Control what you watch - Day 145 !

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I had cold this week and I stayed a long time home healing, so I watched a lot of videos and movies and even some pictures, that's why I come with these ideas in the video.

I think we have to control what we watch to be unique. Because any video or a movie or even a picture or a post can affect our thinking and we will create things depending on what we saw or heard.

In the video I'm explaining more aspects about why we should control what we watch.

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Yes, I think you say the right point. we should control our watching.


I'm glad you understand that. ☺

@clixmoney, nice video!
Btw, I stopped watching TV shows and started watching #Dtube and Dtubers ;).

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Yeah that's good, I'm just addicted to movies and tv shows, I want to stop watching them and to create them for dtube and steem, I hope that I will be able to do that.