Fun at the San Diego Meetup on April 8, 2018

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Sunday Meetup

The meetup was small - but again, so many good connections were made.

First a big shout out to Larry @csusbgeochem1 and to Jeff @protegeaa. Both of them traveled quite a distance to the meetup and we so appreciated that you did!!

Jeff was the only one in our little group who actually understands the in and outs of cryptocurrency. He wrote a book about it and I will study it to fill the gaps in my understanding.

He also introduced us to the Brave Browser which blocks the ads that can be so annoying.

Jeff also picked out brain for material for his next book. He is going to write about how to be successful on this platform. Well, I am sure we were rich picking since all of us are more or less in the beginning stages of this online blogging/crypto challenge. And we are rooting to read that book soon.

Here is Jeff's post about the meetup with a link to the Brave Browser and his book. Make sure to check it out

Jeff also told us about a plugin to publish from a WordPress blog to Steemit. That got Caleb @bxlphabet excited. Websites and such are his expertise and he is going to set it up for @fitinfun - my friend and his mom.


Here are the guys - I didn't make it into the picture 🙃

Back to our meeting. One of the things we discussed is how Caleb and I met - through his mom who I met on Tsu - a now-defunct social media platform. We also discussed how many people panicked when Steemit was down just a few days ago. Jeff, again, came to the rescue and dropped another knowledge bomb: Vessel.

Before I spend time explaining something I am just learning about, let me direct you again to Jeff's blog. All is explained here and you probably want to give Vessel a try.

mini computer.jpg

Do you all know what this is? I didn't! that is what Larry carries around as his computer! Being a non-tech person myself, seeing this was impressive.


This time, we were meeting at a Starbucks located close to a Freeway. I picked that location because it is easy to find and has access to WiFi.

Here is what was good about the location: I was easy to find for all who came. It had WiFi.

This is what wasn't so good. For our small group, we had enough space at the larger table why had. But if everyone who said they are coming would actually have shown up - it would have been hard to be comfortable.
Also, for some reason, none of us really took many pictures - actually, I almost didn't take one at all and I am not so sure that anyone else took a photo.

If you have any suggestions for a better place, please let me know.

We also talked about possibly meeting during the week in the evening and maybe in San Marcos. Tell us what you think about that.

Well, we created a group and the results were a bit disappointing - but no inconsistent with other meetup events. Out of 10 RSVP, only 3 showed up. A bit sad. That makes it even more special that Larry drove 2 hours each way to get here and Jeff one hour each way. Thank you, guys.

Please give me some input. There are meetup groups which are very strict with no-shows and give them a hard time. Others just ignore the no-shows. What do you think is better for the health of the group?

I truly like to know!!

If you are from Southern California, join the meetup group here

Steemit School

Personally, I would love to see us create a strong community where we learn from each other and offer a Steemit School of sorts. I learned so much in the 2 hours we spend together and know that many newcomers to the platform find it hard to maneuver.

  • Are you interested?
  • How often do you want to meet?
  • Weekends or evenings?

Hope to see you at the next San Diego Meetup!!


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Thank you again for hosting Marianne! I appreciate the kind words and the links. It was so helpful to hear everyone's backgrounds and stories about how they got to Steemit, and I'm trying to figure out how to work my schedule so I can make another one (although weekends are going to be near impossible).

Not sure why people couldn't make it; I'm not miffed (although I didn't organize it!) but maybe meeting on a weeknight at some place like Stone Brewery would bring more people!

Thank you!!

I think for a pure social outing Stone Brewery or a place like that would be fine - but usually, they are pretty loud places and it is hard to carry on a conversation with more than a couple of people.

I am not so much concerned about us being a small group - to me, that is maybe more valuable than a big group. We got to talk.

I am more concerned about people signing up and not bothering to change their RSVP. It is a problem with meetup as a platform. Some organizers get really mad if there is a no-show and go as far as to ban people from the group.
At a casual meeting like ours - it is not a big deal. But if we were to prepare material, or rent a room for a class or something like that, it would be a different story.

Did you say that you work close to Old Town? Maybe we can organize something after your work so you miss traffic going home...

Btw. I followed the link to vessel and landed in github - and remembered that it was one of those instances I told you about. Getting to a site and having no clue what to do next :)

Oh well, I will figure it out -eventually.

Good point.

If one really wants to guarantee a higher turnout, maybe start charging SBD or Steem...and then people who show up will get the equivalent amount of Steem back.

If you're a no show, you keep the Steem! And people who just show up get an upvote or something maybe.

Looks like fun. I live pretty far away from there but I hope the opportunity to meet you will eventually present itself. Who knows maybe we'll all be rich living on a yacht one day then we can have meetups around the world. Possibly in Japan next time.

This really looks like a great meetup, and thanks so much for the interesting links, will check them all out! If I were any closer, like, on the same continent, I would have shown up for sure :)

Lots of beards over there! I feel like I have to face facts that my baby is no longer a baby when I see this photo!

I'm sorry you did not get more people, but I think steemit is in a slump right now. The best we can all do it just keep pushing along.

@bxlphabet did tell me he got some good ideas, but we have not gotten together yet. The time difference to Thailand is always an issue.

I'm so grateful to you, @mariannewest. Even with a light turnout, these meetups make a difference and I'm glad you are doing them.

Sorry to have missed it. I'm definitely interest in Steemit School and/or meetups. Weekends are best for me until summer starts.

fun day for you :D

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