First Steemit Meetup and a Web Browser

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I attended my first Steem meetup today, thanks to @mariannewest! It was nice to talk to actual Steemians IRL (in real life) and hear their unique perspectives on using the platform. Also present were @bxlphabet and @csusbgeochem1.

There was a lot to learn. First, it was such a great reminder of the diversity of Steemians, as each one of us had different interests that brought us to Steem, and different strengths to offer. I often forget that Steemians are not always as into cryptocurrency as I am.

Second, I learned about a social network called TSU that many Steemians migrated from. Any former TSU users out there? I don't know much about it, but I'd never even heard of it before, and I think looking into it will give me an opportunity to see some of the challenges Steem might face. I'll get back to you if I find anything of interest.

The Ad Free Web Browser You Need


For the past 6 months or so, I've almost exclusively used the Brave browser on my phone. I also use it for about 70% of my desktop browsing.

The Brave browser automatically blocks those annoying ads you get when web know, the videos that pop up and automatically play? I can't stand those, and they drain battery power and data (I have an 8 GB plan). Many websites today are built to optimize the amount of ads viewed (because that affects the site's revenue), which is why you'll often see Top 10 articles that have one photo per page (instead of all ten on one).

It does this because it allows micropayments to websites that are Brave publishers (such as my site, SteemMaker), although at this point you don't need to pay anything.

My experience using Brave on my smart phone is outstanding. It is my default browser, and was very easy to switch over to. If you haven't started using the Brave browser yet, please click here (or the icon below) to download it for free. Note: I'll also get a few BAT tokens, which is the cryptocurrency behind the browser.

Brave was created by Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla. Brendan invented JavaScript and has been a massive influence on your internet experience. This is not some two bit startup; Brave is looking to fundamentally change the way we use the web.

The Brave browser disempowers companies like Google that use your data for their own revenue. That alone is a reason to download it today.


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Thank you so very much for making the long drive to the meeting!! We all learned so much from you and am going to install the brave browser today.

I hope we were able to give you a few little insights what needs to be in your new book for us nontech folks to understand Steemit better. And am going to study your book since I do need to get on it and understand crypto trading better.
Thank you!!

Thanks! It was great to talk Steem with those who use it. The drive was worth it!

It seems like I might have heard about Tsu. It sounds awfully familiar, so maybe I checked into it once.

Everyone thinks competition for Steemit will be a good thing, so I'm sure we'll have more of the attention economy type social media sites popping up, albeit more on a blockchain than not.

That's too bad that it went to spam and was deemed an unsustainable business model.

Still need to check out Brave. I'm glad you keep bringing it up because apparently I'll need more than one reminder. :)

It sounds like you had a great time at your meet up. The ones I've heard of so far outside of Steemfest seem pretty small, either by design or because that's all the Steemians there are in the area.

I'm not even sure, outside my friend @bbrewer, how many others there might be in our vicinity. I think I've ran across two or three other people so far that admit to being from Oregon. Might have to get our own Steem meeting together.

I'll keep bothering you until I see my download counter increment one up and that'll tell me somebody used my referral link. 🤣🤣🤣

I was on tsu back in the day, as was @thecastle. It was a great site that never really panned out. I'm glad to see other tsuvians made the jump over here! It really makes a lot of sense, to be honest...

Also, good on you for checking out a local meetup! There was a local meetup hosted by @timcliff yesterday that was equally as awesome. They're also a great way to network with people who might otherwise be outside your social sphere.

lots of us came from Tsu - when I first got on the platform, it had that Tsu feeling about it. Steemit is better, for sure!!

You noticed it too, eh? It's kinda funny, Tsu had the same spammers that Steemit has now. And they never really get anywhere, either!

(Fun fact: Tsu actually had to IP ban the entire country of Pakistan because of the volume of spam coming out of there)

Yes, those spammers are annoying. But I think there are a lot more hackers and such here - people actively trying to steal from your wallet... Just means we need to be very careful...

Love me some @mariannewest she is a godsend, helping plankton navigate through Steemit, by providing a daily prompt so #freewriters can create their 5 minute stories. She has a very tight group and they all help each other grow. 😎

Bruni!!!!!! Thank you!!!

Sound like you had some fun :)

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Interesting i never heard about TSU before sound like i need to check it out

Tsu is gone - no need to check it out lol

It's dead now, so there's no point. But I did a post about it back when I started out here.

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