GET YOUR POST READ: Steemit's 33 TOP EARNING Posts of All Time! (SD: $445,626.82+)

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It's hard to believe that only a month ago the top earning post on Steemit earned a whopping $4,356.42! Top Ten Posts - One Month Ago

Although I am not an engineer, I have reverse engineered many successful businesses and created my own by testing and trying to improve upon their winning attributes. So as part of my research in reverse-engineering what is succeeding on Steemit, I've decided to share my findings on the 33 top earning posts on Steemit.

I also took the time to include a screen capture of the way each of the 33 posts look in the listings with pictures and engagement figures. This was all done by hand and not scraped by any software.

If you're a "Steemer" then you owe it to yourself to look at each of these posts and pay close attention to the "lowest common denominator" (note: one of the only "valuable" lessons I took from public school) to create your own winning formula.


$44,529.11 [piston.web] First Open Source Steem GUI - Searching for alpha testers
Tags: piston

$26,660.04 THE FIRST STEEMIT MAKEUP TUTORIAL- bringing Youtubers to Steemit!! Tara is back!
Tags: beauty steemwatch girlpower makeup

$24,818.93 [] – FOSS Alternative to SLACK deployed with RocketChat
Tags: steemit steemit-community steem chat

$20,680.83 SA’s City of Durban to be engulfed by STEEM! The world to follow!
Tags: money cryptotrading business crypto fintech politics upvoting disruptive social-media steemenomics financial interest steem great venture-capital steemit-adoption beyondbitcoin crowdfunding cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency investment blockchain cryptonews venturecapital steemit thecryptodrive daily introduction thoughts travel finance market steemitsocool blogging introduceyourself bitcoin introduceemyself economics steemdrive crypto-news competition

$17,349.65 How Steemit Has Changed My Life: From living on $1/day and 3 hours of electricity to Having over $41,319
Tags: steem introduceyourself steemit bitcoin life steem-ideas

$17,093.16 Hello Steemit! My name is Alla, I am a Youtuber and private chef with my own show... Let's do this!!
Tags: introduceyourself

$15,415.41 THE FIRST Steemit Professional Photoshooting - Backstage photos included!!! - Whale - Dolphin shoot too!!
Tags: photography steemit girls fashion

$14,540.57 The Dollar Vigilante Is Now On Steemit!
Tags: introduceyourself helloworld

$14,370.91 Steemit in the Streets! Tara gets interviews and reactions from people who've never seen Steemit!
Tags: steemit

$14,061.40 Where does the money come from? A look into the economics of Steem.
Tags: steem steemit

$13,498.62 [STEEM iOS APP] Announcement: First Native iOS App Released (Approved by Apple) – beta download available
Tags: steemit steem

Tags: news steemit steem investing

$12,388.49 The founder of the Pirate Party joins to share liberty ideas with Steem
Tags: introduceyourself helloworld

$12,149.83 Don't follow me, I'm lost
Tags: anarchism cryptocurrency mathematics steemit writing introduceyourself bitcoin career blockchains

$12,047.44 Hello Steemers! My name is Fede, I'm an author (WIRED, New Scientist, BBC), Singularity University/NASA graduate, activist, researcher and public speaker, excited to be on Steemit!
Tags: introduceyourself federicopistono elonmusk xprize singularityuniversity robotswillstealyourjob SteemTubeExperiment

$11,565.12 Steemit Facebook Page Insights From the Guy Who is Managing it... 7/17/2016
Tags: marketing

$11,423.34 Hi! I am the first Playmate with more than a million followers to blog on Steemit!
Tags: introduceyourself steem

$11,281.65 Let's Get Uncomfortable
Tags: travel photography writing steemit

$10,580.50 The Corbett Report is here. Here's how I introduced Steemit to my 150,000 YouTube subscribers
Tags: steemit journalism

$10,474.65 The Blockchain Girl has joined Steemit!
Tags: introduceyourself blockchain immortality model blockchaingirl

$10,318.27 Hi, I'm Kyle. I've been a full-time Bitcoin writer for the past 2+ years. Now I'm trying out Steemit!
Tags: introduceyourself steemit writing

$10,149.10 The Missing Link: Has Steemit Revolutionized Micropayments or Made Them Obsolete?
Tags: steemit

$9,641.69 The Goose And The Golden Steem - A Tale By Cryptogee
Tags: steem steemfairytales steemhack steemplagarism

$9,444.01 Steem Passed Ethereum's Number of Transaction and Will Pass Bitcoin Soon
Tags: steemit

$9,270.60 How Steem Changes the Game for Open Source Software
Tags: github opensource software developers steem oss bitbucket steemit programming

$9,142.95 Celebrating 40.000 Steemit Users with - What's Your Story?
Tags: steem

$8,930.17 Trespassing, Waterfalls & Giant Centipedes
Tags: travel photography adventure writing girls

$8,926.22 - steem account monitoring & statistics
Tags: steemstats steem steemit technology

$8,855.54 Steemit Releases Groundbreaking Account Recovery Solution
Tags: blockchain security steem steemit hack

$8,705.59 THE FIRST STEEMIT MALE MAKEUP TUTORIAL- bringing Youtubers to Steemit!! Roelandp is back!
Tags: beauty steemwatch humor marketing makeup steem taraisback roelandpisback mac teemit boypower video impersonation tara roelandp tutorial fun

$8,156.44 Steemit Surpasses Reddit In User Engagement!!! - Closing In On Top 10,000 in US Traffic Ranking!
Tags: steem steemit

$8,021.21 I'm homeless but not forgotten
Tags: homeless

$8,010.84 How I Made $15,000 in 12 Hours on the New Blockchain Based Social Media Site Steemit
Tags: steemit bitcoin ethereum cryptocurrency anarcho-capitalism

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Yes. I agree with you. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to create quality content. The other will like to read useful content. So think what will be useful to the others and write. Then you will get upvotes and earn money.

Thanks @ekitcho ! That is a useful tool. I wanted to add the images and tags to this top post listing to visually see the differences and similarities. It took me hours sifting through and screen capturing. Nice to know that there is a scraper tool that pulls some of this data... especially useful for the hundreds of posts that are under $8k SD. That would have taken me too much time to go through by hand.

Great and awesome!!! 8-D
here is your turn!
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What an underrated post. please get yourself some STEEM power to reap what you sowed.

Wow! those are some big numbers just for a post.

Truly valuable effort for anyone understanding the value of market research. Kudos!

The most valuable commodity on Earth is "TIME". It's one thing that is in limited supply and is the foundation for the barter economy. Curating valuable content and doing research to save readers time is the basis for the future and I believe that Steemit could bring in a new standard in helping people value time and make the most of what they have left.

Inspiring post. For me, main point is showing that Steemit can change lives of some people who were struggling with money. It does give them opportunity to live better. :)


Excellent post idea. But why is the title in all caps? This is not necessary or optimal.

Good Point! I just edited the title to remove the "all caps". This was a trait that I found in several of the top performers posts.

This post will inspire me to post quality content and desire to increase my steem power. Thanks for this excellent post.


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