Steemit: Whales, Dolphins, and Minnows- The Importance of Steem Power on Steemit

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Everyone is Talking About Whales, Dolphins and Minnows

As the Steemit community grows, and users continue to come aboard in the hopes of earning money for liking and uploading content, one thing is certain: not everyone is getting the same piece of the pie.

Some users are able to like content and AUTOMATICALLY pay that user $15 for said content. It's like a big tip, based on a heavily weighted vote.

This vote's weight, as you are most likely aware, is based on how much "Steam Power" the voter has. They can heftily  move and shift opinions about content that deserves recognition, much like a "whale" makes huge waves that affect everything in the sea around it.

(P.S. Minnows, Dolphins, and Whales exist in every financial market. If whales make a big sell order, they can crash entire markets with small caps- and if they buy, everyone makes money)

Minnows - Soldiers/Peons/Pipsqueaks/Regular/Headshot

This is the average user on Steemit. Perhaps they've come aboard just recently, hearing about their free money just for signing up. Perhaps they've already put $10, $20, or maybe even $100-$500 into their Steem Power, to try and gain some weight on their votes.

Minnows have very little ability to influence the direction that votes take, as their votes are not worth very much. It would take many multiples, maybe even in the 100's, to make them worth the same in votes as one whale. Minnows cannot up vote content and immediately give it a "tip". At best, they might be able to get you $.01, as they slowly climb through the early Steam Power numbers.

Dolphins - Generals/B-List/Cool-Kids-On-The-block/Heroic/Unstoppable

These are people who have invested a decent amount into the Steemit platform. They have generally invested a few thousand into their Steem Power, and are able to give a couple of cents to content with one single vote. As they vote, they begin to entice others to vote, capturing the attention of recent post's voter's attention a tad. They might give a blog post 10 cents just for their vote. As Steem Power has grown in their wallets, through investment (or enough money earned off of posting and up-voting content), they now have Steem Power that truly grows by itself just by sitting there. They get slowly more and more powerful and influential. Maybe one day they'll even join the ranks of...-

Whales - Commanders-in-Chief/Kings/Godzillas/Legendary/Godlike

These are the big kahunas. When they like something, YOU'LL know. Hell, you'll probably like their content too, if you don't want to miss out on earning a few bucks by not liking them early on. When they like something, you'll see it under "Recommended, Hot, Trending", and pretty much heading every other sexy category, with a good number of monetarily valued digits under them. These are the guys with 50,000 Steam Power. 100,000 Steam Power. 1,000,000 Steam Power. When they move, everyone looks in awe, as they shake the markets with each step.


I did not realize I was a dolphin. Cool. But, I actually do try to upvote things I support and like which I guess is the point.

Moving up! Yeah, you definitely have a bit of power there. It'll get harder and harder to become a dolphin, or whale, as time goes on.

Hello fellow dolphins :-) I also try to upvote things as often as I like something!

Looks like I'm not even a soldier, but I'will give my best to grow!
At the moment I'm working at a project which is very important to me.
It's a bitcoin/hacker/clicker game I'm programming and I always need some feedback. Please have a look if you are interessted in crypto or gaming in some way ;-)

ur aint the only one bro

I am a minnow, lol?

And I don't realize I am just a soldier here,just a minnows.

ha ha I am still Minnow @mysurrounding

You were a dolphin 2 years ago, but now you're a minnow! What happened!? How'd you get smaller?

I powered down. I needed the money in the real world. So Im thankful it was there.

Well that's good. Good luck getting back up there!

Yeah I noticed this on my 2nd day. I'd have a post with 21 likes worth $0.00 and then I'd have a post with 2 likes worth $43.00. It is obvious when it happens.'s pretty extreme. If you attract the attention of one of the big boys, like Donkeypong, then you can get a pretty penny real quick.

I don't know who I attracted the one time it happened to me. It was fast though. I reinvested it all back into STEEM POWER.

Smart move. Early on, it's probably the best thing to do for us.

Sad thing is I did it via STEEMIT and it takes a week. Then I watched a post on how to do it through and could have done it today. :)

I put all of the steem dollars I make into steem power, that's the way to make your steem truly grow over time. I also want to help curate by having more power to vote for interesting and informative posts like the one above.

You can do it via the market under the hamburger menu

Hahah.... you lost me but that sounds pretty funny. Do you care to elaborate?

Upvoted. You deserve a small fortune for invoking my name. :) But in truth, I am near the bottom of the Top 100 SP holders. I'm just a big dolphin. There are some mega, mega whales above me!

Well seeing as your name comes up in the right circles, it doesn't sound like it'll take you long to be considered among em. Cheers, my friend, and thanks for the comment! :D

You lost me pong. I am following you from the day I am active in steemit. So what is to me?

LMFAO, this is great

Well you did good here! 12 votes and $20!

Yeah not quite sure how that happened.

Sometimes good luck is all you need.

Yup agree. So I am always curious to give some deal to Whales. Why can't you upvote our blogs and get some SBDs, since your vote so valuable. I am giving 0.01 to Two SBDs for each of my blog upvoted. its not business but I want to make sure that Steemains time & efforts should be rewarded

Hi crypto loving your content not suprised the wales like it to , no doubt you will be swimming around with willy soon enough lol

Hahaha thanks, nicoret =D You get my 3 cents. Also, you are right- it seems like one, or a few, just swam by this post. Cheers, and all the best to you.

The name of one of those whales is dantheman. Great cat and supporter of the community.

Yeah it is nice to see when a whale actually votes on content that is valuable to the community..hell it is good to see any vote on valuable content...nice post mate:)

Agreed. Whales are very important to the curation community. They have a responsibility to up-vote contributing content, and not pornography and quick-buck content.

Thanks for the comment :) You get my up-vote.

A++ post!
edit: so is this me?

I only hope the whales do vote based on preferences and that, even though there are not many whales, there are enough to warrant a variety of fair preferences. Or they could just vote their friends and favorites and the rest would get nothing. As this evolves, we'll see. But funny post crypto :D

Love this post. Don't like the fact that, with about $100 in my account... I'm a bloody minow haha.

Interesting read thanks!

Glad to be of service :) My pleasure, endgame

Well said...

I like the way you're presenting each category of Steemians !

Tis the new neighborhood =D

Thats pretty freaken cool right on!

Getting mixed up in the information I got here and there I was under the impression that your voting power was proportional to the square of your steampower which would be incredibly unfair for people who don't hold a lot.
Reading the whitepaper again I understand this applies to payouts, not to your voting power. Here is the formula
votes[x]² / sum(votes[0…n]²)

I like it! Very interesting! Good Luck To You!

I'm a jellyfish.

Some jellyfish get quite large... :)

I'm not that big, but I'm glowing with Steem Power.

Good post crypto! I recently subscribed to ur youtube ... Nice to see u here now.. Im also an eth miner and overall crypto enthusiast... This steem thing is next level tho......

Rock on, dude! Glad to have found you here as well, then! It definitely is. Good you're here early.

how do you know where you are on the food chain?

I love the way you described this for the Newbies, And great photos by the way!

Thanks! (The picture finding took the longest...look at that sad minnow! lol) Cheers and best.

Love this post and I reinvested it all back into STEEM POWER.

Smart :D See you later, whaligattor.

love how you went from 500 sp to like 50,000 lol

Thats pretty much how things seem to be distributed right now.

Hello, i am but a humble minnow, what do the god king whales and dolphin lords think about my plan?

Is this viable lol? we will see

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of investing in steem power. As a member of this community your vote really counts! POWER UP! With proper Steem Power, you can upvote yourself, get noticed, and support the platform.

crypt0 I bought steem power man. Im an idiot please explain to me in street terms what I actually did and what I can do with steem power? Thanks man


Amazing breakdown man. Benji here, reading your blog and impressed by the knowledge you bring forth.

I think this post made you a whale :-) wish I could resteem but its too old :-(

Steemit newby here (tiny minnow). Does anyone have instruction on how to advance to dolphin?

well as I'm just starting I guess I'm a minnow hoping to move up to Dolphin if I'm lucky! :P

You must be a whale and I invite you to my blogs. Be blessed

Beautiful photos, keep up the good work.

Sweet break down! Gotta get dat SP up

Crypt0 Thanks man! it was some of your vids that solidified my choice to invest in Steem.

steem power be with you!

The importance of Steem Power can't be understated! I wrote a newbie guide just for that. Please proofread if you can! @imjefe

This was an INCREDIBLE metaphorical explanation of the whole "whale, dolphin, minnow" infrastructure. I was curious as to what entailed each, as I'd only ever heard the term whale used in casinos to describe big spenders, so that term was common to me, but the rest, not as much. Great explanation though, appreciate the insight! Maybe one day I can hold a greater weight on this platform; One can only hope! :)

@crypto I'm guessing I'm a Minnow since I just came aboard 5 days ago or so. Thinking I'll be swimming around this giant ocean of story and posts forever since some users who don't like my firm stance against vaccines, flag my posts and disappear my photos because they do not agree with my opinion. I first thought that if a post was written by the author, me and there was great information there to help people understand the dangers of vaccines and the possibility of opting out of them because of child allergies or person religious beliefs that it would help people understand why some doctors now are saying vaccines are not safe. I believed the Steemit community need to reconsider their 'flagging' system as it's quite discouraging to a newbie trying their hand at posting what I think is informational and this gives people a 'choice' to believe it or not, that's all. Thank you for reading my cry for justice as a tiny minnow. 🐟🐬🐳

Being called a minnow feels a little fishy... maybe you can just call me a small, european cyprinoid fish or phoxinus .. lol

Definitely a minnow but growing into a salmon!! Thanks @crypt0 - will follow you , please reciprocate to help me fulfill my evolution to a salmon!

Well, a little late to the party but I added my 0.01! You're welcome

Thanks! good post

Appreciate it! My pleasure, it was.

This is a very good post. I just started, but I love the community. Going to buy some for investment as well.

I'm an aomeba lol

Thanks for the explanation @crypt0! Is it possible to become a whale without spending money?

thanks for sharing....

Ого как красиво !

nice explanation and clear as sea water! i was trying to understand how you move the steem power gears since I'm new here.
I have one question just to understand how this goes, is it possible to move rather quickly to a dolphin without buying steem power or is it recommended to buy some to help moving forward?

HOLY GUACAMOLE @crypt0 BATMAN!!!!! I now get it!

What I fantastic analogy of "whales in Wall Street!" Make perfect since now.


I am certainly a minnow, but I have only been posting for 3 days and I had a post that got me a only bit. And I accidentally put in 100% Steem Power...and it got me around $500 SP. oops

I thought...but ended up pretty cool!

Thanks to you now I understand what SteemPower actually is! Thank you!!!!!

i am informed by your post but i still want the fast and easiest way to know if one is a whale or dolphin.thank good job!

I'm still learning the platform, this was very helpful. Thank you!

Still a Minnow... but hungry to become a BIGGER FISH!

lol I knew there was going to be a catch.

fair play though. first movers advantage and all that. nice write up and thanks for explaining

im probably not even a frog yet but I will build my way up!!!
thanks for a great post!

I really like your post please follow me im following you

thank man for this wonerfull informative post.

Good read! Thanks for posting!

Cool how a year ago you could put as many hashtags as you wanted.

So much water has passed under the bridge :D

Cheers @crypt0

I love this explaination. I've read it several times. Haha.

Nice Content! Great job but I never imagined that I was a dolphin and I will ever get upvoted. I'm new on Steemit. Thanks for this post. God bless you.

So, minnows have to buy steem to grow bigger?

this post gives me the best reply i searched for

Still reading this in 2017! Steem baby!

Thank you very much for the lesson! Humble greetings from a minnow

thanks @crypt0 I am new to steemit and always heard these words but did not knew about actual meaning. I was thinking what is whale and what makes a person whale.
Thank you very much.

This is a pretty good post, and really shows each and every one of us our place XD

Also, how do you have so many tags? I'm never allowed to use more than five when I make a post.

I am a tiny Dolphin... lol... My upvotes are usally worth around .10

Like everything in the world, thoses who have money, will make money. Is the basic's rules of investiment's. But the doubt that faces the most majority of community if the project will remains for long time and retain value is a
paralysis to surf in goods oportunitys.

That's very helpful ! Thanks.

Just keep swimming
just keep swimming
Swimming swimming swimming swimming
I'm a Dory...ble ... Heh.

Good post. Now I understand. Thank you.

I am a newbie and thanks to you finally now I know what people around me talking about.

Thanks for your post @crypt0. I was wondering about the differences. I was wondering what the trick is to getting so many tags on your post. Upvoted and followed.

Thanks again! @rebele93

hope to become a Whale one day :) @braveheart22.

Thanks @crypt0 for sharing

How'd you get so many tags?

@crypt0 Thanks for sharing! Now I understand what everybody is talking about here on Steem :)

Very good info on that post! thank you sir. Steem got a great future

Thanks, burzuks! It does indeed.

Thanks so much for this post. I have been trying to understand all this Minnow, Dolphin Whale stuff. It would be nice if Steemit or someone else knew the exact numbers it would take to go from being a Minnow to a Dolphin and so on. So little is know about how everything works and how one can earn.

Great article

Hey crypt0. Excuse my ignorance. How is it that you are able to use so many tags in your post?

Judging by the number of votes on this post and the value of those votes I would guess that you are a whale. I am still a minnow. I've been trying really hard but I can't get over that hump. Sad but true

Knowledge is power.
I have learnt a lot about the various categories.

Thanks @crypto

I'm a minnow. I wonder how long it will take to grow into a whale?

it is very useful.

Yeah, I'd been looking for an article like this and realized that it was missing. Glad to help the community and yourself, lemoo! Cheers

I was actually looking for a good explanation for these terms, so I am thankful for this post, even if it is quite old at this point.

how do you get a whale to help you

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