what the storm is all about

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That’s right our game rained out and the lighting stopped the game.cihrwlw8q2.jpg

source Omaha World Herald

Morgan Peatrowsky of West Point, Nebraska, stands in the rain as the crowd is cleared from the bleachers of Memorial Stadium on Saturday night because of lightning.

Notice how tiny Max is in the left hand corner of the photograph. That is a massive tree.
Mike took this with his phone while walking the dog.

I took this photo next to the CVS store with my phone.

Captured this photo driving home from the vineyards before all the action took place.

This branch hanging above our house for years did not budge during the storm. I say the day we move it will fall.
My phone photo

It is still raining.

Rain, rain and more rain, they say all week.

I think what happens is there are weak parts on these huge trees and a good wind and boom down they come.

The Farmer's Alamac predicts a wet winter. Oh no!

A great place for this quote:

"When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person that walked in. That's what the storm is all about."
-Haruki Murakami


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thanks for sharing the pictures 😁


YOu are welcome.
Thanks for viewing the post. :)


you're welcome dear

Wow, looks like you had quite a storm! That tree branch needs to come down. It looks very unsafe?


I know, but it just hangs there. Thanks for commenting. I wonder where are the talkers are.
How's your weather?


It's been a little quiet on here lately from what I am seeing?
The weather was nice today so I took my grandson for a walk in the woods. It was fun :-)


sounds fun

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It sounds a bit dangerous with the tree over your house. Hopefully it can withstand future storms!

And good pictures, they look nice :D


Thanks and thank you for commenting .. I hope so . :)


I am from Texas originally, right now domiciled in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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great destruction time to take out the chain saws


the city went around picking them up


would make great art!

Nature's disastrous actions like storm etc may cause several distortion.hope so every thing is safe and sound!


It is all good. No one is hurt. Thanks for your comment and concern.

Sweet @rebeccabe - tha reason I left STEEMIT for so long was b/c I got yelled @ so much for re-steeming like you are
That's tha reason you haven't seen me on
Man you just re-steem and re-resteem like a re-steem QUEEN!


I don't do a bunch in a row at one time.
also I have an alt account in @photobe for some resteems


Someone got on to me about how much I comment a long time ago. There are some stupid people in here. Accept that and move on. That is what I did.