SteemLeak - Wikileaks Donation Report 3 (11/10/2016)

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Account balance at 8:30pm AEST 23/08/2016
Steem 298.038 Steem Power 651.113 Steem Dollars 44.270

Donation #3 Triggered!

@changelly tx 5028532DA1EF
Steem sent 298.038 , Bitcoin donated 0.13714278

@changelly tx 5965D1008F01
SBD Sent 44.27 Bitcoin donated 0.06553419

Bitcoin donated this time : 0.20267697
Current fiat value of this donation 128.4 USD

Bitcoin donated total : 0.96757697
Current fiat value of total donations 613 USD

9 posts published since last report:

As always - all funds received by @steemleak are forwarded to wikileaks
See for more information


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