SteemLeak - Donation Report 2 (23/8/2016)

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Account balance at 11:00am AEST 23/08/2016
282.470 Steem 192.368 Steem Power 0.001 Steem Dollars

Payout #2 Triggered!

Steem to BTC trade triggered via api:
Trading 282.470 Steem for 0.63850026 BTC at price 0.00226148

Steem Transaction
282.47 Steem from @steemleak to @shapeshiftio :
View on e79add007b0cdc8f679d752b8ca9470cbf31039e

Bitcoin Tx
0.63850026 Btc from @shapeshiftio to wikileaks :
View on d70220687ae19df513d7894af95534ec4ea1a40ab7c8f553b82a73abfe53189a

Order completed in 1 second(s) , Order ID e79add007b

Activities Since Report 1

7 posts published:

7 author rewards received totalling 443.38 SBD and 156.105 Steem Power.

Converted 443.479 SBD to 282.470 Steem using 7 day internal conversion process.
View Conversion Request 5c40f21e278bb599fbdc70742acec15ce1fbfb08

Received vote support from 203 steemians :
@acidyo @adamgud @admin2017 @aethercollector @aiaconelli707 @ajvest @alexander1 @algimantas @alkemix @allmonitors @all-of-us @allyourbase @altland @andrew0 @andu @angusleung100 @applecrisp @artific @atx @ausbitbank @auxon @auxonoxua @beervangeer @beowulfoflegend @bimmerhead @bitchplease @bitcointop @bitron @blackwulf @bledarus @bobdownlov @brian-lukassen @btcbtcbtc20155 @calaber24p @censor-this @chhayll @ciao @clonewarz @complexring @confucius @cortegam @cryptoctopus @cryptorune @cryptos @cryptosi @cyber @darrenturetzky @dasan-oneia @derekareith @dimon14 @drinkzya @earnest @edgeland @eeks @eindbas @elenakrugina @elportugal @elyaque @emilhoch @erikclark13 @erroltiozon @esepinche @exitmass @fatboy @firepower @fjccoin @furion @fyrstikken @geronimo @gidlark @goingpaper @grey580 @gribgo @hannixx42 @harand @hassen @hisnameisolllie @hofman386 @igster @isaackola @ivp @jacksongarcia @jawshhw @jellenmark @jennifersteel807 @joe-tannoury @johnsmith @jonathans @jparty @jpca78 @juanmiguelsalas @kalimor @killswitch @kimmydora @kingjohal @kingofchaos @krypto @krystle @kus-knee @ladypenelope1 @lehard @leno4ek @lillianjones @logic @luke490 @lukestokes @magz8716 @makishart @mandibil @masoudka @masterinvestor @mateusz @menace.coin @michaelx @michellek @mick1187 @minfon @mod-tamichh @msjennifer @nathan-s-m @nessacute @nickche @nickjames @nickvan715 @nicoleta @niemands @nipperkin @noisy @nousername @omarb @on0tole @on247 @ossama-benjohn @overlord @paco @persianqueen @phenom @pino @proctologic @riscadox @rnglab @robok @rok-sivante @rxhector @rznag @sanbir @saveljev57 @schlonki @sebastien @senseiteekay @sephiroth @severin @sirnoom @sisterholics @smooth @smooth.witness @solar @spikykevin @spiz0r @stakepool @starcaptain @steema @steemit-steve @steemleak @steemo @steemster1 @stevegachau @steven01 @stranger27 @sulev @susie4ka @sveokla @t3ran13 @talrasha @tamwin33 @taoteh1221 @technology @th3g3ntl3m3n @thedarknet @thedashguy @thovre @timotron @tinfoilfedora @toroiskandar @totogta @toxonaut @trogdor @turretkilo @vadimberkut8 @vapekings14 @velgelm @will-zewe @wingz @worldfamous @xcode18 @xtester @yarly @yogi.artist @yuridan @zach-beckett @zaebars @zebas

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Notes from @ausbitbank:

We just delivered ~0.6385 BTC to Wikileaks taking the total donations to ~ 0.7649 BTC so far!
Didn't cost anybody anything but their time and attention :)

I also added the @shapeshiftio "shifty" plugin to the sidebar of so now anybody can donate to wikileaks using any of the coins supported by @shapeshiftio including direct steem transfers!

Apologies for the delay since my last report, I've been busy working on a few other projects that I'm hoping to launch soon - then I can continue work on automating @steemleak further .

I have left curator rewards out of this report, but everybody that showed support still received their payments - this is a lot of work to compile across multiple posts and payout periods so I'll leave these out until it's automated completely.

Thankyou everyone for your support!

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Im famous

And I just sent a donation using the button :)

Noice, thankyou for the prompting and the donation @anduweb - that was really quick and easy to setup so I figured why not :)