🌏 Wikileaks Weekly Wrap for August 23-30th 🌏

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This is a customised blockchain archive of tweets from the official wikileaks twitter account from the past 7 days. I'll make a post with the technical details of how this was achieved if there's interest , but for this first time its taken me a few hours to compile.. However this test-run has helped me mentally map-out what I need to at least automate the drafting of these so I can attempt to do them weekly.

Effort has been made to minimize changes to the meaning of the text, whilst reformatting it nicely, minimizing redundant information and adding illustrations and relevant videos where possible.

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🌏 Wikileaks Weekly Wrap for August 23-30th 🌏

  • UN WGAD found that all three people in this TV show are now illegally detained (Transcript)
  • Resigned US DNC head Debbie Wasserman Shultz debates primary challenger Tim Canova over DNCLeak
  • According to France & Germany TTIP is dead. But it will return as TiSA
  • Guardian EU editor Traynor Brussels who first negotiated the WikiLeaks-Guardian collaboration has died, alas
  • The Clinton's time in the White House also saw a plan to forcibly backdoor all encryption
  • How will @pressfreedom & @FreedomofPress will respond to US ruling party calling a publisher a 'cyber criminal'?
  • Did new DNC chair @DonnaBrazile violate the DNC Charter just like Debbie Wasserman Shultz? Wikileaks search link
  • US Congressman @RonPaul on WikiLeaks
  • US DNC Chair: We are going to build a wall to keep the true information in so the public doesn't get annoyed again.
  • 209 AKP emails give context to Turkey's military incursion of northern Syria's Jarablus (Cerablus) Wikileaks search
  • New head of the US DNC, Donna Brazille, on the difficulties of the public having true information about the DNC https://twitter.com/JoePerticone/status/769887422305955840
  • We will soon issue a reward for additional US election related documents. Vote or reply with suggestions.
  • Interview: Julian Assange & @CornelWest
  • Good sign for 1st amendment? US Green's presidential candidate @DrJillStein on WikiLeaks: Twitter Search
  • @dcleaks Twitter account is also "suspended".
  • "Soros Leaks" (no affiliation) is down for reasons unknown soros.dcleaks.com
  • Julian Assange interview on New York's WBAI about upcoming publications, US politics(mp3)
  • "She's baldly lying" - WikiLeaks cables show Clinton lied, backed Honduras coup - the cables
  • Video: Assange kitten fitted out with infra-red camera trains for spy bug hunting inside the Ecuadorian embassy
  • Complaint to AP requesting ethics investigation into employee who created WikiLeaks 'Saudi gays threatened' story twitter link
  • US Army describes Hillary Clinton as 'Insider Threat' NbcNews link ,Clinton email archive
  • 67 emails between Hillary & Chelsea Clinton under the latter's covert name 'Diane Reynolds' Wikileaks search
  • Big story burried: NYTimes outsourced all its email to Google which is part of the NSA's PRISM intercept system: https://archive.is/Ols6C#selection-1419.0-1419.69
  • EXCLUSIVE Jill Stein op-ed: "In praise of Wikileaks"
  • No, WikiLeaks did not disclose "gays" to the Saudi govt. Data is from govt & not leaked by us. Story from 2015. Re-run now due to election.
  • WikiLeaks' Saudi Cables reveal the Kingdom's foreign media manipulation strategies
  • FBI interview with Hillary Clinton over death of White House aid have gone 'missing' from the US National Archives
  • Comunicado Oficial Sobre Incidente Suscitado en la Embajada de Ecuador en Londres https://twitter.com/@EmbajadaEcuUK
  • Google translate: "Official Statement About Incident raised in the Embassy of Ecuador in Londres"

    Google translate: [EXCLUSIVE] Assange: "When I get out I will visit Rafael Correa

    • Male intruder at 2.47am climbed this wall of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange has asylum Google Map link
    • Law prof. says DNC emails show Debbie Wasserman Schultz illegally used DNC resources for her personal campaign
    • 2.47hrs en Londres: un hombre escaló pared de embajada d Ecuador, donde está Assange. Huyó cuando lo cachó seguridad.

    Google Translate: "2.47hrs in London: a man climbed Ecuador d embassy wall, where is Assange. He fled when he caught it security"

    According to his Linked In profile, Jordan "impregnate this cougar" Kaplan, who resigned from the DNC, is now working for Hillary Clinton.
    Jordan Kaplan resigns after DNC emails expose part in "cougar impregnation" plan
  • Why is it that election leaks to dcleak.com , the Hill (a good pub) & Gawker have had no impact compared to WikiLeaks?
  • dcleaks.com has several hundred purported emails from the US Republican party June-Oct 2015
  • Swedish rape warrant for Wikileaks' Assange cancelled (BBC News archive) More at justice4assange.com
  • Inquest rules that death of Julian Assange's lawyer, John Jones QC, was not 'suicide', opening door to law suits
  • Turkey's travel warning about Sweden follows earlier German and US travel warnings
  • US political prisoner journalist Barrett Brown has been scheduled for release on November 29, 2016 freebarretbrown.org
  • "Rape war" heats up between Sweden & Turkey RT.com vs Swedenabroad.com
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