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RE: Just So We're Clear - The Tech Manager of Steemit Is Anti Democracy and Pro Oligarchy - in His Own Words.

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Today I searched for this post because I wanted to use it as a reference, I searched through profiles of accounts which I follow, and also in a profile of an account which I do not follow.
I do not mention names, because it was none of them after all.
Now I somehow found it, after googling (steemit is a NWO organization which has connections to FB, GOOGL and AMZN as I learned today, these were not my searches keywords, I write it because steemit uses Google as its default search engine) for it and then duckduckgoing for it, and after both searches failed, the duckduckgo search yielded a result in which you complained in its comments section about why sneak downvoted your thread about vaccinations, and this reminded me to also check your profile for it, and this time I found it.
Then I clicked the FOLLOW button, edited my own thread and posted the link as a reference.


Thanks for the info. I often find google search is ineffective at correctly returning posts from steemit, I'm not sure why but I'll put more attention on the issue in future.

Are sneak and roadscape the same person?
I noticed roadscape upvoted sneak big time at least once, delegates a big chunk of his SP to him, and being the person behind is a good enough reason to be appointed to CTO of steemit.
Thinking about this, both are garbage as services, but is near perfect as a software, whereas is garbage as a software as well.
So they may be distinct people after all.
Most users here have more than 1 account.
I am willing to bet that the average is above 2 accounts per person.

I have no idea on that, although it is relevant to point out that Sneak states that he is not the CTO of Steemit Inc. - rather he is the technical manager.

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