press conference is LIVE NOW [Alternative coverage by Right Side Broadcasting]

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This is the beginning of a few weeks of celebrations of the 10th anniversary of Wikileaks !

The stream above is from "Right Side Broadcasting" , and you can find alternative coverage by Alex Jones's infowars network, but so far they have been cutting away from the live wikileaks presentation constantly for self promotion.

At the time of posting we are about 10 minutes away from Assange speaking.

Today was the day the domain was registered:

Domain ID: D130035267-LROR
WHOIS Server:
Referral URL:
Updated Date: 2015-10-27T17:08:53Z
Creation Date: 2006-10-04T05:54:19Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2018-10-04T05:54:19Z

Updates: Unfortunately the audio quality isn't great, and it seems they aren't going to release new documents tonight. Digging back through what wikileaks themselves has been saying - they never actually said there would be a release here tonight - they simply didn't squash other peoples rumours that there would be :P

Here is the media pack sent out before the event that I didn't see till now -

So that was a little anti-climactic - but don't lose faith , more leaks are coming soon:

Watch this space and follow @steemleak as we put major leaks on the steem blockchain :)

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thx for posting!

Thank you for posting this man! Please consider joining us in mumble for the community Celebration! Tis a good day to be alive!

Kick ass, thank you

Terrible sound on this video. Don't expect anything about Hillary. As he says, they wouldn't announce that when most of the US is asleep :)

Thanks for linking my post. xD
People (myself included) just expected there would be dump but nothing was ever said about another dump during the 10th aniversry.
I have seen a lot of people upset about it and trying to now say wikileaks has no credibility now or they they are working for the Russians. -smh-
It got people talking though. Cant wait for the leak to actually happen now. xD
Thanks again.

Arg. Even this feed has its problems and whoever was live mixing just flicked it over to the infowars channel mid sentance..

Wow alex, you try and become the main stream for an event like this and then you swap mid stream from calling him a hero, to insulting them and their work and selectively cutting out the dialogue.

Julian is live now

Exclusive leaked photos behind the scenes of the clinton campaign :

Your welcome.

I'm not sure if this is technically nsfw, any more then a regular picture of her face but I'll remove if people think its too far ;)

I lost a bit of respect for Alex Jones. He clearly got triggered and acted in a highly unprofessional way.

And to turn on someone so quickly "I liked Julian up until this moment" just doesn't vibe well with me, especially since all Julian did was disappoint him a bit.

Don't we owe Julian a bit of slack for everything he's done for us?

So to Alex Jones I say, release your outcome dependency. Reserve judgement until you have something concrete.

When is the big "Hillary Goes to Prison" revelation going to be published...that's what I wanna know. He says he has something, so let's have it. The sooner we are through with her, that half-wit husband and horse faced half-ling of a daughter she birthed, the better!

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