Share2Steem Is Growing Up! This Is The Time To Join & Profit

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ShareSteem allows you to monetize your Instagram Posts, your Twitter Tweets and YouTube uploads by posting them to the Steem blockhain on autopilot.

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A New Look For This Money-Making App

When I opened my ShareSteem account yesterday, I was in for a real surprise. The site has had a complete makeover, and it looks better than ever.

The functionalities haven't changed. You can still use your Instagram, Twitter and YouTube account to post to the Steem blockchain and earn money. The developers are working hard on integrating more social platforms, so the future looks very bright for this app.

As you can see in the image above, they completely changed the style of the website, so it looks more professional.

A Quick Run-Through

When you arrive at your dashboard, the first thing you see are the site's stats.



507 users have made If you take a look at these stats, you can see proof that the site delivers to its promises:
507 users have made 1231 post so far. All these posts together generated almost $1000.

If you were looking for a reason to join ShareSteem, I guess this will be convincing enough to go and create your account instantly.

In your dashboard, you can find more interesting information. They have added a list of the top 10 biggest payouts the week before. Again, look at those numbers. (Names erased for privacy reasons)

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They have also integrated their own delegation tool. Delegating Steem Power will help the service to grow and attract more users to the Steem blockchain. As an extra bonus, you get a daily delegator payout.

share2steem delegation.jpg
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Curation Trail And Pool

Next to the curation trail, there is a *curation pool now too.
You can easily set the upvote strength and minimum voting power for the curation trail, and how many votes you want to add to the pool every day.

Being able to set up a curation window of your choice, is one of the new features.

curation services.jpg
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The developers have added a beautiful page where you can see a lot of interesting statistics, like how many post were made, the daily APR for delegators, your own number of posts through the app and a lot more.

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Before you only had the opportunity to set a title that would be posted on SteemIt when you posted from your other social media channels. With the new update, you fully customize the entire body of your post.

body edition.jpg
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Affiliate Program

Even the affiliate program has its own page now. On this page, you can follow up on how many referrals you made, who they are, and how much affiliate commissions you've earned from their posts.

From all this we can only conclude that the site is growing up pretty fast. It was only 1 month ago that @sebbbl and @algo.coder revealed the very basic beta-version to the public. And look at the site now...

Not only have they worked hard on the design of the website, they've also provided users with a lot of extra, useful features.

There is no way you can get around them anymore. This is thé tool that will make sure hundreds of thousands of people will join us on the Steem Blockchain.

If You Haven't Got An Account Yet, You can Create One Using My Link Below



Original Twitter post

Would you believe I'll be making MONEY with this simple tweet? Share2Steem monetizes all your Twitter, Instagram and YouTube posts. #share2steem #makemoneyonline

VIDEO - Click on the Thumbnail to see

DISCLAIMER: All screenshots are taken from the website and the links are affiliate links
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It is amazing what the number of falls created in the last 4 months are going to do for this ecosystem.

I don't really get what you mean, @heyimsnuffels...

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Dapps!!! Autocorrect lol

I post on IG everyday...:) thanks for making me aware. Joining under your ref link :)

Can you backdate previous posts on your Instagram account?

And to answer your question: I honestly have no idea

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Hi @simplymike,

Thanks for this very complete review, I've got nothing to add ! Oh, yes, I just found one thing :
You can join us on Discord !

Sorry, I forgot. I was in a bit of a hurry, but still wanted to show off your new site :0)

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I am growing up amongst myself

When i got going on Steemit I pretty much gave up those two, but maybe I should check this out and start again

You could at least give it abother try...

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True I do have a few that keep asking my why I no longer use Instagram so maybe this weekend I will rethink my work flows

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Today I made my first post using share2steem. I like it :)

Great to hear that!

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Just a couple days ago, I reaed about the "SteemGo" plug-in that creates a two-way channel between your WordPress articles and your Steemit Posts.

Solid post with some good, "call to action" info. Thanks.

Namaste, JaiChai

So you mean from SteemIt to WP too?? Now that would be awesome. I have Steempress installed on my blog, but most of the time I'm already halfway my post in markdown when I remember I could just type it on my blog. So there's not a lot of content there yet.

I'm going to lookit up immediately.

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I haven't heard of this. So they share your tweets and other social media posts to your Steemit blog?

You didn't hear of it before? It has been all over SteemIt this last month. This is my 4th post about it, that's how good I think the concept is.

First you connect your Twitter, Instagram and/or YouTube account from within the Share2Steem website.
Then, whenever you want a post you make on one of those sites to appear on your SteemIt blog, you just add the hashtag #share2steem to it.

Posts without that hashtag aren't shared on the Steem blockchain, so you can be selective.

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Interesting concept for sure.

I hope this will bring more people to Steemit and we will grow as a community!

I hope so too. From all available tools, I think this really has the potential to atract new people, because they don't have to start using a new interface - they can keep using the websites/apps they are used to.

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That looks like a good service. When you link it to twitter can you have it only share some tweets and not retweets. I retweet stuff sometimes that I might not really want tossed on my blog. I like the general idea though and will check it out

You can choose which tweets you want to share on SteemIt. Once your account is linked, and you want a tweet to be posted on the Steem Blockchain, you simply use the hashtag #share2steem

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this is interesting. Thank you so much for sharing the info. there are so many apps now that it is hard to stay on top of it!!

I know. But I've been following this one from the beginning, when it was still called Steemigram.
I instantly saw the potential it had to onboard new users, even before others did. I'm glad they seem to be living up to that potential, and they get the support of a lot more people now.

Here is my only concern - isn't this going to clutter up your blog?

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Interesting idea. I find I don't touch other social media anywhere as much as I did since joining Steemit. It' worth a look into.

Me neither. But I already had a special SteemIt profile to make sure I wouldn't clutter my main feed with Instagram pics (had a garden-related blog before, with an Instagram profile to promote it)
I use Twitter only to promote my SteemIt posts, and rarely create videos.
They now added Twitch. Would you believe I have no idea what that is? Lol

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Looks and sounds great. Thanks for sharing