Some FAVOURITES from my @steemitbloggers FAMILY #45

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It is always an honour to share the work of my fellow @steemitbloggers! And in the spirit of sharing is caring, these are some of my recent favourites... trust me - each and every one of these bloggers are worth a good gander!



10 Thankful Things (Wondrous Wednesday Contest)

By: @byn

This is my entry for the Wondrous Wednesday Contest by @princessmewmew that I happened upon at the last minute. Regardless of if I actually make the deadline, I need NEED this challenge today, so I'm going to do it anyway.


Setting Priorities - The Importance of a To-Do LIst

By: @papacrusher

I am in the process of transferring over from working graveyard shift to day shift. So, as I sit here downing my second cup of extremely strong java and contemplating the challenges coming up in the week I know it is time to set my priorities for the upcoming few months. Due to the nature of working graveyard shift, I often fall a bit behind on my priorities and spend the months on day shift reorganizing and getting ahead of my responsibilities. The key tool for me to assess my progress and ensure I stay on task is the use of a simple to-do list.


Sierra Nevada Adventures - Golden Trout Loop

By: @derekrichardson

Coming along on this trip was my mom and my two kiddos (my dogs)! We drove up route 395 and then up 9 Mile Canyon road. We headed up into the mountains passed Kennedy Meadows all the way to the Blackrock trailhead where we began our adventure. The hike started through thick forest and after a few miles it opened up to beautiful Casa Vieja meadow. We made our way around the meadow checking out all the grazing cattle along the way. From there we headed north on the trail to Lost Trout creek, Long Canyon creek, and then Beer Keg meadow where we stopped and took our lunch. From there it was another easy 4 miles to our destination for the day, Redrock Meadows. We got there and scoped it all out and found a perfect spot to setup our first camp.


When Your Heart and Your Mind Is In It

By: @jusipassetti

Okay, so I’ve been a bit of a distracted Steemian lately. I’ve been around but not nearly as much as I am normally. At the end of the day I only like to post while the price is up hahaha. No seriously, all jokes aside, I’ve just been distracted the past month. I can get quite obsessed when I put my mind to something and at the beginning of August I made the decision that by the end of the month I would have a new job.


what the storm is all about

By: @rebeccabe

That’s right our game rained out and the lighting stopped the game. Notice how tiny Max is in the left hand corner of the photograph. That is a massive tree. Mike took this with his phone while walking the dog.


Delegation to @steem-ua

By: @fullcoverbetting

Thanks to a post of @tarazkp I discovered @steem-ua. It was not the first time that I did hear about it, that honor is for @abh12345 who wrote about it more than a month ago. User Authority is trying to replace the current reputation system on the Steem Blockchain. The idea behind it is that the upvotes doesn't matter but the User Authority score the upvotes has. This would eliminate the case, where you do buy upvotes from higher ranked (in rep) Steemians and increase your reputation.


User experience part 2: Steempeak

By: @blanchy

Today I would like to review Steempeak as a part of my discovery of different platforms on the Steem blockchain. I found Steempeak last week by mistake but immediately I was drawn in by the professional interface that is very slick and stylish. It is by far and away the best platform I have encountered so far. I really really like it. I have been on most other platforms and in most cases it is like comparing Bebo to Facebook. Seriously. This is the bee's knees! Below are a few of the features that I like.


The beauty of fynbos

By: @lizziesworld

The Cape is famous for its wonderful indigenous flora and at this time of year we see the landscape bursting forth with such glorious colours and textures. It is no wonder that people come to the Cape from all over the world to witness the beauty to be found at this time of year.


Feeling The Love: From Redfish To Minnow ⌛A 5 Minute FreeWrite⌛

By: @kaerpediem

For some time now I have been working towards 500 SP. Yes, I have had my fair share of spying on others who started the same time as me, trying to figure out what I was doing different. They were hitting markers, and I was threading water... Ok, not quite, but it felt like it was taking forever. Finally, I came to terms. I asked myself, "Would you do this if you didn't get paid?" The answer was a yes because I had started to enjoy the writing, and the engagement. Of course, getting paid for doing what you loved is the ultimate dream.


One day these images will make me cry. 😢

By: @mikeycolon

Off the record - I can be a very emotional person (just don't tell anyone as I have to keep my street cred at a certain level). I get disappointed with myself when I cry at the end of stupid movies like Avatar - and not the good one by James Cameron - but the bad one Avatar The Last Airbender. LOL Well at least I don't cry at silly commercials! 😜



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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