion right or wrong!

2. Gaining SP as much as I can
This is my second interest on steemit, why do I need SP? Am not I afraid to be a slave of SP, no, not at all, because I don’t need it to upvote myself, but serve other as my participation in a larger steemit community. I have no worries what people would say, am I so naïf?, or am I so stupid? Nope!, this is my choice, I choose to support others and I did (well not really much). Once upon a time, I came and comment only to the whales post with expectation of upvoting on my comment, I got it indeed. But why should I push myself to do it while I leave so many friend behind?. And I stop it, I only put comment on the best post I thought as my highly appreciation to their hard work and high afford. I admit it, I missed a lot of good post to comment sometime, but that is because my limitation on internet connection and time.

3. Real friendship
I have had some new real friend since joining steemit earlier this year. When I make friends organically I found a lot of happiness, I have someone to talk and interact with and do things together even having some coffee together, steemit brought me more friends and more joys. I did not make friendship on steemit to get upvote or to get more SBD and STEEM, but friends are the matter of sharing the happiness with. So, this is able to ensure my freedom of where I want to be and who I want to be with. I strongly believe somewhere someday I will meet more good friends.

4. Contest
Participating on interesting contest is something special, no matter I win it or not, but that is the way I can interact with particular community across the platform. I will participate on the contest when I saw I fit to criteria of that contest. Participating in proper contest is also the way to get into point no.1, no. 2, and no. 3. Contests push my writing skill to the limit, I learn how to present my idea precisely according to the topic. Meanwhile, I could interact among participants, I got some friends since actively participating on the contest like this one. If I win the contest I could get the price which is either in SBD or STEEM and then I can power up my account, or sometime the price is SP delegation for some period.

Even though at the end I will be able to make money, but that is not a priority, but bonus of hard work, I have prepared myself to have my real job in offline world (anything possible with my previous experience and skill). At least for now “money is not my primary interest anymore”. I knew two of my friend on steemit do not think about money at all time, but they are always concern to help other. I saw not all the steemit user who do self-voting is trying to get money for themselves but to power up his/her account in order to give better contribution to their community. At the end of story actually my commitment follows my goals and my goals follow my interest. Millions thanks to @paulag and @legendchew for this contest. It does help me to be more creative and look far forward on steemit!, you get my highest respect for what you are doing. And I am so sorry for not being able to actively participate on discord channel.

I will be back online on June 30, 2018. I will need to prepare the recipes of cooking for more than 2000 people for tomorrow party. See you later my lovely friends.

Thank for reading my post


Hope for the best and prepare for the worst


Hi @el-nailul, thank you for your participation to "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

Thank you on behalf of my friend, @el-nailul.

Thank for reply my friend @freedomshift, I was not able to reply at the time @legendchew. have a good day for 2 of you

Good luck with your cooking for 2000 guests, hope that this time you got satisfaction of the result. I set my goals on steemit since the first time I joined, but I have to learnt about it for 3 months before I really take good care of my posts. Money never come first on everything I do, online of offline. I do what I like to do to be more self-sufficient and help others.

I am still learning now, but it's getting easier after joining contests and get to know more gorgeous people. Thanks for sharing this. Aneuk Seurideng adalah kekuatan besar yg membuat steemit tetap ramai.😊

the fact was not 2000 invitees, but 4500 that is what I counted from the rice cooked and the main manu

have you ever heard about "multiply your counts?" if they said it's for 2000 and it's mean that you should prepare for 4000 and add additional for 20% as saving.. hahahhaa, don't trust anybody who said it's sibak rukok teuk right?

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"cooking for more than 2,000 people" got my attention! Please do write about it, later.

ciao ...

wonderful post and very insightful. Thank you for sharing your very successful journey!

This post is having some good insight...
Thank you

Your interests is so interesting...

same as interest as you @sangdiyus, sorry for not being able to visit you

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