🌏 Wikileaks Weekly Wrap for September 1-9th 🌏

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🌏 Wikileaks Wrap for September 1-9th 🌏


Snowden the movie premiers tonight. So how did he escape in the end?
Read Julian Assange's scathing review of the book
More at couragefound.org

Why is @SenSanders still silent about TPP's big brother TiSA which will affect 80% of the US economy?
❯ See more at WikiLeaks.org/tisa

Emails show Huma Abedin is in charge of Hillary Clinton's earpiece

LIVE: @KimDotcom vs US extradition hearing : Live , Previous days

New York Times headline "What Is Aleppo?’ Gary Johnson Asks, in an Interview Stumble" but …

Why is @realDonaldTrump silent about TPP's big brother TiSA which fast-tracks migration for corporate slaves?

Clinton lied to FBI, smashed phones, deleted emails.
So who was charged with obstruction? This journalist's mother
Read Assange: "The son of a bitch is me" - statement on the sentencing hearing of US journalist Barrett Brown

❯Wikileaks' Sarah Harrison on Edward Snowden and Julian Assange


WikiLeaks' 10 year anniversary of the registration of WikiLeaks.org runs Oct 4 to Dec 28 (1st publication)

Sigurdur Thordarson, fd Wikileaks-medarbetare:
[Translated] Sigurdur Thordarson, former Wikileaks employee:

”FBI ville att jag skulle ha en dold mikrofon”
[Translated] "The FBI wanted me to have a hidden microphone"

Swedish speakers can watch @granskning's report live here: svtplay.se/video/10194203/..

Live: Uppdrag granskning om Assangefallet, WikiLeaks, Marianne Ny och livet på ambassaden
[Translated] Live: Mandate Review on Assangefallet, WikiLeaks, Marianne Ny and life at the embassy

Amerikanska dokument som Uppdrag granskning tagit del av visar att Assange har skäl för sin rädsla
[Translated badly] US documents Mission granskning aware of shows that Assange has reason to fear
View article at svt.se/ug...

How Hong Kong refugees & WikiLeaks saved Snowden while WaPo, Guardian, etc ran away
How Edward Snowden Escaped Hong Kong (nationalpost.com)
How 'The Guardian' Milked Edward Snowden's Story (newsweek.com)
Statement by Sarah Harrison

Retweeted @AlanJonesPA
Julian Assange says Sweden prosecutor press conf today appears a "highly inappropriate attempt" to place pressure on the courts

Hillary Clinton has surrounded herself with (neo) "conservative" Iraq war hawks from Kissinger to Kagan.
Is she the:

Amazing insight into the culture Hillary Clinton left at the State Department


❯ Contrast Swedish press conference timeline with justice4assange.com/timeline.html and justice and the UK Supreme Court's timeline (scribd.com)

"Assange can't be forced to answer Q's by Swedish prosecutors" @MadsAndenas tells @AuskarSurbakti

WikiLeaks: The truth is out there - feat. Hillary Clinton vs Alex Jones [RAP NEWS 6]

FBI let Clinton destroy phones, records but this journalist's mother was charged for moving his notes to the kitchen

Assange: "Prosecutor's press conference is an inappropriate attempt to influence the Court of Appeal whose judgement is due in 2 days time."

Julian Assange: Hillary Clinton is lying about not knowing (C) classified email markings

Assange prosecutor calls press conf to pre-empt tonight's state TV revelations


Assange on how Hillary Clinton misled the FBI about her knowledge of the "C" classification marking

Who's giving undisclosed millions to the Clinton Foundation via its Sweden affiliate?

5-key insights on the Syrian conflict via Hillary Clinton’s emails and WikiLeaks

Clinton saying she doesn't know what "C" means in a classified document is as credible as a claim she doesn't know what "C" means in HRC

Julian Assange on Google's political ties to Hillary Clinton (wikileaks.org) (youtube)

Buried in FBI report is revelation that all Clinton's emails were being iillicitly copied over the internet into her contractor's cloud.

Retweeted @botherder RCS Lab had a long standing relationship with HackingTeam partnering on deals like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and more (wikileaks search)


Clinton & Trump maintain their silence on TPP's big brother TiSA which covers 52 countries


TIME releases previously withheld (for reasons unstated) interview with Assange shortly before his arrest in 2010 (time.com)

Assange 6-years detained after Clinton cables; Sweden sends $26M to ClintonFountation


Paid agent of Swedish intelligence took over 'progressive' journalism outfit & used it to attack Assange


Over 60 professors, four Nobel Prize winners, demand Sweden to respect the UN ruling on Assange’s freedom

UG: Fallet Assange - i veckans Uppdrag granskning
[Translated] UG: The Assange case in this week's Assignment Review

Prosecutors keep Assange case 6 years while rapidly drop huge arms-deal case


Inside the head of Anton Vaino (Vayno), Vladimir Putin’s newly appointed Chief of Staff


Did the NYT call itself a stooge of the Kremlin in its front page WikiLeaks hit piece?

Sean Wilentz also wrote the first big pro-NSA smear (wikileaks.org) against @Snowden, @GGReenwald & Assange in New Republic https://twitter.com

Clinton email shows New Yorker published article secretly written with chief Clinton operative Syd Bleumenthal

Hillary Clinton threatens war with Russia
(should WikiLeaks keep publishing true information about her campaign)



Note on Clinton FBI report: "Our records show that Clinton sent & received thousands of cables with "(C)" paragraph classification markings."

Why do significant Hillary Clinton FOIA releases always happen on Friday afternoon, or before a national holiday?
NEW: Hillary Clinton FBI interview & investigation summaries PDF: 1 … 2

New York Timesfront page WikiLeaks conspiracy theory was penned by a governor of the Ditchley Foundation

Support Snowden, Manning, Hammond, DeHart, Brown, and Love. Support Courage


RT @MintPressNews New DNC Chair @DonnaBrazile Calls WikiLeaks' Assange A Criminal Over DNCLeak

WikiLeaks under cover in the New York Times reveals nature of relationship with US presidency. Look closely at photo
(Youtube video removed by copyright claim by Journeyman Pictures)

Video: Aaron Swartz on WikiLeaks vs. the New York Times

TYT: New York Times "sick"

(more at nytexaminer.com)

Gosztola: How Clinton And US Government Benefit When New York Times Attacks WikiLeaks (shadowproof.com)

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