We are launching a new service called Steem-Forever

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Has this ever happened to you? You come across a post on steemit that is amazing and you want to upvote it, BUT it is older than 7 days and thus your upvote is only cosmetic?

We at steem-bounty decided to do something against this and create a service that will allow you to upvote any post any time.

Our Mission

The mission of steem-bounty is to increase usability for user and value for investors.

Most of the time the two are connected as users are always stakeholders and stakeholders are also users. We created steem-bounty to allow rewards irrespective of steem power and to create a new knoweledge economy as an additional layer on steem.

We also created a way to make your SteemPower work more effectively for you without needing to delegate it to bid bots. This allows users to get max reward and be able to curate at the same time. Something I find much better than users giving their power away to bid bots.

With steem-forever we allow content creators to get rewards forever for their content. We hope that this will reward users that create great content more and focus on making better content, as it now will live longer and can be rewarded better.

What is Steem-Forever

Please check out our landing page to learn how it works in detail: https://steem-bounty.com/services/forever.

It is quite simple, you can upvote any post at www.steem-bounty.com at any point in time and the rewards will go to the author. Of course a vote within the 7 day is just a regular vote. When you vote after that time we create a comment under the post, whose rewards will be shared with the original author.

This may look something like this:


We hope this will help authors and content consumer give rewards to high-quality content better.

To use this as an author simply share your post via the steem-bounty link and hope the readers will click the upvote button.

As an end user simply replace any "steemit" part of any steemit post with "steem-bounty" and you can upvote the post.

Its that simple.

How to get there

You can just get to the landing pager here or you can go to steem-bounty.com and click on the lightning icon:


From here you will find all of our services including the voting club or and now steem-forever.

Update: Fees

There are no fees, but we do keep some of the rewards. We share at least 85% with the author of the post. You find these details on our FAQ page, which can be reached by clicken the "?" icon.

Here is the direct link: https://steem-bounty.com/FAQ

Here is the extract for the forever service regarding the fees:


Join the Club!

We have built a new service that will help you get upvotes using your own SteemPower.

Or you can sign up here: https://steem-bounty.com/services/vote-club

Please vote for our Witness

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope you will vote for us as witness!

In order to do so you can go to:


And enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

Or use steem-connect to vote directly for us as Steem witness!


You don't explain how this is achieved.

I'm pretty sure the funds won't be coming out of your own pocket so I'm assuming this must come from the percentage share you earn when someone posts via your site. If so, could you tell us what your platform percentage share is, please? and how the new vote rewards are calculated? Is it a set amount for each vote or does a voters SP have any influence on the rewards?

I'm also assuming you guys have done the math and it will remain a sustainable concept in the future once your traffic levels increase for longtail content appearing in search engines and it is mostly older content that is getting the votes.

I do like the idea and I hope it works but it does make me wonder why this hasn't been implemented on STEEMIT? What I mean is, if Steemit reduced the weekly bounty of the entire platform by the same percentage that your platform is receiving, they could then reward EVERY vote ever given on Steemit. Pretty sure most people would prefer lifetime vote rewards for their content in return for a tiny insignificant reduction in their 7 days rewards.

I haven't looked at the code, but basically they write a comment to that older post that you want to upvote, and set the beneficiaries as the author... although now it looks like they're only setting the beneficiaries to 65% instead of 100%. Any post/comment can have beneficiaries set... Steemit just hasn't built that functionality in yet... but it's all there available on the blockchain.

We are creating a comment, and let users upvote this. We hide this complexity in the UI so that it is as simple as upvoting the post.

We keep a percentage of the rewards and are sharing at least 65% of the rewards with the original author.


I hope this screenshot helps.

When you upvote a post, after 7 days in our UI, we create a comment and use your upvote on that comment. We share the reward with the original author of the post and display in our UI how much the post has received via forever upvotes in green and original upvotes.

over time a post can generate more and more rewards this way.

Does this make more sense now?

It does and thank you for sharing. I like the idea, its quite intuitive. I wish you every success.

This is an amazing project! Gonna be huge for the smaller accounts to show case their best work when they get a little more support and influence!

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thx for the support

Loved the service when I used it some time ago. Now it's time for you guys to try user on boarding. After all it's a waste to let so much RC go to waste. That should also bring extra awareness to your witness project and an exchange would also be nice. I've been making a little bit on Byteball WCG contribuions and at least few hundred thousand dollars worth Byteball will be released from smart wallets in few months from the STEEM attestation.

Best of Luck!

Interesting concept, will look into this in a more detailed matter tomorrow. But for now, 100% or trying to solve one widespread problem here! Greets

Maybe you should showcase your stuff (steembounty mainly) here tomorrow for some exposure: https://steemit.com/msp-waves/@aggroed/dapps-of-steem-tomorrow-at-11am-est :)

Btw - will you attend Steemfest?

Are you going to be there? I still have not made up my mind? Thx for this! I was not aware!

solltest du unbedingt mal machen, so kannst du deine tollen HowTo am Leben halten und bekommst dann auch noch eine Kleinigkei ;)


This is great and exactly what i was looking for.
This would be great for the authors with good content and would encourage more people to join steem.
This is my original post and this project would be perfect answer


This project can be good if they cut down on their profits. 35% is huge cut from authors rewards.
Thanks @dj123 for digging into this.

Just so I understand, isn't this the same as the end user writing their own comment and upvoting themselves - then sending the money to the post's author themselves via a direct transfer? (Except presumably if they do it themselves then they don't pay a middle man).

No this is designed to upvote others. So if you see a post from the past you can go appreciate the author with an upvote still.

We hope this will encourage valuable content with a longer shelf life.

If you want to self vote, then just self vote. You can create a comment and upvote it right? We don't need to help there.

We want to make it so that we can upvote good content any time. For instance when I learned how to install a witness i was reading old post and would have loved to give upvotes to instructions that were helpful to me. Now i can.

Hi, I understand the concept of upvoting old posts, but I am just trying to understand the mechanics involved as they aren't really spelled out in enough depth yet.
I'm trying to understand how me upvoting my own comment under someone's post that is old and then manually sending them the money equivalent of my upvote would be any different to what is on offer here.

Steem-bounty creates the comment. Everybody that upvotes the post on steem-bounty.com actually upvotes the comment. that comment is shared with the author of the post.

New comments are created when needed. this can max happen once per week.

From and end user perspective all you do is upvote the post. the UI hides the complexity. You can upvote once per week. The green upvote button after your upvote turns grey after each pay period.

don't trust them revoke your steem bounty if you have given it, they are taking more than any Steem Dapp that you can do with a 2 Steem api ...less than dozen line script call


As you can see there is an extra comment. The rewards of this comment are shared with the author of the post.

So as a user you can simply always upvote a post in the steem-bounty UI and the author will get rewards.

We display how much upvote comes from the original post and how much comes frome the forever-feature.

Does this make sense now?

This is very good feature. Now high content creators will not hasitate to put extra hrs in making their quality post

don't trust them revoke your steem bounty if you have given it, they are taking more than any Steem Dapp that you can do with a 2 Steem api ...less than dozen line script call

we'll just ask SteemAuto or SteemVoter or half a dozen other Dapp Developer to do this for Free

I was already doing this 9 months ago it's not difficult

good project, what i understood is you will get more rewards and your power will be more efficiency
am i right or there is something more ?
looks an interested project

Can't wait!!

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