Paid and committed, we are coming to Steemfest!

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After seeing @steevc’s post tonight and scouring around for prices of flights and hotels all day when I really should have been working, I dug into the wallet or should I say the plastic and paid for everything in one go.


Yes @slobberchops and @bingbabe are both coming to Steemfest 3, how could we miss it? Who knows, maybe someone will entice my commonly mentioned but never posting wife to actually write something to the blockchain. You have my permission to try.

This is my second article regarding the road to Steemfest, here’s the first one. At this point I was quite sure I was attending, but not 100%.

@anomadsoul wants Steemians who are attending Steemfest to reveal something of themselves before arriving or this week describe how you are funding the trip.


The funding was a dilemma for me. When I got the notice of the prices, I immediately put my account on power down as I planned to pay for the ticket(s) at least with STEEM.

Just THREE days in and I cancelled the power down. I just could not face my vote going lower than it already was and possibly losing my status as 'Dolphin'.

For the last few months I have been powering up, £100 here and £100 there and as I was powering up the price of STEEM has been steadily coming down.

It was a case of my full vote being worth the same value only if I continued to power up. That’s how it has been for weeks now. I really can’t bear for it to whittle away to nothing so that’s my story.

Today I used PayPal to pay for the two tickets, and used Expedia for the flights and hotel. We will be staying at the INX Design Hotel which is one of the subsidised special Steemfest ones.


I know some others’ are also staying here such as @steevc, @silviabeneforti and @paolobeneforti. @bingbabe used to speak a little Italian but has probably forgotten it all as she’s very out of practice. We might get a 'prego' out of her or maybe something more if it’s a good day.


As for things you need to know about me, well I could tell you that I don’t actually look like the drooling maniac portrayed as my avatar, but if you care to check my blog history the truth would be revealed, so I’m not telling you …, maybe I do look like this and am going to bring my axe!

I’m double jointed in my arms and can scratch any part of my back without any help. Very handy when that back scratcher goes missing.

@bingbabe aka Mrs Slobberchops, doesn’t look like a Golden Retriever as portrayed by her avatar, and is an avid runner. She runs half marathons EVERY weekend, and a minimum of 10 MILES every day.

She is babbling about a threat to drag @steevc out of bed for a 5am morning 10 mile run. Your OK with that @steevc aren't you?!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków



Drooling Maniac.JPG

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Pity I've seen this late post I bounced the payment, I find very good your content and I have read it because you joined the post of the Steem Fest, which comic your way of writing I liked it very much, it is very motivating to see so many great Steemian confirm their attendance , is my dream you know? I am also a dolphin and it means a lot for us to know and exchange ideas mutually, I would like to know how much it cost everything in total? And I'm still collecting funds to be able to join!
Nice to meet you! A hug.


Hi! it cost us around £1000 for the flights, hotel (4 nights) and 2 tickets. Hope to see you there, there are others coming from Venezuela. It will all be worth it!


I long to go with all my heart and I hope to have the community to raise the funds, thank you very much for the information! I'm following you!

Pd: Travel from here is not so easy I must cross the ocean, I would know Europe for the first time, I have high hopes!

Although I am not even close to becomming something 'worthy' with my votes or SP, I know exactly what you mean. I wouldn't dare or do a powerdown... I think I do have to buy some more SP , now with the prices so low... But at the other hand, there are so many things I have/want to do :)

Make sure @steevc behaves himself. Just joking. I cannot believe your partner is running. How far is this city from where you live?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Poland and United States is 8,301 km= 5,158 miles so it is not that far compared to some places only no time or money.

It would be nice to see everyone. I remember when I was first in Steemit we drove up to Kansas City and met @stellabelle and a few other great people there. So nice to have private conversations.


Its a plane journey of around 2.5 hours from Manchester. Not so bad with Ryan Air, cheap flights. Really looking forward to it now we have paid and committed to going.

Awesome that you are going to be able to attend. I am a bit jealous. If it were closer it might be possible, but there is no way I can afford to cross and ocean for it at this point! I hope you guys have a great time!

Wow grats :) Very jealous! And excited for you, of course.


There will be a ton of pictures and content, really looking forward to it now.

Congrats on getting the funding sorted! Good that you didn't have to power down and sell at these prices.

I'm not sure if I can make it to Steemfest, I'm running in to some trouble getting time off, since we're in the middle of a big project launch. I'm hoping that I can at least attend 1 conference day.


I'm not there for the whole thing. Fri/Sat/Sun only... too long and too much time off work.

Ah congrats on comitting to go! I wish I could go, it is actually on my birthday too so that would have been nice but I can't leave the dogs and family for that length of time. It would have been lovely to see you all again! Have a fantastic time :D


There's still time to change your mind, its all going to be worth it!


Stop it! Haha 😂😂

10 miles may be a bit much, but I may be up for a run. Depends on how the previous night went. I guess it may be cold in Krakow on November. See you there


It may well be freezing and icy, who knows? My mad wife will still be running though, she's quite impressed that your up for one.


I may just be on hand luggage, so I'll have to see what I can fit in.


Oh yes... its hand luggage and even then Ryan Air charge at £10 per bag. Lets hope everyone veto's them, the plane is empty and we can lie 3 seats across and sleep the journey. I'm not fond of flights, very boring.


I have a few flights lined up for the rest of this year. I've done more than enough flying in my life. Airports are so tedious.

Congratulations on getting your tickets!!!


@slobberchops, I bought a ticket to the SteemFest yesterday, transfering some bitcions into Steem via Blocktrades. Now, I have to buy plane tickets. I am still wondering how to get to Kraków. I will be traveling from Moscow, Russia. I saw that AirBaltic accepts bitcoin :). I may take a flight over Riga, Latvia, in order to buy a cheaper ticket and to be able to save some money. I wrote about my process of buying ticket to the SteemFest 3 here.
I tried to book a room at INX Design Hotel (, but the site is not uploading. I don't know what is wrong. I will tray again later.


Try booking via Expedia like I did, I don't think its any cheaper using the 'deal' provided by Steemfest.


@slobberchops, ok! I will try booking via Expedia, Booking and some other site. I hope I will figure it out.

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