Updated Sneaky Ninja Rules 9-24-18

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Updated Sneaky Ninja Rules 9-24-18

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This is just a quick update, some of the old rules were outdated.

  1. You can only send sbd to him, not steem.
    • The bot does nothing with steem.
    • Steem is used for donations so any amount of steem you send will be considered donation and just be powered up.
  2. Minimum bid is .5 sbd.
    • If you send less than this it will automatically return your bid with an error message.
  3. There is no maximum bid but please use your own common sense.
    • If you bid more than is profitable, this is your fault.
    • This tool by @yabapmatt can help you bid responsibly.
  4. Sneaky Ninja only votes on posts, not comments.
  5. He can only vote once per post.
    • If you send a bid for a post that has been voted/bid on already it will automatically return your bid with an error message.
  6. Sneaky Ninja has a blacklist. More about this in Abuse Policy.
    • This is reserved for spammers, scammers and otherwise disrespectful people.
    • If you are put on this blacklist, you will no longer be able to use the ninja.
    • If you are blacklisted and try to bid, your bid will be returned to you with an automatic wallet message.
    • It is possible to be removed from the blacklist
  7. I give refunds if you do not get a vote for a bid you make.
  8. I do not give refunds if you received a vote for a bid you made.
  9. If your vote is missed, you can leave a comment on any of my recent posts or find @michaeldavid (The Docta) on discord.
    • Please only leave one comment per day or two that I have not responded. Steemit's communication sucks, plain and simple. So I don't see the messages until I'm logged in. That is normally once per day. If I am not on for a day I will not see them until I do login. No worries, everyone that deserves one will get their refund.
    • Leaving a ton of messages for me about a missed vote does not get me to see them faster. In fact, all it does is annoy the hell out of me because I will see all of them at the same time.
    • If you leave me a ton of messages about this, I will refund you once I login. Then I will flag all of your comments and likely blacklist you from using the bot.
  10. Wait for your vote.
    • I have made it clear in several posts that this is a bid bot that votes every 2.4 hrs. It may take up to 2.5 hours to get a vote. Please be patient.
  11. I generally do not respond to comments left as replies to his voting comments. There are just to many to go through.
    • If you want me to respond it is best to comment on a recent post of mine.
  12. Currently he will only vote on posts that are not older than 6 days.
    • If you bid for a post older than 6 days your sbd will be automatically returned with an error message.
  13. You have to read all Sneaky Ninja's Stories and prove it to me within reasonable doubt to be allowed to use the bot.
    • I am clearly not serious about this I just felt like this post needed at least a little comic relief at the end. lol 😄

Many thanks,
Kozeni (小銭)
Sworn defender and protector of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア)

Trained by @michaeldavid,
Supreme Jōki (蒸気) Master and warrior for @thealliance
All Sneaky Ninja artwork by sararoom
Everything you need to know About Sneaky Ninja


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I read your stories and I enjoyed the post about the Alliance. It was quite interesting, loved the images for each member. Keep it up up up?/|\


The member images were created by @enginewitty :)

Thank you, it is a lot of fun!

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have just been defended with a 8.06% upvote!
I was summoned by @solarguy. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...

A portion of the proceeds from your bid was used in support of @youarehope and @tarc.

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