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You are probably thinking that I am crazy calling every single Steemian present now a whale! In reality we are but not all of us realize it as I am seeing it right now!

(source: click here)

There are around 7.5 billion people in the world

There are around 4.5 billion people between the age of 16 and 60 in the world - here

There are around 340,000 Steemit accounts as of today - here

Current Steemians represent 7% of the potential number of new joinees!

Most of us think that we are fish or tadpoles? Think again!

Steemit is still in Beta! We are the minority in the world. We should stop thinking like the majority when we are here!

When creating an account, it was already credited with around 27 SP. This is money some unknown people gave us to use the platform for free! We can power down and take it out!

Why are most of us feeling down? Why most of us is thinking it is a waste of time? Someone gave us money to get more money! What more do we need?

The help cannot be any bigger!

Steemit and the Graphene blockchain is changing the world and we are the first people on the planet to witness and help in that birth!

We are seeing first hand how a platform is being developed, going through its ups and downs. The share price of Steem changing day by day for the higher. Just like Facebook was during its conception days! We are witnessing the very birth of a new phenomenon!

Enhanced platform, new mobile app, accelerated account creation. All are coming! - here

New white paper for Steem blockchain to meet its current demands is going to make the platform more powerful! - here

This is all good news but how does it makes us all whales?

Let's begin the story from the beginning with the account creation process which everyone with an Steemit account is familiar with. Let's go back in history to find that answer.

No upvotes, no followers, no comments - The painful beginning

First few days after creating your account and waiting eagerly for the mail with the account creation link, gets us into so many dreams in making it big on Steemit. We are busy thinking about our great entry with a great post and hoping everyone will be reading it and giving us upvotes worth in dollars.

Some of us are busy reading around Steemit, trying to understand whether it is worth it. Learning about the voting system, curation rewards, what is Steem, Steem Back Dollars and Steem Power. All confusing terms keeps coming widening our knowledge of the platform. There is so much to learn and so little time.

We are having our day jobs, whether as a student, employee, entrepreneur or an investor, and this activity is already taking most of our time and energy. Now we are having to find some spare energy to learn and think about our first post.

In our head, writing seems easy. We don't think of fully coherent sentences but for sure we built the entire scenario in our head. When we try to put it in writing, here comes the messy part. We don't know how to start our sentence, how to make it appealing for others to read. Some sentences don't even make sense and we have to rewrite them again.

(source: Pixabay)

We thought that it would be a 30 minutes job to write our post but we end up taking more than a day. We have to research our topic well to ensure that we are not writing nonsense, find some great referencing. Re-reading it to ensure there are no mistakes and the images are fitting in the context. There is a lot of work behind writing a post and we are just realizing it.

We start taking interest in reading some people's post to see their introduction and check out how much upvote they have got. We start making a list of all the good and bad point. We check it against our post. By now we have read it 5 times and ready to post. Most of us have forgotten to do the above research and ended up disappointed.

Oh me? I forgot to do that for my first post and this is what I got!

We are disappointed by the amount of upvotes that we get. Barely a few people have noticed it and gave us some warm welcome. Among the upvotes we should not forget that about 4 or 5 are welcome bots!

Our first few posts received next to nothing. We start to get discouraged and throw the towel down saying that the world is not giving us a chance. Why is my post not being seen? Why is someone writing a small piece of work or just a picture in a post able to attract upvotes worth hundreds of dollars! This is all so unfair.

Taking advantage of the disadvantage

Most of us are new to the ways of making money on the blockchain. All that have come before have mostly been scams. Work from home and get paid schemes that seriously don't get us anywhere. All those who have tried it knows what I am talking about.

Here we are having an opportunity to change the game. Steemit is giving us that possibility. Why whine? The opportunity is right in front of us. All we have to do is gain the knowledge. Gain it before the entire world. Money is nothing. Money is just a word to which we have attributed value. 

The first money was hand to hand exchange during the barter system. Then it became gold and silver. Now it is banks and government giving paper money their value. Remember we cannot eat that piece of paper but we can use it to buy food. In itself money is nothing. Same with crypto currencies. Their value is in the secure, anonymous transactions on which new business models can be implemented.

Money is man-made and like all man made thing, it will fade, be molded or die one day. Knowledge on the other hand will not die. The more knowledge, the more ways to make money come. Then with more money, we can make more money. You need money to make money - The law of attaction!

(source: Pixabay)

Take the time to learn on cryptos, Steemit and all cool applications that accompanies it. The list of tools is long and each one as helpful as the other. So many posts have been written on them. Take the time to search for the tools. Learn how to use them. Try to use them. Understand them.

Those who are not making anything out of their post should not be thinking that there is something wrong with the world or the world does not like them. Take the question around. What are we doing wrong? Why is our post not getting enough traction? Did I do all of my homework? Where can I promote? What can I do?

Take all the questions which you are having and turn it inwards. This is where the answer lies. We cannot change the world but we can change ourselves to make the world around us better. Take a step back, think, read and come back stronger in each of our new post.

We are the whales

We are ahead of more than 93% of the world, of the people who has the potential to join Steemit. If we don't add the bot accounts we are most probably in the first 6%. By being here in the beta phase makes us whales already. We have the brain and the right instinct to join the platform at the most optimal time. We are not fish or tadpoles or dolphins. We are just small whales who have just joined the community. Whales are creatures that aims for the longer run, regenerating itself to become ever more powerful!

Feeling jealous of the bigger whales? Don't be! Most of the big whales have started where you stand today. They have done their homework and put all their effort and dedication to become what they are today. They knew what their objectives are and what they needed to do.

It was even harder for them! Today on Steemit we have loads of information about all the ways to get around the platform. When those big whales started, they had nothing. They had to try things out and see whether it works or not. They have opened up the doors for us by already writing on the right ways to move around Steemit. They have created great services like minnowsupport, minnowbooster, booster, randowhale, and many other bots. We have the Steemit Chat together with the powerful Discord App to talk to the community outside of our post.

There is a new world unfolding before us and we should be embracing those changes, those knowledge and the strength to recognize our weaknesses and master them. Steemit is giving us that time to build us up more stronger while in beta phase.

(source: check here)

Think like a whale, be like a whale and write like a whale. Let's find our strength, never discouraged by the upvotes or payouts and write great quality posts with all of our effort and feel proud of our work. Even if we don't notice it, those posts are doing their work.

They are grabbing people's attention. Maybe not big whales but our immediate surrounding is. People around the same reputation level will be seeing our posts. The payouts are quite low? Look carefully! Our number of followers has increased. The number of posts have increased. Comments count as posts so comment more on other people's posts. Having a bigger number everywhere except our wallet will pay for our reputation gain.

Provide quality comments and we are sure to get curation rewards. I have been getting around 0.5 SBD to 1 SBD daily for reading great posts and providing meaningful comments. These comments are being seen by other Steemians. If we write a thoughtful comment, it will definitely lead to someone checking out our blog and maybe even upvote one of our post or follow us.

There is potential everywhere. Think like a whale and behave like an investor. Don't be the majority of people. We get money from our salary or from any other source and we deposit it in a bank. Slowly we remove everything before the end of the month. We have nothing left to finish off the month and have to wait painfully for the next income flow. Why do the same thing with our Steemit account!

(source: Flickr)

For the first time we are having our money in our full control without the hands of any banks or government. We should consider our Steemit account as our savings account. Why remove the money? Why cash out? We are small whales. We need to keep the payouts here only. Let it grow and later make it work for us. This is what whales are currently doing and this is what we should be doing. We should aim to become that big whale and finally become an investor.

The flood gates are opening

With the new Velocity hard fork coming, account creation process will be more quicker and many more people will be joining Steemit. We have seen nothing yet in what is going to happen.

All our friends and neighborhood will be joining in and who will they find? Us!

We will be helping our immediate surrounding getting acquainted with Steemit and how to use the platform. We will all be mentors real soon. Are we ready? Do we have all the required knowledge to help others who will be joining in?

There will be more than 4.5 billion people to help. There is enough for Steemians to grow and make it even bigger. Helping those new Steemians will only help us grow even bigger.

We are the ambassadors of Steemit. We should behave like one and be one with the community and be one in the way we take Steemit forward.

We should all be preparing for the flood gates of people to open and Steemit will never be the same again as it is today.

(source: wikimedia)

So take this golden opportunity to walk, run, jump, fall, gain, lose, get upvotes, get flags, get comments, come out of our shell. This is the biggest opportunity this beta phase has given us and it is going to end soon.


Hope you enjoyed watching the drone video. If it was useful, upvote once. If it made you angry upvote twice. If this last one made you laugh, do resteem!!!!

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Well said!

The future is now!

Cheers :)

That only shows that no one is reading what you wrote. 340.000 from 4.5 billion is not 7% :) But 0.0007% :)?

Well noticed!! Thanks you for reading the post and doing the maths. Unfortunately I cannot edit it to correct the mistake.

But I do hope that it brought you some motivation!

Keep steem'in hard XD

Great post, deserving of the $$$ just for the number of words :) but really thoughtfully written to. Many posts I find I skim read just a little, glance at the pictures, and then move on... but I enjoyed yours to the end. I've actually had similar thoughts myself wondering whether the platform will become as big as Facebook. And I think there is a good chance. So yes, we are the early adopters, and the mini whales of the future... possibly ;)

Thanks for enjoying the post!

The way Steem is going with the new hard fork velocity + new mobile app + new whitepaper! There is a huge chance that Steemit will go viral.

The big question is how much did we learn by being an early adopter to maximise our worth for that future :)

Thanks for this amzing motivation, of course it deserve to be upvoted, steemit has a big future, we have a big future. I am sure that we are wales, the most important is to not give up. I am posting on steemit for three months, everyday !

I am not earning a lot but I will still post everyday till I will be satisfied, thanks to my wife, she is an English teacher and she is helping me to edit my posts.

''Steemit you are the best , Steemit always in my chest''. lol ☺

There is a lot of services that you can use to boost your post.

Try some of them and it will pay off in the near future :)

Thanks for the nice comments XD

Can you give me an example of one service ? But not bots that need our steem dollars

minnowsupport is a great service that need a one time fee of only 0.002 and you can use it basically for free.

Yes many of the services are paid and we should be calculating our ROI before using them.

But here is the time to make mistakes and try as many possible things :)

I will stop using minnowsupport , because the only way to boost there is to get upvoted from them, but sinse I started using them I don't earn that much, maybe they are taking some profit also

I'm curious though, when do they take away the delegated power? I still have my delegated power and I have much more SP than what they initially delegated me... Is the delegation forever? I thought it was for people who were still very new... I'd prefer in-delegate what little bit that they gave me so some of these people with zero cent upvotes can have a 1 cent upvote! Lol 😂

The initial purpose was so that people could power down all that they have earned on the platform without losing access to their account.

There is a minimum amount of Steem required called bandwidth which is allocated to each user so that they can start on the platform.

Zero SP = Zero bandwidth to access your wallet.

The day they take the delegation away, we will need to be very careful with power down!

wow ,great posts!! I can relate to much of it and agree with all of it!! I tell myself the same thing daily, sometimes it may feel like my posts don't matter and small numbers but i continue to push myself and keep writing 3hour + story to go with my photography for a handfull of readers and it is true that we all are the testers that will be showing everybody around once it goes mainstream, early adopters will become whales in time. Thank you for the words of encouragement! I think many of us needed that.

Thanks for the great words!

Early adopters always wins :)

Small whales growing up into big whales... Indeed a great new angle of how we look at ourselves... Steemit is a wonderful platform whereby when we are ready to give more, in fact we receive more in return... Coming up with Good quality posts, good quality comments... Upvoting and resteeming others good posts... It is a great way to build friendships... And we build up each other financially too

This is the spirit :)

We just need to grow as a group and build great friendships.

It does not even require 50 genuine followers to skyrocket a post.

Keep steem'in hard XD

Steeming! :D

This is a great motivational post. I was searching all night for a meaningful post and this is the one that will send me to bed. Thank you so much for reminding us of our great potential. Indeed Steemit is gonna be big, and all of us here at this moment will have contributed tremendously toward that growth. I wish more people were posting such kind of content, but I guess not all of us are here for the same reason. Some are just trying to make the quick buck and move on to the next... At the end of the day, it will be those with a whale mindset that will make it big. Thank you once again.

It is true that there will be people who will want to cash out as soon as they get something and this will only be to their disadvantage.

If after reading this post, some of those people reconsider their purpose on Steemit, it will make the community even better and brighter :)

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

You're welcome :)

WOW, just WOW, I mean seriously WOW.

Your post is fucking exciting. thank you very much for this.


Thanks for the great comment :)

We need that excitement to motivate us to do even better :)

I think you are definitely right about one thing. The Steemit is just starting and like you I believe we are all right now part of something bigger than ourselves. We are still in Beta and Steemit is already changing people lives for the better. Especially the ones providing good content and quality for the platform. The more quality we have on here the stronger and better will Steemit be. It is on us to make it great with our content and contributions. Let's great a great platform which will liberate people from this money "slave" world that is now.

The great and inspirational article my friend. Enjoyed reading it.


Thanks for the great comment!

We are right in the middle of the Steemit rise and am feeling all excited about it and I wanted to share that excite with you all!

Keep steem'in hard :)

I am with you. I was talking about this to my friends. The same way you did in your post. I am excited about what future brings with Steemit. :)

Same to you brother. Full steam ahead. :)

very good, I like to read it out. This is very helpful. very suitable for upvote and resteem.

Thanks for the support! Really glad you found some useful information in it :)


I love it!

It always is nice to be in on the ground floor, especially of a fabulous opportunity as this!

Steem on!

You are right!

We should be motivated and keep doing our best to identify all the opportunities around us!

after reading your post i completely agree with you! Can't wait for steemit to become bigger than facebook! :D

Rightly said man!!

I hope we are not that far away XD

All we have to do is be patient ;)

Resteemed and Upvoted! Wow thanks.

Thank you for this wonderful post! I really appreciate your time and effort in making this post and encouraging others. The real value of this post would surely go beyond the 7 days' valuation period.

Have been here for only a week, will do my best persevere. :)

Thanks for the support :)

We need to keep knocking at all possible doors till one opens XD

A great writer always catch the heart of the readers. Thanks for being one. I feel giving up on steemit now, past days I gained reward I enjoy posting but now I gain low rewards eventhough I've got more upvotes, I don't know what's the reason. I feel frustrated and drepresssed cause I give all my time for that post and sleep late but gaining nothing. Poor me. I need to take a break , think and learn. Thank you for this post I feel motivated now.

I wish I have a mentor here who can help me what to do.

There are many channels on discord which you can join where people are ready to help.

You can always drop me a message on Steem Chat or discord if ever you are having any questions.

If I have the answer I will be glad to share or else help you with the research :)

Cheers man and don't get discouraged! The beginning hasn't started and you are before the beginning!

Take advantage of it all :)

I have checked your blog.

Reach me on Steem Chat or Discord. We can see what we can do to kick start your Steemit a bit.


I invite You to team up with us to promote Your blogpost on twitter !
We work as a team with #FFSteemit
See how we do this here

I am really happy that you are in the #theunmentionables discord and you have the same vision as I am. As I have seen here, many are literally doing what you just mentioned, they take it as extra salary and just take it out once it is earned but fail to see that this is bigger than just blog and earn

Keep it up, little whale. And soon we will be millionaires helping other minnows with the same practice!

And regarding on what you see in Steemit (crypto currency), I have started the savings and beyond and hope to keep STEEM and SBD alive and in demand.
Here is an old post that I have done with panda

Steemit: Make Steem Dollars Practical (for day to day use)?

and this is just the tip of the iceberg of its potential!
upvoted and resteemed

Hey @littlenewthings! Really glad to hear that we share the same vision!

Read your post and it is true that there are some challenges in buying Steem / SBD directly and helping our surrounding get an account through ourselves is a great idea!

Thanks for resteeming my post!

Cheers :)

I really needed this post, it does put things into perspective for me. This is just my second day on steemit but I can already say I've learned a lot in a very short time. Much success to you

Thanks man!

The knowledge will stay forever and a good foundation will lead to extraordinary heights.

Wishing you lots of success also. Cheers XD

This is one pretty damn good post and deserves a resteem from me! You are very right, and we should be glad we found this earlier than the rest of the world! Keep on steeming!

That's right man on the global picture we are on the top!


Thank you for sharing it with us specially beginners... Keep it up :)!

Hope you found it useful!

Keep steem'in hard!

Yes indeed it is.. Thank you

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