🏆 [CONTEST] What Did You Learn About SteemIt This Week? (+ Steem-Bounty)

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On SteemIt, there is always a lot to learn, no matter what sea creature you are. This contest rewards you for learning new things about the SteemIt platform.

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It's Been A While

It's been a while since I hosted this contest, so I thought it was about time for a new edition.

I've been caught up in @steemmonsters these last couple of days, and I neglected my blog a little. To make this up to you, I decided to return with an easy contest. Basically, it is almost a free giveaway... that's how easy it is.


Keep Learning

We all know SteemIt has a steep learning curve when you start out. There's a lot you need to learn before you can find your way around here.

The only way to grow here, is to commit to learning at least one new thing every day, whether it is about the platform, about how to improve your writing skills, or how to get the word about your posts. New services are popping up every day, giving you even more opportunities to learn.

I promise you, it gets better after a while, but remember SteemIt is a never-ending learning experience...

I've been here for a year, and even I am learning new things every day.

By committing to learning new things all the time, you’ll be capable of growing your account bigger every day.

You can never have a reputation score too high or too low to learn, so this contest is not only for newcomers, but for everyone.

On SteemIt, you're either learning or quitting, there is no in between.


The Goal Of This Contest

1 - The main goal of this contest is to encourage you to learn something new every day.

But that is not all...

2 - I'll also give you an opportunity to improve the quality of your comments.

Let me explain:

If you want to win one of the prizes I'm handing out, you'll need to answer 3 questions.

  • What?
  • How?
  • Why?

These are the basics of a good, insightful comment.
(You will find the exact questions below.)

3 - Peer2Peer Learning -since everyone is at a different point in his journey, I expect to get a variety of answers. You can learn a lot from the comments other people leave on this post.

So I encourage you to go through them all. I bet you'll find things you didn't know yet.


The Rules


The rules of the challenge haven’t changed...

  • Below, you 'll find 3 questions you will need to answer by posting a comment below.
    You need to answer all 3 questions to be eligible to win.
  • You can send in only 1 entry.
  • You can send in your entry the entire week - up until post-payout period.
  • Take your time to write the answers in the comment section. After all, this is also an exercise in posting quality comments. Try to make your comment stand out, but remember to answer all 3 questions.

(If you need some advice on posting comments in general, I suggest you take a look at this article by fellow member @keciah.)

Upvoting, following and resteeming is not mandatory, but would be very much appreciated. Resteeming will increase views and the knowledge base, upvoting will enable me to run more contests in the future.


The Prizes

There are several prizes to be won.

1 - A @steem-bounty has been set up on this post.

All valid answers will receive a small upvote from me. The bigger the upvote, the bigger your share from the @steem-bounty will be. This means that even if you don't win the contest, you'll still get a small reward for participating.

2 - 2 randomly selected winners will receive 2 Incinbooost Shares each.

If you haven't heard of Incinboost yet, you can read this post.

Basically, you can compare the system with SteemBasicIncome. The big difference is that you get back more for what you put in. In short: it's more profitable.

(If they haven't changed the post above yet, I want you to know that the minimum of 5 shares has been waved. if you want to get Incinboost shares, you can start with purchasing 1 share for 1 steem. This will give you and a person you want to sponsor a share.)


The Contest

You’ll find the 3 questions you need to answer to make a valid comment and to be eligible to win a prize below:


1 - What was the most important thing you learned about SteemIt this week?

2 - Why did you think that was important to learn?

3 - What was your approach? How did you find out about this? What did you do to learn this?


Ready? Set! Go!

Now it’s your turn. Share with us the most valuable lesson about SteemIt you learned this week, and read and reward other people’s comments to find out what else there is to learn.

Don't forget to answer the three questions in your comment, or you won't be eligible to win a prize.

I’m handing you a chance to get paid for learning - be sure to grab it!

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Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

Dear @simplymike, you are a member of steem-bounty family and for me this is enough to say that this is the best thing i learned about Steemit.
You know, Steemit is full of trolls who live just behind of the pc screen and think to be great man, but in their life they are nothing.
After HF20 i was ready to leave this community if there was not steem-bounty, here i find a lot real people like you and i calmed down and i am still here to comment and share my tought.
Regarding your question, i learned on my skin some months ago that there was a kind of war between sneakyninja bit and crypticat, but i was not knowing that and one time i made my biggest investment on bot, 10 sbd, and i got flagged by this whale without a reason, than i discover that in discord there was a blog named weresist and i saw too many shit for my mind, so i decided to stop to use upvoting bid bots...:((


What i learnt
I learnt about steem forever a new platform by @knircky and @steem-bounty where author of a post earned reward for post after 7days.

Why is it important
First, the author has an extended life time of rewards.
Second, durability of post, post will be durable after 7days of posting.

How did found out about this
I registered @knircky at @ginabot to notify me when he write a post.
This is the link the his post


I learned that there are some usernames that you can not register from signup.steemit.com. It will say reserved. Those might be the pending account request that they haven't processed yet. But you can register them personally but burning 3 STEEM or paying a private registration service.

I tried to register (actually to check if it is available) an account yesterday, it said reserved username then I created the account using a claimed account creation token instantly.

So, there were no restriction on the blockchain it was just Steemit Inc that reserved the username.

I was not aware of that. It's a bit strange, isn't it? Was it such a specific username that STINC would be interested to keep it for themselves?

Thanks, I learned something new today :0)

It wasn't something like that, the username was @goodcontent. I think a user wanted the username and his/her registration was pending at that moment. Not sure though, need to test it.

These days I learned about the use and abuse of steem flags. One of the people I follow, made a post
on the use of flags and a kind of debate was opened on this subject. I must admit that until now I was ignorant of this matter and even a little naive. I knew that flags were placed on plagiarized posts or spam comments. From that discussion I learned that many times this mechanism is used as a weapon of revenge, not because the material is bad or is a plagiarism, but because there is something against who writes the post. In the same way, I knew that some people with a lot of power and reputation can use this resource to crush other minors.
I think it's important to know about this issue because you don't know when you can be a victim of this outrage, or on the contrary, realize that by a bad action within the Steemit community you can earn a flag.
In my case, I think that sometimes we misunderstand the remedy of punishment. Sometimes punishing someone and making the punishment public can be a lesson to you and others. But it can also be a psychological outrage against the other person. There are levels of misdemeanor that deserve levels of punishment. I think there are a lot of people out there, because they have power (there are even presidents) over the others without any consideration. And this is also seen in Steem. Greetings and thanks.

Sadly, human nature seems to have an inbuilt bullying function. Because "flagging" you and taking away your rewards is the only mechanism available to punish you for daring to raise an alternate opinion, to keep you in line so to speak.

What I learned on Steemit this week...
It was something I had started then letting it go for I was getting frustrated -

1.I learned how to buy STEEM and get it Powered Up! This included opening an account and getting alternative crypto currencies in a wallet that could be exchanged for STEEM - not an easy process if you live out in the boonies.

2.I have been on Steemit now coming 5 months and I found I have become very committed to adding to it and growing with it. With the amount of effort I was putting into it I figured it was time to invest some funds into it to power up and get more rewards for my effort. Also part of the reason I joined Steemit was as a gateway to cryptocurrency, I wanted to be able to understand and function in the blockchain economics for I feel it will be a necessary skill in the future to prosper. I wanted to be able to easily make transactions and feel comfortable in my exchanges.

3.I was trying to figure this out on my own and was having a very hard time until I reached out to one of my fellow Steemian tribe members, who clued me in on the best way to go about doing it and as an extra bonus she got me connected with more people who are dedicated to helping Steemians grow.
I went through QuadrigaCX for I don't live near any major cities where there are Bitcoin ATM .
I purchased Litcoin for I figured it wasn't as over valued as the others.
I then opened an account on Blocktrade and traded my Litcoin for STEEM then powered it up! Now I'm away to the races!

Nice to hear you were able to figure it out.
I'm fortunate enough there is a Belgian (or Dutchm site that allows me to by Steem directly, using my bank pass.
Although, lesser hurdles might not be such a good idea... I've been buying way too much Steem lately, lol

Ha! that's funny about STEEM being to easy and hard for you to resist. I think because it was so hard for me to just buy it I worked harder at earning it and it has held me in good steed for my involvement here on Steemit - lovin' the community here!

Same here. If it wouldn't be for the community, I'd probably be long gone :0)

Yeah I am learning many things many projects day by day as I learn about @qurator and I am now member of @qurator at T5 also Learn about many photography communities. I found a amazing discord bot name @ginabot and also registered with it. The most important thing I have learned is that not everyone read your post completly and also that any people only read your post fully or read if it is useful to them mean like a giveaway or a project post. Also another thing that if you want people engage with you engage with them. Another important thing that make your feed good mean only follow good writers don, t follow resteem services because resteem services take money and don, t check what is the post about also if you make your feed good you will find useful contents if you visit your feed I visit my feed regularly and this post is also find in my feed.
Thanks 😀

You didn't know about Gina?
I should really write another post gain with all essesntial tools people need to know about...

Could you tell me some more about how you learned all this and why you think it is important that you know all this now, @talhatariq?

This week, or maybe it was last week - time flies when you are having fun on Steemit - I learned that Dtube Snapes are a thing.

When DTube first hit the blockchain, I was all about utilizing this new platform but got very quickly discouraged. Posts took forever to upload and more than half of the time, didn't even make it to the publishing phase.

It was frustrating!!

Then I found out that the videos only stay up for a short time before they are deleted forever.

I gave up!

Then Dtube snaps entered the scene. The idea is to make a short 1-minute video and post daily. Post right from your phone. Well, that doesn't work for me. With an iPhone, things are a bit more complicated.

I airdrop the video from the phone to my laptop. Import it into iMovie, add a thumbnail I do in canva and upload it to YouTube. Then, I download it from Youtube to a mp4 file - upload it to DTube, add text and the same thumbnail I made for the video and we are in business.

This takes much longer than a minute but the mp4 from Youtube is loading like a charm to DTube. If I save it to a file from iMovie the format is different and it doesn't work so well.

Right now, I am publishing a Laughter Yoga exercise several times a week. Come and join me in some laughter :)

You've answered the 'what' and the 'why'-questions, but for a valid entry, I also need the 'How' question answered.

In my case, that answer would be: @mariannewest told me about it in a comment, lol.
I had the same experience with DTube in the past, so I left and never looked back. I had never even heard about DTube snaps. Sounds like an interesting concept.

Only that in your case, it seems like a whole lot of hoops to jump through before you can upload your video.

Thanks, I have learned another thing about SteemIt today! (That's why I hold these contests, you know. From every edition, I've learned a bunch of new stuff myself, lol)

I thought I did answer the how question -

I airdrop the video from the phone to my laptop. Import it into iMovie, add a thumbnail I do in canva and upload it to YouTube. Then, I download it from Youtube to a mp4 file - upload it to DTube, add text and the same thumbnail I made for the video and we are in business.

If you want to know how I learned about it - by seeing other freewriters publish Dtube snaps and giving the same disclaimer in their posts as I do - @nathanmars got the initiative started to get more people to use and engage on Dtube.

That last part was indeed what I was looking for :0)
I upped your vote.

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Nice to see these kind of contests running. Please find my response and entry below:

1 - What was the most important thing you learned about SteemIt this week?
I learned about beneficiaries concept on SteemIt. Not exactly from SteemIt but while I was using SteemHunt and saw the detailed breakdown on SteemD of how the rewards got distributed amongst the beneficiaries SteemHunt has created for serving community with a platform on top of Steem Blockchain.

2 - Why did you think that was important to learn?
It is important to learn about this concept for the community to understand majorly 2 things:
a. How the DApps built on top of Steem Blockchain earn from it.
b. What percentage or amount of your rewards go to such providers.

3 - What was your approach? How did you find out about this? What did you do to learn this?
My approach included going on SteemD analyzing the payout transaction details to understand how it got distributed. I learnt that in actual fund was going towards 3 accounts- steemhunt, steemhunt.pay and steemhunt.fund

Hi friend. Wow! very interesting this contest and these are my answers to participate in it:

1 - What was the most important thing you learned about SteemIt this week?

/: In the last week I learned to choose the best payment bots, with the best percentage of votes to grow within the platform. In the short time I have been inside Steemit I have noticed that the best way to do it is by investing, since I have interacted in several Discord groups and there are some that really support each other to grow together, while others look for their own benefit and give very few opportunities to grow.

2 - Why did you think that was important to learn?

/: I began to notice that not all bots vote with a good percentage of votes or maintain the percentage they initially vote, that's when I spoke with several friends on Discord and we shared information about what each of us considered the best. I also tracked the posters who voted for each of these bots.

3 - What was your approach? How did you find out about this? What did you do to learn this?

/: I always looked for a way to grow in Steemit, and this method besides working for me, I like it. I knew because my post was not voted with a good percentage according to what I paid. I spent a lot of time studying them and now I simply use the best ones according to my criteria.

Postscript: I know this is not the only way to grow in Steemit, since I also belong to a vote trail, where sacrifice and effort to grow is urged. You can also interact with many people and thus establish good alliances to vote together.


Thanks for joining.
I couldn't really figure out whether you are talking about bid bots or community bots?
If it is bidbiots, I'm very interested in that list. ;0)
I don't use bidbots for my main account, but my alts could use a little boost, lol

I learned how to invest in steemit from robots. I think it is important to learn how to inverit using robots to increase your voting power, and the super because a user had a lot more reputation than me, I contacted him and told me about those robots like the robot minnowbooster

I'm not sure I understand what you mean with 'robots'. Do you mean voting bots? Be careful, because when the Steem price goes down between the moment you bought your votes and payout, you are losing money.

I understand, and how could my steem power rise?

By writing good posts, leaving meaninful comments and replies, build your network. You can also earn SP through curating good SteemIt posts. There are also a couple of free community bots on Discord. You just need to join their Discord server and drop a link to your post in a special channel to get a small upvote.

I know Kiwibot has such a free community bot. I think the bot from PAL is free too. Instainblock has one too.

You can also earn from leaving good comments on Steem-Bounty posts. You can get upvotes by playing games and posting about it on your wall.
And join as many games and contests as you can, there are often monetary prizes to be won (Check @newbiegames for some easy contests)

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