Steemviz update - more curators, less bugs and a new image proxy toggle feature

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It's been a while since I've done a steemviz update post, but that doesn't mean I'm not tweaking it ;)

  • I discovered a bug that was breaking the follow the votes feature for some users (fixed)
  • After the recent issues with the steemit image proxy, I made it a configurable option (default off)
  • I've added a lot of new curators to the default follow list for better coverage of more timezones and topics


The new image proxy feature allows you to choose if you want your browser to load images directly from the remote server, or if you want to go via the proxy server. Defaults to off (no proxy)

The new default curators for the steemviz "follow the votes" feature are:

@acidyo @applecrisp @ausbitbank @better @blocktrades @curie @complexring @cjclaro @dantheman @donkeypong @furion @fyrstikken @instructor2121 @infovore @steemleak @robinhoodwhale @projectnewbie @kiddarko @krystle @laonie @liberosist @merej99 @nanzo-scoop @ned @nextgen622 @nextgencrypto @opheliafu @officialfuzzy @positive @sauravrungta @shadowspub @steevc @smooth @sykochica @somebody @steemitblog @steemstem @trogdoor @teamsteem @robotev @voteinterestpool

These curators were chosen for a variety of reasons - some have great curation scores on steemwhales ( @fkn, @positive), some discover great new content early ( @merej99 , @shadowspub) and some are awesome community projects I want to see succeed ( @voteinterestpool, @steemstem) and we even have some interesting bot curation experiments ( @robotev , @better).

With this curator list expansion steemviz is now a never ending supply of diverse content suggestions across all time zones

If anyone has any suggestions for additions or a reason to remove someone contact me on or leave a comment below.

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Make sure you're following @ausbitbank to get all the latest updates , and if you think your followers would find steemviz handy please resteem and spread the word!

Written by @ausbitbank - If you found it interesting please see these
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When I click the link I get a big ol fat nothing. Please let me help you use caddy http server to fix the https issues. There's no longer any excuse as https is free with caddy :D


Its still working for me with https ? Ive had letsencrypt https certs on there for months already, i dont understand..


Caddy looks neat, ill experiment with that locally for a lightweight dev server either way.. Hopefully the site just had a moment when you checked because i cant find a problem now..

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