Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 77 - CONTEST NOW OPEN! - [3 Prizes]

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Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 77

"Royal Rumble. Anything Goes"


Message from jaybird

Please remember to have a physical "Validation Sign" with your Sandwich in at least 1 photo to be considered valid

Get Hungry, Get Creative!

Submit any Kind of Sandwich Whether It's a Classic or Original Creation!



What is Steemit Sandwich Contest?

Steemit Sandwich Contest is a weekly community event & food battle. It aims to connect Steemians from all walks of life who share an insatiable love for sandwiches while encouraging them to mingle through friendly competition and reward.


Submit it before the Monday @ 11:59PM Deadline (Contest Runs: Tuesday 3PM -> Monday @ 11:59PM EST).

  1. Title Must First Say: "Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #" (whatever the week # is)
  2. First Tag Must Be: #steemitsandwichcontest
  3. Must Validate Your Entry: At least 1 photo depicting both your sandwich and, a sign that clearly shows the contest week # you are entering (in the same photo/sign must be physical). [WEEK 3 for example]
  4. Must List Ingredients: Somehow mention the ingredients used in your Steemit Sandwich Contest entry
  5. 1 Photo Minimum: 1 photo minimum (must have validating sign)
  6. Must Put A Link To Your Post In The Comments: Pasting a glamour shot of your entry in the comment may also help distinguish your post
  • Sandwich Name & Additional Info: are Optional
  • Entries which do not follow the rules outlined will be considered null. [THIS IS A TRAGEDY!]


A very special thanks to our week 76 contestants & supporters. Some of you have been entering/supporting since Week 1 and I very much appreciate all of your enthusiasm, creativity and general sense of humour for this contest!

Week 76 Winners will be Announced Wednesday or Thursday

A very big shout out to all our supporters and especially our Sponsors and Donors who are/have been crucial in maintaing the prize pool.

Past Sponsorships Include: @bleedpoet @artwatch @gringalicious @doitvoluntarily @homecook @papa-pepper @porn-watch @kotturinn @llfarms. We'd be grateful to have any new or repeat Sponsons!

Week 77 Sponsor(s): @jaybird


  1. I will be selecting the winner based on a variety of parameters. Just do your thing and have fun with it. I'm considering many factors such as the sandwich itself, presentation & originality, ingredients, creativity & community opinion and also artistic ability just to name a few. PLEASE make sure to follow the rules! They are easy to follow and help prevent the tragedy of Null entries!

  2. There are now 3 prizes. First Prize = Roughly 50% of the prize pool collected

  3. Second Prize dubbed the "Veto Vote" = Roughly 30% of the prize pool collected + the honour of selecting the following weeks second prize winner. This prize is ideally given to an entry that although it did not win the contest, showed distinction among all the other entries. This could be a feature such as it was the community favourite, it used the most bizarre ingredients, or, it was just the best looking sandwich etc. IMPORTANT! The "Veto Vote" holder may not vote on his or her own sandwich to be selected as the second prize. However, they are still eligible to win First Prize should they enter the contest that week.

  4. Third Prize Roughly 20% of the prize pool selected by either @jaybird or a guest judge.


Week 77's Veto Voter is TBD. Thank you for your participation!

  • IMPORTANT! "Veto Vote" holders must always present their final selection to @jaybird in confidence and allow the news to be revealed in an officially "Who Won Steemit Sandwich Contest" blog post. Deviation from this method will result in a forfeit of the Veto Vote and thus, the selection will be consider null and a new winner will be chosen by @jaybird.

  • Veto Voters can contact @jaybird through steemchat or discord jaybird#4732. If for whatever reasons, the Veto Vote winner does not select an entry in the following weeks contest, I will be the default second prize selector for that week.

@jaybird reserves the right to alter the contest rules and structure as necessary.


Let The Contest Begin!


jaybird Steemit.jpg

jaybird ~

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Hi @jaybird. I really like SSC already after two times of participation and wrote a post in Japanese to introduce it to Japanese community :) Hope it's OK.

Hi, Absolutely & thank you for doing that! Glad you're having a good time. Me too :)

BTW thanks again for you help with veto vote this week! Great choice!

Good on you for doing this @akipponn, will be interesting seeing Japanese sandwiches!

Long time no see, how's the bread? :)

Hey hey, home made bread is coming back this week. I will be back in Peru and baking again :)

*I think a pic of a sandwich with a bite in it is vital to ensure it’s all real. Studies show that fake sandwich materials have been on the rise, and with prizes on the line, I’d expect some to make their way into the contest.

Do people get bonus points for kosher ingredients?

Lol, There used to be a bunch of entries with either picture or video of participants biting into their sandwiches! I like the suggestion tho maybe that can be a theme in the future ;)

When we had the theme: "Terrible Horrible no good very bad sandwich" or whatever it was, @bleedpoet made the most disgusting haggis/snail manwich ewwwwww....and there was a video that was faaaaar too long of him trying to eat it. He just chewed one bite for like 4 minutes lol. He eventually threw it out.... Suffice to say he won first prize haha.

The validation sign seems to be proof enough so far which is great. I really hope this contest never gets to the point where ppl are actively trying to scam it. Not too many ppl have tried thus far, bc without the physical sign....I mean you're disqualified.

The thought of eating a snail makes me collapse into a ball and shake. It being the meat on a sandwich...

Ok, back from losing my lunch.

*Canceling my Amazon Prime order for commercial grade fake lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

I'd never think anyone would scam this. If they did, they'd just be hurting themselves because they couldn't enjoy the food after. My sense of humor is just isn't cutting the mustard today.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Precisely, arguably the best part of this contest is that no matter what you get to eat the sandwich so you win even if you don't win a prize. Plus up vote and community support! Although goldmatters I think it was once made a completely inedible sandwich but it it was hilarious!

Mmm ps, love the humour. U can totally make sandwich with fake ingredients as long as u validate it. I always encourage out of the lunchbox thinking ;)

You are on week 77! Oh my goodness! Last I checked it was in the 30s. LOL! Hey! How ya been. Just checking in after a long nap.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

We've missed you @tesscooks4u, hope to see one from you this week ;)

You are so kind @lizelle Thanks so much. I'm strollin around Steemit and seeing what's happening. I certainly miss you all...truly. I'm just taking a breather. Take care my Friend. Hugs. Much Love, Tess

We need a breather at times not so, take care, blessings to you my friend!

Heyy! Ye ye, week 77 alive and kickin'. PPL are starting to participate again. there were about 3 weeks were everyone who entered was a winner lol. Great to hear from you Tess, hope to see you back in action now that you're awake !

@tesscooks4u! Glad to see you back in the Steem world...I hope you'll join us soon!

Hi everyone, my entry this week Chorizo stuffed Portobello Sandwich

Hello @jaybird, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Cool thx 😎

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