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Hey! I'm your @yourhelper, have you exhausted all ideas on how to make your articles noticed? Do you consider your post good and undervalued enough to attract @yourhelper? Frustrated over making so little after researching and posting a great content? Don't quit yet, I'm very helpful! I can give you the exposure you desperately need in exchange for quality content!!!.

@yourhelper will be sniffing around for top quality contents that are greatly undervalued. @yourhelper will be doing this for the sole purpose of upvoting and uplifting genuine and talented community members whose contents are not well remunerated.

If you consider any of your post worthy of @yourhelper's attention or you want to suggest your friend's post, you are free to do so by commenting on @yourhelper with a link to the post. So long as this is not abused, your helper may consider going through the post to sniff for content.

Try not to drop more than one link in 24 hours; please do not spam. There is no guarantee that your helper will approve your content for upvoting and exposure but it will cost you nothing to try. Kindly note that whether you dropped a link or not, your helper may still discover your content.

@yourhelper guideline

  • follow @yourhelper (must only if you chose to drop a link).
  • make sure your article is above average in quality.
  • Make sure the article is within 24 hrs from the time of posting.

Welcome to @yourhelper as we mutually assist each other to success....

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This is my friend's self-introduction. It's well written and detailed with plenty of awesome photos. Many people are leaving comments there but still not getting much attention and greatly undervalued.

Please do take a look, many thanks

Mr. @yourhelper, sir. Seems with all your helpful voting, you could use a little break. Please take a moment for yourself, and enjoy a lip-smackin' delicious DIY... PIZZA PIE! 😍

hey man in new here only 3 days and there are so much i want to learn and improve about my understanding of this community is it possible to talk in a priveate msg here or in like a chat ?, i was wondering if you i can ask some qustion and get some help :), yo are more then welcome to follow me also or upvote me :)

Hello @yourhelper! This is a great thing u are doing!

I hope my post meets the quality standard.
Its my #introduceyourself post. :)

Have a great day. :D

Always better to comment on @yourhelper's latest post.

Ah alright. :) Should i still do this?

Seems Interesting... will look more into it :)

this is a great initiative!

I'm a wine specialist during the day, Steemian at night. I post about different wines and spirits I taste, as well as educational wine posts. I am also leading the charge for a new all-encompassing Adult Beverage tag, "steempub". I would love your support in it! This post is slightly over 24 hours old, but I think it could really help out the steempub tag. If it's too old, I completely understand, but your consideration would be appreciated.

Cheers, and resteemed from Texas!

Kindly read the instruction and adhere strictly. Thanks.

Very creative idea. Now following you.

Your comment is cherished by @yourhelper

How long should I wait @yourhelper have another great post I know you will like! FITS your algorithm PERFECTLY!

Again read the instruction.

thank you, for the patience! lol!
I will go through them once more!

This is really cool. Steemit users are really trying to keep things balanced @yourhelper !


Nice comment you have here. You have got @yourhelper attention.

well this sounds cool:)

Thank you...How are you today? Thanks for stopping by.

here's one for your consideration, feel like some fresh homemade PIZZA?! 😍

Damn.... I need your help.... I love this concept and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart

@alokkoshal, Keep posting quality content and you will surely get @yourhelper attention.

Yeah.... I have a post related to the forgotten game which I decided to promote... Bt it is highly undervalued

follow the instruction.

This is the post I was talking about... A game of joy and excitement

@yourhelper is hungry for quality content.

I am very new and cant seem to submit a story. The post button is faded.

I am sorry about that but you can search through the community for help on that regard. I am after contents...

This is great, thanks!

This is cool!, although the payout is not high, i got my post 200 votes LOL, thanks!

The third guideline is a bit stringent! Otherwise this is a good initiative.

@yourhelper does not tolerate spamming! Read the instruction well.

OOOPS Sorry about that, Just thought you might like the article as well. Since you liked a SIMILAR article. I will Wait between post! THANX!

I went sniffing for your stuff after you got on my Crawfish Boil Post and helped me out. What a great initiative, thank you again!

I follow you, u follow me

When can you help me out? I am waiting for your help! :)

Give me a good content and ensure you follow guideline

What a lovely idea, I'll be following you :)
Here's my recent post about my charity adventure in Vietnam:

@artwithflo, this post is well written and of good quality. Above writing this article well, @yourhelper is pleased at the mission you undertook in Vietnam to help indigent minorities. This type of work should be encouraged. You are receiving help from @yourhelper shortly. Congratulations at these achievements.

Yay! Thank you, helper!

You are welcome!

@yourhelper would want to help you on exceptional content. Is this the best you can produce?

Amazing experience indeed. @yourhelper finds your post educative and relevant. You are receiving help shortly on this post.

Awesome ...I am so excited :) Thanks

@yourhelper just wondering when does the flood of votes hit my post :)

no worries it worked like a charm :)

Hi... Can the contents in Spanish participate?

Upvoted+followed . Great idea especially for new users . Thank you for this :)

Will follow you.. only... and only... if you promise to give me a WHALE of a time.

It's a pleasure to meet and follow you, @yourhelper ;) Cheers!

Up voted and followed @yourhelper!

Here's the post I'd sure like to get some traction on, it's my original music set to a trip across 13 miles of the plaent Mars with video from NASA and JPL labs taken by the Mars Rover One robot.

Great job, @sircork. @yourhelper is greatly thrilled by your power of perception and imagination. You are going to receive some help on this article.

I am humbled, honored and grateful to you @yourhelper! Rock on!

Make sure that the article is within 24 hours of posting?

Yes your helper will appreciate if your article is fresh!

I hope you will take a look at my recent post.

It took a lot of time and effort and I think that it is very well written. Sometimes it's can be disheartening to think that a well written article that took a long time earns someone the same amount of money as a nothing article with a good picture. I feel like most people don't even read the article they just look at the pictures in the feed and vote based on that.

Want a CUSTOM GIF like this?

All you gotta do is RESTEEM this post and you might WIN!! Picking 3 WINNERS!
FATPANGIF.gif this is something that i posted and i think its got great content .

Hi @yourhleper. Great initiative, I will be following and I will try to support the posts and authors that you highlight to the community.

This post is part of a series I have been writing on a trip I took when I finished college. It is intended to be a part travel, part motivation, part journey of discovery post series.

I am grateful @eroche. Together we shall win. Looks like you are a traveler. Were you the one who wrote about your stay in the UAE?

:) Steemit is awesome. I am officially a writer, people have read something I wrote and are recognising my content :)

This post is part of a series on that trip, Yemen was the second country I got to live in on that trip. It took me all across the Middle East from the UAE to Syria.


Day before yesterday which was my first day you saw my post which was

I have written many many more since then with my latest actual article being

You were saying you were going to offer me some help in getting my stuff out there. It is much appreciated and I am so curious when and what you are going to do for me? I so look forward to hearing from you.



This is an honorable journey! I posted on the power of the intention behind your words

Excellent initiative.

Nice idea... How exactly are you going to enhance the posts?... We should just drop the links here in the comment?

I will be commenting and upvoting quality contents. Expect good things to follow shortly if I upvoted your content.

Mmm that seems interesting... I should test how this works! :D

Thanks, I'll try to make more valuable contents with the belief that @yourhelper would help me. Followed &Up-Voted you:D

This is the one.

Did you read this article? I doubt. If you did, you wont drop a link not related to the issue at hand. Read the article again.

I read the article, absolutely. I dropped the post, in my opinion, which is good and undervalued enough to attract you. Your answer made me a little bit embarrassed.

The article in question today is articles on the subject matter. Read it again. It is a writing contest post links that are expected here today.

I worked very hard on this but I will let you be the judge of whether it is good or not. It is something that worries me because children are at risk. thank you for providing a platform like this. If my post is not good enough i will try again.
Thank you THL

Follow your helper and always endvour to comment on the latest post.

ok ..but who is my helper ? sorry i'm old and very new to all this social media stuff. It can be a bit mind boggling for me sometimes.

Check out the latest post and see if you can participate in the contest.

lol oh my..its you isn't so sorry silly me : o)

Hello. I hope you can help me with my article. Thanks! :)

Hi, this is my #introduceyourself post. I really really whant to share and find out what people think about my natural flowers jewelry and I'm excited to share with all of you my experience. :)

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