SteemMonsters - My own DREAM card ... Meet the Liquid Mirror Monster "GALLIUMATOR"

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Hi fellow Steemians and SteemMonster fans.

With all the fun heating up and the recent release of the beta cards, I thought I would give creating my own monster a try.

Meet Galliumator a.k.a. the Liquid Mirror Monster.

Galliumator is a Legendary card, and SUPER powerful.

His special ability is being able to mimic any of the opposition monsters abilities ... he liquifies and transforms... (imagine the Terminator 2), into the ULTIMATE FIGHTING MONSTER.

What do you think?
Can such an ability be incorporated into the SteemMonsters game?
Or will it be too powerful?

Thanks for stopping by.

*all rights to card and frame design remain with @steemmonsters



Too bad we can't create our own SoG cards!

I'm stuck farming Purple Dragon because my cards just are not strong enough to progress any farther. What I have are mostly maxed out and I need the 4th card to do the quad merges that would probably make all the difference in the world. Then, of course, comes the problem of collecting enough gems to level the quad-merged cards up! It doesn't help when I buy 20 cards with gold and all are common cards either! This is all one very slow grind.

I read that when we use our Book Of Orbs to transfer stuff it costs gas. Does that mean one has to have some bitcrystals to even place a card for sale? I was hoping to one day be able to sell a few of my cards to earn my first bitcrystals. Is that even possible, or do I need bitcrystals BEFORE I can sell anything?

Hi @happyme, yes it would be great if we could create a SoG card. Although SoG is not going very well anymore in my opinion.

I hear what you are saying about SoG being a slow grind - you need some good cards early otherwise it is rather hard to go through the levels.

To buy and sell on BoO you need BTC, that is every time you place or cancel an order - it can get frustrating (can take a long time) and very expensive - that is why I have switched over to Steem and SteemMonsters. No FEES and instant. The SteemMonsters dev team and community is much better also and the game, it seems, will be fantastic. If you haven't got on board yet, I recommend SteemMonsters highly.

In the meantime, let me know which in-game SoG EPIC you think will help you progress and I'll send you a fully blockchainized card (send me your SoG btc address).

Take care mate :)

Although SoG is not going very well anymore in my opinion.

Is there more to it than just the high fees that makes you say it is not going well any more or are there other things?

Holy moly!!! You would do that for me? Wow! I would gladly return the card to you once I earn my own. I will need to set up a BoO then, because I don't have a cell phone. I play on my desktop using the web interface, but that has no menu for accessing the BoO. I did install an Android Emulator, so will use that to set up a way to transfer assets. It might take me a week to sort things out if things go sideways. I'll need to study my cards and see what would benefit me the most.

WOW!!! I'm still in shock! You are an angel! Thank-you so very much!

You're welcome. When you get sorted let me know your choice and I'll send it to you.

SoG issues in my opinion:

  • The player base failed to grow.
  • Being on the XCP/BTC blockchain is cumbersome for a lot of people.
  • Trading cards happens too infrequently.
  • Once you have a few good cards, the game gets easy and repetitive quickly - have seen players leave after completing the levels.
  • Monthly leaderboard helps keep interest - but is only ever won by the same 1 or 2 players.
  • It's too much 'pay to win'. The ones that can't pay find it too much of a grind to go anywhere and eventually lose interest.
  • This leads back to player base failing to grow.

All good observations. I was trying to get my son interested in playing SoG but he took one look and decided it wasn't for him. He said basically that it was a typical pay-to-win game and the only way to win is to have the biggest pocketbook. I guess he was correct. Those at the top probably already have every good card and don't need to win any good cards, but prevent anyone from below winning anything good because they are blocking the top positions! I can see where frustration and/or boredom could easily set in.

If it was free to trade cards (like in Monster cards on the Steem Blockchain), I could see more people helping others out by trading or lending out cards. This would create more of a social atmosphere and I think people would enjoy the game more. As it stands, everyone plays in isolation and competing with each other in order to climb the leader board.

After studying all my options, I think the Viscula Ladybug is still probably the best choice of all the Epic cards. It's hit damage is small, but it's the only card with a big spell damage. I'll be facing multiple challenges where there are many enemies all with a count-down of 2, so I need to blast them right off the bat. Viscula Ladybug is the only one that can do that. There are dark cards with bigger hit damage and also have 7 target damage, but that means you MUST be able to hit BOTH the target-all spell AND a hit-all fire spell without fail, otherwise I'll get hit multiple times and probably get killed the way I'm getting killed now. However, If the Viscula Ladybug goes first, I can miss the spell on my first shot and still have a chance with the 2nd shot.

It has already become obvious to me that one really needs all legendary cards in order to really make headway. I think from now on, my strategy will be to save up my diamonds to buy the legendary cards whenever they go on sale. There are only a few legendary cards, so chances of finding duplicates becomes greater. Having said that, I'm not so sure the cards are randomly issued. I created a table to track my cards and it seems like the cards are too evenly distributed to be random. I have exactly 3 of each type of epic card (3 water, 3 fire, 3 ice, etc.). If it were truly random, shouldn't I have perhaps 5 different ice cards and only 2 different water cards? I know I'm near collecting all the various types, so it could be coincidence, but it does make me wonder. (According to sogassets, there ARE only 3 types of epic water cards for instance, so I have at least one of each.)

Yourself and your son are both good observers as well. You've got some good insight into SoG - I'm not liking the 'everyone plays in isolation and competing with each other in order to climb the leader board' aspect, kinda takes a lot of fun out of it. No team spirit or involvement at all.

The game can be fun when you are in the middle ground i.e. have a couple of good cards to battle through but not all the good cards where it becomes run of the mill simple.

One of the selling points was card ownership and the ability to earn cards to later sell on the market, but when there is next to no market to sell to, you just get left holding the cards. I have enough Epic singles to fuse, and gold, to blockchainize about 40-50 cards - but it only allows for realistically cost wise only 1 card per month to be blockchainized. So that is not really worth the effort. I therefore enjoy giving cards away to people that can make use of them.

Viscula Ladybug is a good choice. I remember many levels using it to get through. Fire all seems to be the best in campaigns, and strength all and freeze all are the best for PvP matches.

Send through your BTC address and I'll send you the Viscula ladybug.

Thanks for taking the time to chat.

Thank-you for your thoughts on the game. By what you are saying, my idea of selling a few of my epic cards once I get them quad-fused is just a pipe-dream. Nobody will buy them! In that case, if I should ever be in a position where I have extra cards, I'll likely do like you are doing and simply give them to those who are still struggling.

Thanks also for the tips on which cards to use when. I'll be working on Itlan King to get that quad fused soon. It will take a while because I'm still working on Illuminate to get my strength-all. I'm sure the Ladybug will help a lot!

I'll let you know when I have my wallet set up. It's past my bed-time now, so that will need to wait.

Thanks again!

OK, so here's the problem... when I try to register using the mobile version on my emulator, it says that my username has been taken. If I attempt to simply login on the mobile version, I get a warning saying that all my data will be lost.

The web version has no menu item for linking the Book of Orbs.

I COULD create a NEW user on the mobile and link the book, but that means starting from basically just your one card and the default starting cards. At first I thought I could quickly catch up because of your strong card, but realized I have only a limited stamina each day, so it will still take me months to get back where I am now.

I've contacted the developers on their forum to see if there is anything that can be done. I have a wallet QR code, but is it worth putting anything into it at this point when I can't do anything with it?

Hmmm - I'm no expert, but if you have your 12 word passphrase, go to online and sign in there. If when you get there its signed in already, go to account logout and then sign in again using your 12 word passphrase.

Don't create a new account and start again - that shouldn't be necessary.

Good luck 😯

Just a quick note to inform you that I have the Viscula Ladybug at full upgrade now. Using her in the #1 slot and a maxed-out Leviothan on my team, I have graduated from farming the Purple Dragon to farming the Giant of the Mountains. So far I have completed 3 complete stamina rounds (depleting all my stamina 3 times) against the Giant and won every time! With my old team, I was losing about half the time, making it inefficient for farming.

I don't have a good ice card, so if nothing good comes my way in the meantime, I will quad merge Itlan Hero to the Itlan King next. It will take a while to collect 770 gems, so it is possible that I find a 4th epic card to jump the que and push the ice card back in order of importance.

That's so cool.
Both cool that you are getting through the levels better with the help of the card but also cool that you've taken the time to come back and give me a run down of how its going. Thank you.

Letting you know how things are progressing is the least I can do.
That card makes a huge difference to my team and how fast I can collect better cards. The bigger the bosses I can farm, the more cards I can crystallize each day.

Are you/have you downloaded the Casa Tookan wallet with the bonus card in it? Is the card any good? Can you move cards easily from 1 wallet to the other without paying for gas? Is the wallet trust-able for storing all your digital assets including coins?

Hi there. ☺

I did download casa tookan wallet but at the time is wasn't really working. I haven't gone back to use it since.

I haven't spent much time on SoG recently. It's disappointing but not surprising that EDS and BCY aren't having a good run at the moment. A lot of u fulfilled potential - hopefully things turnaround for them. In the meantime, I'm playing heaps of Steemmonsters.

Thanks for the feedback. I still have no clear direction on what I should be doing as far as crypto's and wallets. I'll just keep floating along for now and see where it takes me.

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