your daily STEEMPOWERMENT PRESS (Saturday 08. September 2018)

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Here comes the daily post summary by all the lovely followers of the STEEMPOWERMENT curation trail:

Word of the day Perseverance - Just Keep Trucking With Determination

Playing popcorn ball at the Jay's game! STEEMIT ANTICS!

Joy de RVlog diary Day 2: Round island bike trip

Steemit Crew in Toronto

Steemit Gang in Tdot

Would You Rather? Homeless on STEEM or Wealthy on FIAT when the bubble pops?

Control what you watch - Day 145 !

Big & small

The Daily D Episode 70 - MY INTERVIEW WITH A CRYPTOBABE @Coruscate

SteemBirds Perform Live in Toronto

We just hit Rep 62!!Hooray!Now we need to Celebrate!Thank you all for your love and support! We U2!

burung camar bermain senja photography

Joy de RFound a cute pink ice cream shop

DTube Exclusive The Most Luxurious Job that I ever had!!You wont believe this!

What A Cool Kid | Chiang Mai Bike Vlog/85KM 1200M OF ELEVATION

[iNoobStream] Dead Cells Run On Vimm.TV

Groundless - Groundless is a local multiplayer arena game

Karena wanita ingin dimengerti

Candyland by Ava of @kawaiicrush@girlygamer!She is a 10 year old photographer show her some!

no u

Best Salmon Ive Ever Eaten

Who Can Relate?


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