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Do you miss the good old days when you could make 47,000$/post on Steemit? I sure do, although I have joined later. It is time to bring back those good old days, so that the new people could also have a taste of it. Check out the good old days' rewards here!

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1) Make the Price go Up Again! ☑


This is already happening, we made +17.7% growth in Poloniex recently, but it is still far from the original price levels:


More people should buy STEEM in my opinion, to make the price go up again, and although the recent growths are good, it is still nowhere near the original price levels. I hope the new hardfork with decreased inflation will take care of this.

2) Steemit needs More Promotion! □

Steemit needs to cooperate and not compete with similar platforms that put free speech first. I have already talked about this:

You should sign up to and, because they will represent the online Free Speech in the future. You can also use them to share your Steemit posts, and gain a bigger audience. You will help Steemit get new users, possibly new investors, and that will grow this network, and eventually the Steem price.

@dan / @dantheman has made it clear in his post, that Steemit is just the vehicle, but the value comes from the users. So we can build an entire P2P economy on it. Therefore we need more and more active users, and for that this serves it's purpose.

So by sharing your Steemit posts there, you help:

  • Steemit & this community grow + possibly the Steem price!
  • The social media you share it on gets new diverse content!
  • You make money!

It's win-win-win, everyone wins if people share voluntarily. This is the basis of a voluntary economy and society, and all that is needed is freedom of speech. So censorship is our biggest enemy.

Besides there are also other ways to generate value here, through commerce, you should read my post about this:


Sources: [1] , [2]

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i was hoping a picture of trump would be here but now i leave disapointed.


I am so excited now, there are a lot of possibilities to bring back those early big rewards. It is really time to make big money again.

Hear Hear
UV & Resteemed!!

Thanks, Steemit really needs to grow big in order to bring back those kinds of rewards.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Yup. And that depends on evey single one of us. Thats why I resteemed. Creating awareness is a start.

Indeed, raising awareness is very important.

Those days will return when the price rises. I think some of the recent updates are a step in the right direction!

It is not enough just to sit back and hope it will, people should do something about that, like promote Steemit!

Yeah, and with lessons learned from the prior pump. Although I've glommed into "censorship-resistant", my favourite unofficial slogan is:

"Steemit: Penny For Your Thoughts".

That is why the price needs to go up 100x minimum.

I earn now on average 1-2 $ / post, it should be 100-200$, and for my better posts 30-50$, it should be 5000$ :)

Well, you're certainly ambitious! :)

I think that is true. But honestly, until Steemit has better features, and probably a good mobile client, that's when promotion will be worth it. Most of my firends I try to show Steemit now aren't interested simply because no mobile client yet. The other complaints is hosting images outside if Steemit. I call it the laziness factor lol.

Of course, but I refer to doing arbitrage between web traffic, whereas we steer traffic from the social medias that have more users into Steemit, and then in return we share our high quality contents with them to increase their quality.

We have quality, they have quantity. So we must collaborate with the others to make it better for both.

I don't think most people from FB or Twitter are looking to jump to a platform like Steemit. Now going after Reddit users is probably the greatest idea. Most users on FB, Twitter, IG, or Snapchat, aren't interested in writing blogs or producing new content. They like to just update their statuses, share content others made, share news from other sites, post their own goofy pics and selfies.. all stuff you get blasted for here on Steemit and make zero $$$ doing, and once again, all those platforms are mobile. Reddit users would probably love Steemit if you can convince them to give it a chance. Although, the setup with subs isn't like Reddit, most of my Reddit friends don't like that everything is just #hashtag based. Steemit has a lot of work to do before any type of marketing will be effective taking their userbase.

So MANY passwords to keep up with!

Use a password manager:

You only need to keep many backups of the database, and remember 1 master password. All other passwords are encrypted safely inside the database.

In a 2-3 mb database you can literally keep thousands of passwords, in safety.

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I have seen in past steem price is very high, will it reach that levels again. As per my experiences in stocks market stocks which are in uptrend will reach that level again or break that level also. What is your forecast of steem price.