Almost got HACKED - Beware of recent phising attacks - Please help spread awareness..

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Yesterday when I published my most recent article I got a comment from a 60+ repped user that looked like this:

Coming from a valid user, I was obviously quite shocked - Had someone copied my post or what's up?

Not looking very clearly as the evening was approaching midnight, I clicked the links, not noticing that the below link was redirecting to, not

I found myself on a page that looked EXACTLY like Steemit except that I wasn't logged in. I wish I could say that my warning-bells would have rung at this time but I didn't think much about it and just closed the page as I was heading off to sleep.

This morning I woke up and saw that the comment on my post was hidden and a response had been made by the same user saying in desperation that he/she had been hacked last night and the bot had been going rampage.

That's when I noticed one of the links said, so I did some research and found out that a large number of people only the last number of days have been hacked by visiting this page and mistakenly logged in with their master passwords, loosing all their precious SBD's and a few even their keys. Some woman I read about lost her 3 months SBD savings...

Luckily I didn't log in myself so no harm have been done to me personally, but it could just as well have been me to be honest...

So please everyone, beware of these phishing attacks going on. And make sure you never log in to without confirming that it is the correct website. And also if you happen to press a link, don't worry, you'll have to manually log in in order for them to hijack your account.

Please help spread awareness of this by either upvoting, resteeming, or writing a post of your own. I've read to many tragic stories this morning to let this one slip by.

Thanks everyone 💛

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shoot that is crazy, I clicked on it too, and didn't login though. nutz why are people always trying to steal.

Thank you very much for this post. We should be always vigilant when following links.

Definitely, can never be too careful 🙏🏼

Yeah it's literally crazy, lucky we didn't click tho brother, would have been quite a sad story haha, life's good otherwise? 🙌🏼

Thanks for the heads up. Always got to be cautious as the hackers will keep coming up with creative ways to steal your data and compromise your account.

Your welcome brother. Indeed, they are likely to be one step ahead so in this day and age all we can do is stay attentive and look after each other🙏🏼

Excellent job! I remember something similar being done with a (note the VV instead of w)

Thank you for sharing this. I received one of those phishing attempts from them too, but ignored it.

Happy to hear you didn't fall prey my friend ✌🏼

There really should be a big warning displayed to users logging in using their master key on a regular basis with educational info on why it's a bad idea and how to use the other keys.

This^ agree 100% brother 🙏🏼

One reason to always stay powered up. Could limit loss. Also a good reminder to only use master password when needed.

Yeah exactly, carrying lots of SBD's makes you a more vulnerable target indeed. And as you say, be careful with your master key!

Thanks for the heads up very informative he was a superstar @williamwest !

Thank you as well brother!

That's really painful , how could those mindless people steal all the hard earned SBD from people . I'm glad to get the info prior and thanks for sharing man !! . Glad that you haven't opened the link.

Yeah, horrifying, also to clarify, opening the link isn't the danger, but getting fooled and logging in is, at least what we seem to know for now 🙏🏼

This unhonest people are not stoppable... fortunately you did not fall in their trap... will pay attention, thanks for sharing!

Yeah that is a fact you just have to accept, fraudsters will always be around, we just have to live with that and stay on guard 🤟🏼

Scary! Thank you for spreading the word!

Definitely! 🙏🏼

Thanks for sharing.
Resteemed for visibility.

Thank you brother!

Thank You For This Awarness Post.Btw Sorry For Your Loss.If u Have Clicked The Link.Keep Posting.Happy Steemit.

Your welcome, luckily I didn't suffer any loss personally, stay safe!

I got it as well! I didnt even click on it. Its crazy all these bots around the internet trying to phish but as long as we work together and create visibility we can help each other. I will resteem as well!

Exactly, agree 100% my friend! Gotta have each other's backs.

And thank you for the resteem!

thanks for the heads up, I am going to have to take a close look at anything I click on now.

Sound way to go about it, same here 👍🏼

Thanks for sharing, why are there always someone trying to steal from us? hope no one else falls for this. Resteemed it aswell :)

Yeah I assume we just have to accept that fact and learn to cope with it. Thank you for the resteem my friend, hope we helped save some people 🙏🏼

Some guy showed up on a posted article I wrote, it said he'd give me double if I voted on his post. I had to read it twice, I was like "give me double?" did I read that right. I looked at his rep score and it was less then twenty five. Two and two wasn't adding up to four, all the warning bells were going off, I was like no way am I clicking on that. Thanks for the info.

Nice bullet dodge brother, one definitely needs to be careful, happy you made it out alive 😉

I logged into this site the other day but immediately changed my password afterward. I knew something was up when my username wasn't automatically displayed in the login so I looked at the url and behold, it was steewit! Good post.

Ah lucky you got to change it in time brother 🙏🏼 Not funny if you were to loose your account!

This post has received a 4.76 % upvote from @boomerang.

Scammers always use the unfamiliarity of the platform to con people.
It's important that scams like this are flagged up.
Well done on doging a bullet, hopefully others will too.

Yeah agree 100% with the unfamiliarity point you make 🙏🏼
Illuminating people to the issue will as you say, hopefully reduce other people from falling into a trap

That's full on. What is the point? Some people just don't want to work and provide great content instead try and take from us who contribute and assist in growing the SteemIT community.

Some people need to be put on an island and left to their own demise.

Yeah it sucks. Haha love your idea with the island, all in for that 😉

Those stolen accounts could be in control of potential scammers and may try to make more scams attempt using different post or comments!

weeks ago an user got his account hijacket and he was making spam post with a catchy post name and inside the content of the post just an image and a link "more info here" (or something like that) that link was taking you to " (note the double ii). what i found wrong first was the .tk

and yeah is was a complete copy of the steemit UI, i also found weird that you could not see the post because it was requesting me to sing up directly, and the escape button or clicking outside the login window (like to see the post without login) was not working, then i look the url again and found the double ii, and i was like crap, this is not steemit!
lucky i did not enter my login details after figuring it was a scam

it was nice when i got back to the real steemit and see a user already noticed the scam and posting comments on his spam posts to warn others!

what i do when i sing in is to check the "keep me logged" box, so i know i will be logged

having things like no script as a plugin enabled on your browser could
help you too! since you have to activate it for sites and it may give you a second chance to look what url are you allowing to load

You can give Brave browser a try, it states that it can prevent sites mining with your cpu, and i has a type of no script already added.. is not as the no script plug in, you just have the option to enable or disable (wish they could add an option to make my own blacklist..looks cool so far and very stable, it also has something new.. tha you could pay sites you visit (is some kind of crypto i think!) not sure how it works but there's info and an option to enable / disable and make a wallet, and some more stuff worth looking

"Brave’s private tab stops trackers and will soon feature "Tor in the tab," providing even deeper privacy"

haha, lol! tor in the tab!

i think it manages tabs independenly, not sure, brave is a futuristic shit! just like steemit! :P

i ditched the firefox because they are going to censor "fakenews" CENSOR! what? it was nice firefox, over a decade!, i am brave enough now to leave you :D

brave logo is a lion! :D

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