Just So We're Clear - The Tech Manager of Steemit Is Anti Democracy and Pro Oligarchy - in His Own Words.

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Given that I am currently doing what I can to investigate the details of whether the 'conspiracy theories' regarding potentially deliberate manipulation is taking place within Steemit to centralise power and throw a spanner in the works of the intended decentralised design of Steemit put in place by @dan - the following quote from @Sneak could not have come at a more timely moment...

It was a few weeks ago that Sneak downvoted a popular post I made that exposed Bill Gates because the post offered an alternative narrative on vaccine science to the one being peddled by the corrupt agencies of government science. He stated then that he would downvote every post that contradicted the mainstream in such a way. This caused an understandable backlash in the community for a while as there are many here who think of Steemit and Steem as a free speech friendly and transparent system made by people with integrity.

I have held off from making a full post on this subject, partially because I am so busy and partially because it requires a lot of work to get all the details in place. However, I feel it is important to relay to the community this latest amazing quote from Sneak taken from under this post:

Democracy is overrated. If we didn’t have a deep state making sure certain important things were done correctly, democracy would have ruined a lot of things by now.

sneak democracy

Now, for those paying attention, I have written many times about the Ivy League historian Carroll Quigley and how he exposed decades ago that the main democracies have always been entirely fake, by design, to ensure oligarchy is kept in place - while the masses remain little more than naive slaves. Given this fact, we are really in no position to be able to assess whether representational democracy is a workable approach. Furthermore, DIRECT democracy (where every human gets a vote instead of using MPs / Senators etc.) is the only valid form of democracy that truly represents the voices of the people and we surely have no experience of that either.

I will certainly agree that since democracy is basically the agreement that 'someone' can tell you what to do - democracy is fatally flawed. However, my reason for saying the democracy is flawed is because it cannot respect free will and it always results in some being trampled over by the crowd. The problem with Sneak's position is that he appears to be saying that the problem with democracy is not that people get overpowered, but that the problem is the total opposite and that democracy gives people TOO MUCH of a voice! His solution then is that the 'deep state' of shadowy military contractors and 'thinktanks' must swallow up vast amounts of resources to attempt to mind control and manipulate people from behind the scenes to make up for the 'free thinking' that apparently he detests so much..

If you are unsure what 'Deep State' means, here is a post on a CIA whistleblower who gives specifics.

Is this guy REALLY running important aspects of Steemit.com ? It surely answers a few questions about the problems we have been having!

This is a platform based on VOTING - as with DEMOCRACY.. Here we have the tech manager of Steemit literally telling you out in the open that he thinks that shadowy manipulation of voting and free markets/trade/information sharing is REQUIRED and a thoroughly good thing! #popcorn

Here's the talk from CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp:

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Wow! Thats hard to believe that someone of his intelligence would succumb to the lie of the Elite. Oh, I am very familiar with the lie too. I used to work for the Freemen Institute a few decades ago (yes I'm a dinosaur, but a lively one!) and we were dedicated to exposing the criminal acts of the CFR, FED, Tri Lats, international bankers, etc.

One of my most memorable experiences was of then US Congressman Dick Cheney, who had read a book we published entitled "The Naked Capitalist" (not a condemnation of capitalism but an exposure of the evil use of capitalism by the few). Anyway Cheney told me to my face that what was in the book was the absolute truth. Months later he became a traitor to the cause of freedom and joined the CFR. I suppose the reasoning they used in recruiting Cheney is the same line @sneak has adopted, i.e., the peasants are too stupid to govern themselves and must be led and dominated. In fact they want it that way.

Actually with all lies there is some truth mixed in. But domination is not the answer. The answer, at least in part, can be found here in Steemit where we are engaging and developing a new paradigm that I like to call "cooperative abundance". This is where we lift, sustain, encourage, and develop individuals and in so doing strengthen the community. What a dream! Can we do it? I believe it is imperative that we try. I believe in the vision of blockchain and it's potential. So if @sneak is one of the creeps Quigley speaks of then damn his eyes! (I guess that's blunt enough).

The Freemen Institute was one of the first to promote Quigleys book by the way. Pure Democracy is a trap too, one in which the masses are usually manipulated by the elite few (The EU comes to mind). As a relative newbie I saw the thing about blocking the anti-vaxers and was stunned but let it go since I was so unfamiliar with the platform. But if that really was done, then, Damn his eyes once more. So you definitely have my attention and I'll make little minnow, whoops, red-fish waves, where I can as I follow your lead, if I may.

I appreciate the fact that you may be sticking your neck out quite far, and hope you discover a penitent @sneak and no attempt to further squelch freedom of this sort here in Steemit. Many blessings. Here, I'll give you my .07 cent incentive. Go get 'em!

I have adopted Steemit as my home... a place where yet unexplored visions and dreams can become reality. I want to be part of that. I see way beyond the mundane reality of posts, and comments and upvotes into a galaxy of potential that may help transform humanity into something that no longer needs or wants the domination of the few.

Excellent comment, @mistermercury. You hit on some really great points I agree with. You get my follow and upvote. I just posted my own story of what I have had to put up with here on steemit at Steemit's Malicious @steemcleaners downvote ATTACKS. I would really appreciate if you might give it a read and add any input you may have.

You are assuming @sneak is someone "of his intelligence" when he has mostly shown himself to be an immature, unremarkable and emotionally driven petulant little child mostly. If he was intelligent, his requirement to make this website work might be happening. The milestones from 2016, 2017 and 2018 might be getting accomplished. The steemit.com ux/ui might work at least as well as a copy of postnuke from 2005 or so, and he might not dress like he just fell out of a matrix satire movie.

Overall, we have CHILDREN with NO EXPERIENCE at the helm of stinc's most important roles, like ceo and tech leads, just for example.

No wonder the smart guy in the band LEFT. I'd quit too if I was surrounded by incompetence.

Steemit Inc is still in beta bro.

hahahaha, i know you are being flat sarcastic.

I hope

SMTs are a sad joke on the end of a sadder story, so far.

Well it was beginning to seem like Lightning Net was somebody's pipe dream until they rolled out the publicly accessable test net. Miracles do happen it seems. 😎

Once in a blue moon...

You both made me laugh so hard. Thanks

Yes, there are more than just rumors out that a new and improved version of Steemit will be coming this summer. Interesting development. Will be fascinating to observe human behavior when it goes online, mine included. I hope you are wrong, though, about some of the less than stellar management you indicate may have executive roles. Many blessings.

Nevermind steemit, steem will continue for some time with or without them, but there is a new block chain coming created by the same man who invented steem and bitshares, who has left steemit incorporated to go build a better system. It launches in June, but there may not be any social network sites available right away. They will come soon enough though, it's quite a robust system.
It's called EOS, and you can learn more at http://eos.io

Yes, in many ways I rather dread the new systems launch. I'm hesitant to embrace it. I mean it will be like having two girlfriends... always a very challenging and dangerous enterprise! But, life will go on. Won't it?

myspace into facebook into steemit into ?

let's hope it's profitable, and enjoyable, not necessarily in that order.

Thanks for your comment! Followed! The Freemen movement, as often misguided as I think it is (at least in britain where it often calls on the magna carta, which itself is not exactly fair and balanced) are at least aiming to create a better world.

I already know that every problem can be resolved simply through unbiased and open minded exploration and willingness to increase understanding. I certainly wish that to occur here.

Yes, I try to remember at all times to "Seek first to understand." This seems to be a good way to approach things. I forget sometimes and get on a very unstable band wagon. I try and remember to apply this to myself too: I try and be mindful of the genesis of my own beliefs and at times, delusions. Ah, this being human can be a challenging thing. The Freemen Institute was closely tied to the Mormon church, of which I was once a devout member. The Institute ran into financial problems but is still out there under a different name. I did learn a great deal from my time with them that I still use however. Blessings.

Oh I see, OK - I don't know much about freemen in America - only the 'freeman on the land' movement in Britain, which might be quite different.

One of the most valuable awarenesses is that of recognising how our emotional self is gapped away from our thinking self - meaning that in one moment we recognise the need to increase understanding and in another moment we return to our pre-conditioning of 'fight/survive/retaliate' etc. - instead of bringing the two realities together in the heart. <3
Having the intent to heal, balance and evolve is the powerful anchor that helps us to learn more, day by day, how to proceed with continual respect, grace and success :)

Indeed, your last sentence sums it up, to "heal, balance and evolve...". This paradigm is one we must embrace and nurture in our world.

Here you mention Indonesia!**are you from indonesia? **
a bit of my view of the thugs in Indonesia the freeman.In **Indonesia **the honor charter is held by the corrupt rulers who live the luxury of the results of the people's money politics over the suffering of the people, they often manipulate. unfortunately the law for this corrupt ruler can be obsolete by them freely doing corruption crime kill generation.

The freeman concept began in Britain hundreds of years ago - thanks for letting us know about Indonesia, but we weren't specifically talking about Indonesia.

I apologize my friend, for my is translite

Nobody is blocked, I should know, I probably debated more vaccine sympathizers and trolls than anyone here and walked away each time with no unaddressed points. If the retard that @sneak is wanted to downvote the topic that conveniently affects the "peasantry" the most, followed right after by chemtrails, gmo's and flouride, which in the past he's "voiced" similar imbecilic opinions (like the retard that he is) by downvoting more power to him and those that receive his ultra-magical-spell-of-hidden-by-a-reveal-button lvl 10 be happy, nothing is quite as special (in a counterproductive retarded kind of way) as mystifying content. 33 degrees motherfuckers.

@baah, appreciate your insight. But I can't resist asking: what is your dogs name? Humbug!?

What did you appreciate specifically and then I'll tell you what my dog's name is?

I appreciate that you stand up to vaxxers and fascists but I always get frustrated that you don't seem to get that flagging really is censorship. It is also being banned from earning any money if you don't tow the party line.

And you do only have $115 in your wallet...

What you eat I don't shit, so don't be frustrated by my "not getting it". I understand what both Suppression and Censorship is, and to claim that by Mystifying content and making it Special, Unique and Stand Outish compared to all other content, is censorship and suppressive, you've invalidated ANY kind of "suppression" or censorship. Furthermore, I have seen numerous times, recently with the copyright, where people have flagged my comments, only for others to upvote them, and this happened not once, not twice but for almost all the hidden comments. So, if you want to contort Banned and Censorship to mean Delightfully Mistified and Inescapably Intriguing Reveal Button that's fine with me, people think that Steemit Inc is all there is, I certainly use it, but then again I appreciate that under the gloss that steemit is, there's a raw efficient machine that can go faster, can be more resilient and can do it all for less, but the human factor is what it isn't capable of solving and I have no delusion that it will ever solve it.

Jesus you can be a cryptic prick.

Did you just call me a total dickhead in your last post?

Why do you give a fuck? What I eat you don't shit. Furthermore so what if I called you a total dickhead, does that automatically mean its true or that I'd hope to offend your highness the memeslayer, or that I thought it funne to remark on that, thinking you could take a fuck.

Another huge problem with Steemit is that work produced by a female can be destroyed to due to an abusive Steemit Troll's comments. You cannot block destructive troll comments.

Hi @ura-soul ! Thank you for having the guts to share this. You get my follow and upvote. I just posted my own story of what I have had to put up with here on steemit which relates to this post at Steemit's Malicious @steemcleaners downvote ATTACKS. I would really appreciate if you might take a few minutes to read it and add any input you may have. I value your opinion.

You are welcome! I have seen steemcleaners abuse their position before and never apologise for anything. Steem cleaners is not any kind of official bot or service from steemit inc. - it is just an account run by people in the community from their own initiative. I have forwarded your post to a witness group for their notification.
To my knowledge, 'cheetah' can be prevented from being triggered by pasting a URL to the source page for whatever you copy/paste into steemit. Stopping steem cleaners is a bit more tricky though.

That's one of the purpose of steemit- a free speech and freedom of information transparency. So to be clear this community is all about transparency to enlighten people here in steemit and to have a better community.

In a sense Sneak has a point but only if related to the "Democracy" we currently have.
Representative Democracy only allows to choose which Tyrant we consider less evil, and which lobbyists and deep state assets we consider less corrupt. As you point out though, it is a system which has nothing to do with real Democracy which originally meant power of the people in Ancient Greece and which was indeed Direct Democracy.
Direct Democracy (as in participatory democracy) would be a big step forward. For starters I'm sure with Direct Democracy we would have no wars.
51% is not a wide enough consensus for any respectable decision, but it still better than having decisions made only by the 0.1% as it is now.
Direct Participatory Democracy with a 90% quota is what I consider the best possible system and the closest thing to Anarchy (which is full consensus). Those who feel they can't fit in Direct Democracy should be allowed to "fork" into another system. That's why I don't believe in a 1 World Government....there needs to be always alternative nations to experiment new things or for people to move to in case a system goes wrong.

My main point about the quote is that the 'Deep State' is absolutely a tool of the 0.1% in every possible way!

Today I searched for this post because I wanted to use it as a reference, I searched through profiles of accounts which I follow, and also in a profile of an account which I do not follow.
I do not mention names, because it was none of them after all.
Now I somehow found it, after googling (steemit is a NWO organization which has connections to FB, GOOGL and AMZN as I learned today, these were not my searches keywords, I write it because steemit uses Google as its default search engine) for it and then duckduckgoing for it, and after both searches failed, the duckduckgo search yielded a result in which you complained in its comments section about why sneak downvoted your thread about vaccinations, and this reminded me to also check your profile for it, and this time I found it.
Then I clicked the FOLLOW button, edited my own thread and posted the link as a reference.

Thanks for the info. I often find google search is ineffective at correctly returning posts from steemit, I'm not sure why but I'll put more attention on the issue in future.

Are sneak and roadscape the same person?
I noticed roadscape upvoted sneak big time at least once, delegates a big chunk of his SP to him, and being the person behind steemd.com is a good enough reason to be appointed to CTO of steemit.
Thinking about this, both are garbage as services, but steemd.com is near perfect as a software, whereas steemit.com is garbage as a software as well.
So they may be distinct people after all.
Most users here have more than 1 account.
I am willing to bet that the average is above 2 accounts per person.

I have no idea on that, although it is relevant to point out that Sneak states that he is not the CTO of Steemit Inc. - rather he is the technical manager.

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Excellent post! I have only recently viewed some of your posts on this topic. The individual in question is an authoritarian, and has downvoted many many posts on these and many other topics. Basically anything that goes against mainstream, as you say. I know people may think I'm crazy, but I think you may be right about a 'conspiracy', or at least a few in key positions trying to steer steemit into a different direction than it was intended. I am of the belief that the recent Facebook drama in not a coincidence and not an organic uprising as it's being played out in the media. It's a very old story.....Are these revelations aimed at promoting a 'new' platform after the controversy subsides, while trying to derail steemit? Or is there a plan to take over the platform from mainstream players and investors? Something just doesn't add up about the Facebook story to me!

I don't have enough puzzle pieces to comment about the big picture between corporations in a useful way here, but it is always true that even a single individual can make decisions that greatly influence systems in ways that need to be researched to be understood.

I have long said that Steemit could be controlled (as can any cryptocurrency) by those with the most fiat currency simply by them 'investing' in it or infiltrating the central team. Many have said that this has occurred with Bitcoin 'Core' - the challenge is that outsiders don't have much of a way to know the full details without a lot of research work being performed or maybe due to whistleblowing. Whistleblowers absolutely deserve more respect!

Yeah, there is definitely no way of knowing for sure, without solid evidence. On the issue of flagging, I created a simple opinion poll using Steefun, where people could express a simple opinion on the practice. I'm not sure if you think it's a worthwhile endeavour to try and get a community feel about what users think about It? Since I don't have much influence on here, maybe you can advise me if it's worthy of pursuing this type of thing, or is it just a waste of time? If you would like to have a look at it, let me know and I can post a link...Thanks for the reply

I have never heard of steefun - sure, post the link :)

Just for clarification since I didn't see anyone else say this explicitly, the U.S. is not a democracy, even though at least one recent U.S. president has called it such. It is a constitutional republic, which attempts via the constitution and bill of rights, to ensure that the individual has inalienable rights that can't be trampled by others. Unfortunately these rights are being trampled anyway by the patriot act, etc. I would suggest that the same idea of individual rights needs to be applied to this community so that no individual can downvote, and thus suppress and effectively silence, anyone else's visibility or ability to monetize their content. This is already the unfortunate and undesirable situation on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter. I can tell by your posts that it is here as well, just with a different censoring mechanism. I came here to escape that content censorship. If that doesn't get corrected, there's no reason to be here as a means to escape censorship on these other platforms.

What I've often seen is that things often start out well intentioned (like YouTube) and then get corrupted or co-opted by others with interests to institute their own brand of control. Bought out is generally the way it seems to go. Money is the vehicle. Looks to me to be the same here on Steemit at this time. More Steem = more power to control others. The idea seems to be to let it go free for as long as possible in order to get people hooked. Then gradually start taking away things in a boiling frogs manner. I suggest that the same will inevitably happen here as long as the Steem=power over others dynamic exists. I'd suggest that needs to change much sooner than later or people will see through this and leave - or not join and/or not suggest for others to join.

In fact, I kind of hate to raise this issue, but it is entirely possible that this whole Steemit experiment was set up on purpose to fail in order to have an example to point to and say: see, it was tried and it doesn't work. Forget it, censorship free social media can't be done. Just a possibility to consider - not claiming any evidence in support of this potential.

p.s. thank you for your posts, I very much appreciate you making them.

You are welcome. An open mind considers all possibilities and asks all awkward questions. As long as we don't assume, judge and get stuck on beliefs, it's fine and a wise move. The good thing is that the technology itself is replicable, so whatever the outcome of any particular project - others can thrive later.

That is indeed a very good thing.

I think there is a solution and it's easy - get rid of flagging.
But the fact that the no flagging option is not even considered is suspicious.

Hell I just had a comment flagged today because it was more popular than a comment by a whale who flagged my comment and upvoted himself - flagging is all about dominance and censorship...

I agree. I think there should be a thumbs down, but that should have no effect other than the ability to say you disagree. Flagging should be reserved for trying to point out things that are illegal, and only things that are illegal.

That is exactly the solution .. Steem is really great, almost indestructable in its structure of protecting freedom of speech.. But the flagging is flawed in how powerfull it is in destroying accounts!
Look at my account! I was sabotaged for using the words islamists and islam ! I was not hating or lieing! The islamists just got together to downvote me! of course, all they could flag they did and I went from REP 35 to 7 !
Flagging could be there as an option to make a notice to everyone on a comment or post being bad in some way, like spammy f.x.
BUT .. it should not destroy reputation! not when reputation is something that is needed for operating your account..
Either, reputation should be inactive in operating your account (making posts, uploading fotos etcetera, buying resteeming services) and only be a reference number for information in that way.
Or: Flagging should not be able to negatively affect reputation score!

or: reputation score should just be eleminated totally, which it could be, it is not an essential part of a Blogging Network!

we can have a flagging system without a reputation system!
making it transparent for everyone if a post or comment is "undesireable" in any way by others and by whom!
but without that person actually being hindered in his further blogging from having recieved f.x. 50 downvotes / flags on his recent post!

Generally, as we can just comment our thoughts and feelings, we can use that to convey anything that we otherwise use the flagging to convey..
For instance just a comment where you write "Flagging this!" or a jpg or gif with a flag or thumbs down !
like this

Yeah - the people flagging you that I saw are just minnows and their downvotes are easily reversed. But often people have bigger connections in the background, so I choose my fights carefully, and do my best to keep out of this flag war bullshit - just ignore them and let it go is my best advice

Steemit should take "anti-trust" action on people like Sneak. If a person has that kind of SP (325,000), they shouldn't have the power to downvote other users. Their downvote power should be limited to a percent of the total voting power of all the votes on a post.

Sneak is from Germany. His views are likely shaped by his political and social environment.

Part of the case for being able to downvote so heavily is that once a post goes into minus payout, it is hidden. This is fine if you think that hiding posts is a good thing, but many do not. I personally think there should be an option in the settings for Steemit that allows us to decide individually if we want posts to be hidden or not - that is the fair approach on an 'uncensored' blockchain. Part of the problem here is that of copyright infringement and illegal activity which might cause the site to get shut down if posts are not censored in some way. Allowing the crowd to participate in this is better than having a central authority doing it, but when the crowd includes members of the actual corporate structure who have a lot of power, then we have central authority by proxy.

It's a major challenge to overcome and whoever correctly balances the needs of all parties will produce a system that will absolutely thrive. We aren't there yet.

Thanks for the reference. :)

Sure thing. It just took me a while to think of connecting it here. Cheers.

WOW. Will wonders never cease. And yet, nothing really surprises me.

There are still people that believe Facebook (booking your own faces for the database) is really created by Zuckerberg. Many once thought "Tom" was a real person. LOL.

Only time will tell with Steemit, but that sure sucks to see such bold opposition to freedom coming from one of the most apparently powerful positions on the platform. Like seriously, entire profiles could start being wiped, and who would do anything about it. No one is going to want to step up to that with all of the hard earned financial gains they've made unless they have the backing of the other founders.

How ya gonna promote it as an alternative for the awakening masses to build something better when that hasn't been addressed? I dunno.. Doesn't bode well for the platform. I'll keep on keeping on, but I'd sure like to see that be addressed by the other's higher up. That's cringeworthy to say the least. Thank you for going out on that limb to share this info with us all. Resteemed!

You do it through the power of the mystified Reveal Button, which oddly is proven to bring even more exposure than an equal weight upvote in such situations. You promote it organically through discussions centred around facts, people who are interested (the low hanging fruit) will undoubtedly find it, because nothing can be Censored on Steem, it's entire basis is to provide a place for Freedom of Speech, that includes the @sneek retarded opinion, or how he curates. Ultimately the freedom of expression is no (larry flint) about protecting the popular but about protecting what's not popular (in this case the retards opinion).

Alas, I am much too familiarized with the lamentation blade. 😜

I don't know enough about the blockchain itself to be certain he could, or could not do dirty things beyond 'curating with an agenda' to hush people he disagrees with. That would be where my larger concern would be. I get what you are saying, and I don't suggest he does not have the right to curate as he sees fit... but I think he holds a lot of power to act responsibly with his Tech position. If there are efforts to censor free speech about controversial topics that effect everyone, then ya know... like I said it brings into question do the people who created Steemit back that behavior? If they do it'll end up like a paid FB.

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