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If you REALLY want the best advice that I can give you…

This post is a continuation of a series started by @weetreebonsai and continued by @daddykirbs. It is geared towards those arriving on steemit from YouTube, but will contain valuable information for others as well.

Since this series is primarily geared towards people coming to steemit from YouTube, I am guessing that a certain interest in videos exists. Over six months ago, I was asked to do a series where I shared the best advice that I could give to newer users.

Many who have shown up more recently have probably never seen this series, and I think that a lot of the basics that I covered in it are crucial for newer steemians to understand if they really want to succeed. In this post I will offer it up in its entirety, and add some thought about each subject that I covered. To truly digest all that I share here will take some time, but it may be worth your effort. If you are looking for a condensed version, here is the attempted “five minute version.”


The rest of the videos below are all "supposed" to be about 10 minutes in length, but they vary depending on what I was covering. If you are serious about posting here on steemit, you may want to bookmark this one and make your way through the whole video series as you have time.


In my 18 part “Advice From Papa for Newer Users on Steemit” series, I covered a variety of helpful things to understand. A lot of my “success” here was not really do to any specific plan, but, as I reflect on what things I had done that may have attributed to the results that I received, I believe some important components were revealed. As always, individual results will vary, but these are just some of the things that I would strongly recommend that newer users think about doing to help them as they attempt to interact and post on steemit.

VIDEO 1 – Intro Posts and Commenting

In this video, I talk about the importance of simple things that you can do in your posts to make them more professional and eye-catching. Grammar, images, and paragraph breaks are not crucial, but they do help. As I mentioned before, introducing yourself to the community through an “introduceyourself” post and by making real comments on the posts that you upvote and like.

VIDEO 2 – Quality and Quantity

Quality should never be sacrificed for quantity, but consistently putting out a good quantity of posts can also help. Remember, it’ll take good quality to “get noticed” and gain a following, but this may mean that you “use up” a lot of good content without really “getting paid” for it. I would look at it as an investment. If you continue, it could pay off. If you quit, I can guarantee that it will not pay off.

VIDEO 3 – Comparisons and Discouragement

Comparing yourself to others can be disastrous. Simply put, you are you, and you are not another user. You have not been here for the same amount time that they have, you have not made the connections that they have, and your content is different from theirs. If you compare yourself to others, chanced are that you will get discouraged.

Instead, try comparing yourself to yourself. Post excellent material and comment on the posts of others daily. Learn and apply on a daily basis, and see if you are not improving. Is your content getting better? Do you have more followers? Have your posts gained any traction or began to get slightly larger payouts? Progress on a daily basis, and over time, you’ll should be doing better than you once were.

VIDEO 4 - Realistic Expectations and Off-Site Resources

Realistically, if you are a newer user, you shouldn’t expect very big payouts, and if you happen to get some periodically, they often will not be consistent. While some people from YouTube may have gotten paid for their content before, most people have never really had a ROI on their online interaction. Steemit offers that potential though, and we want to take care of it.

A few good offsite resources are also readily available for you use too. You may have noticed that sharing links in the comment sections of the posts of others is frowned upon. However, there are rooms in discord or on that are specifically designed for authors to promote their own posts in.

VIDEO 5 – Consistency and Series

Practicing what I preach, this video on the importance of consistency and why I think that making a series is a good idea was recorded at the hospital shortly after the birth of our fifth child. Obviously, I kept up with the consistency of the series. The basic ideas shared here are that you should keep your audience coming back for more. Whether it is starting a series that will keep them wanting the next installment or just daily posting so that your followers know that you’ll have something new for them every day, keeping the interest of your audience can be important.

VIDEO 6 - A Good Number of Popular, Relevant Tags

As I mentioned earlier in this series, tags are important. Often, this is the main way that people search posts. While people can use any tag that they want, even creating their own new tags, obscure or uncommon tags may make it very hard for people to find your posts. A photo shoot of some dragonflies tagged “dragonfly,” “outside,” “picture,” and “camera” will get A LOT LESS attention than one tagged “animals,” “photo,” “photography,” and “nature.” I highly recommend checking out some of the popular tags here: and seeing what ones best describe your post prior to publishing it.

VIDEO 7 - Steemicide

STEEMICIDE is a term that I coined a long time ago in steemit history. Basically, it is "committing suicide on steemit." Often, newer users can get frustrated and "go off" on others, whales, or the entire community. Often, this not only leads to a drop in their reputation, but sometimes it can effectively end the potential for that user to ever earn anything again on steemit. If you want to read my full post from last year about How To Commit STEEMICIDE, click here otherwise I share more about it in the video.

VIDEO 8 – Getting Mentioned

Every time that another user mentions you, you are basically getting free advertising or free promotion. Having a username that is easy to remember and spell can help, but there is more to having others mention your username than just that. From making gifts for others or helping them out, to running contests, there are a lot of things that you can be doing to get others talking about you.

VIDEO 9 – Endearing Yourself

Who @papa-pepper to the steemit community is not exactly who you see on any given post. Each post is sometimes more of a culmination of all of my previous community interaction and investment rather than just "a post." In my time on steemit, certain things have happened that have endeared @papa-pepper to the steemit community. In this video I share about certain things that you may want to consider as potential ways to endear yourself to others, from a single user to the entire community.

VIDEO 10 – Professional Posts

Once money is potentially involved, things can take on another level of importance. There is a good chance that you will need to publish some posts that look professional in order to get noticed or be taken seriously. From closing signatures to other things that add some flair and a touch of professionalism to your posts, I share some sober thoughts about this matter in this video.

VIDEO 11 – Being Yourself

A lot of people out there in the world fake their personas and lives. Simply put, they are living a lie and promoting it to others. You may see what is working well for someone else and try to emulate them, but this may not be the best idea. Ultimately, we are all individuals and bring different things to the table. If you focus on your skills and talents and making real connections with real people who are really interested in them, I believe that your time will be much more wisely invested here than if you pretend to be someone else just to try to appeal to others. Sure, you may be able to get paid for it, but there are more important things than money.

VIDEO 12 – Work Your Butt Off

I'm tired, I've got blisters on my hands, and my body aches. Very often, this is true in my life offline. However, I've worked my butt off online too for a very long time on steemit. There have been many hours that I have devoted on a daily basis to steemit, often while working more than twelve hours a day at other jobs. Please do not expect to get something for nothing or t get paid just because you exist. To really get out of steemit what you want to get out of it, you have to pour a lot of yourself into it first. I know that I certainly did!

VIDEO 13 – Trying to Understand What Steemit is and How it Works

Steemit is so different from just about everything else on the web. Therefore, it can seem like a pyramid scheme, ponzi scheme, or scam at first. However, the more that we understand about this platform and the incredibly blockchain technology that it is based on, the easier it is for us to fully grasp the potential. The more that we understand about it, the easier it is for us to explain it to others. Trust me, my "understanding" of all of it is still not flawless, but I am still learning.

VIDEO 14 – The Tone of the Text & Non-Native Language Writers

One of the first things that I learned in the business world about communicating via written text (as in emails) rather than spoken word (like a phone call) is that the words you choose to type really matter. This is also true here on steemit. The reader can assume a tone of your message, and the words that you choose can completely change your intended meaning or the attitude with which you hoped t convey your message.

Once we add in the factor of people who do not speak our native tongue, this situation can become even more problematic, if we let it. Ultimately, is we ask questions rather than assume, interact with compassion, and cut one another some slack, we will build up this community a lot more than if we just view everything how we interpret it at first glance and get offended over it.

VIDEO 15 - Perseverance

People used to ask me if I ever felt like giving up on steemit and quitting. Honestly, I used to think about it every two or three days. Looking back, I am so glad that I never got to the point that I actually gave up. Perseverance is key, and without it you may very well never progress. Simply put, if you give up, if you quit, there is no chance that you will succeed, but if you continue, there is the possibility and potential that you will succeed, although there is no guarantee.

VIDEO 16 – Non-Original Content

Non-original content can be a somewhat touchy subject. Because steemit can potentially pay you for your posts, simply linking someone else’s video or sharing some quoted news may not be considered to be “worth” a payout. Unless you are actually sharing some of your own thoughts about the non-original content that you are sharing or adding some sort of value to it by what you share, I would recommend that you consider selecting the “decline payout” option.

VIDEO 17 - Positively Encouraging

Negativity and complaining is not exactly what keeps people “coming back for more.” There is enough of that attitude in the world, and often people will just choose to avoid you if you are consistently negative or discouraging. I believe that my positive and encouraging attitude has been part of what has helped me do as well as I have on steemit.

VIDEO 18 – The Power of Interviews

Interviews are a very good way to create content. First of all, they allow you to ask real questions to other users. Not only do you get the answers that you want, but you now have the opportunity to share them with others in a post. You can build relationships and encourage others in the process, and perhaps the steemian that you interview will even resteem your post featuring your interview of them. This can potentially expose all of their followers to your work. If you are trying to figure things out around here, why not ask to interview some active steemians?


I figured that if I unloaded as much as I could in one post featuring as much advice for new users as I could, this would do it. It's kind of a "one stop shop" for practical advice on "how to steemit." Many others have mentioned to me how much these videos helped them in the past, so hopefully they can be used to bless an entire new generation of steemians as you all attempt to figure this community and platform out.

This will wrap up some of the things that I wanted to share. Now I'll pass this series off to @mericanhomestead. Hopefully this has provided some good insight into sharing in our community.


This series has a lot of great information presented by a few Steemit users that have learned a few things. Follow along, vote and become a GREAT STEEMIAN!

So welcome to steemit, read, respond and be real.

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Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

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Wow so much valuable information in this post, thank you so much for posting it @papa-pepper!

I'm brand new to steemit so I have a ton of learning to do. Nice to have so much of it here in one post.

I'm about half way done writing/editing my introduction post so I'll be sharing it soon. I'm trying to come up with a good structure for the content I want to post and I'll do my best to keep my feed uncluttered and easy to follow.
I'm really excited to start writing more! Even just the act of writing is so good for the brain so it'll be fun.

Thanks again for all of your involvement in the community.



Glad to hear it. I'm not worth all that much as far as upvotes, but I'll give you what I've got as an encouragement. It'll bump your reputation up a bit and start you on your earning journey.

I am very glad that you came across this post too. It'll save you a lot of time learning the hard way. I was completely clueless when I started.

Be blessed!


Thank you so much for the vote that really means a lot! It's more of a mental thing. It's so tough being a tiny minow only being able to give people a cent or two here and there. Patience, and persistence will be key here haha.

I would imagine it to be a pretty rewarding feeling later on as a more influential user being able to give more and more to the content that you really like and you know that person is getting directly rewarded for it. It's is such a cool concept that has never really been tried before. Can't wait to see where it goes and be a part of it at the same time.



That's a great comments I appreciate your comments it's really good @digitalengineer 👍👍


Thank you @myeasin I really enjoy reading and commenting.
Take care.



Welcome to the Steemit!

I checked out your blog and I am very impressed with you. Many blog first and comment after and you have learned to comment first. That is actually really rare to see, but very wise.

Looks like you are off to a great start! Papa-pepper was one of my first friends on here and I was lost before watching his videos.

This place has a lot to it and you may have questions along the way. Feel free to reach out You can find me on my blog or in discord by clicking HERE. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you around!


Thank you for the vote and the comment!

I'm really impressed with the way this community welcomes new members so far. It is really encouraging.

I figured I'd take a few days at least to figure out what kind of content is already out here in the steemiverse and engage with at least a few people before I start posting my own content. Also, since I'm not a writer and I don't have much experience writing (especially not any kind of professional writing) so my introduction post has proven to be a bit of a challenge to write so far and I really want to express myself the best I can so I'm really taking my time with it, at least until I get some momentum going. I figured I'd better not just sacrifice quality and content just to get a bunch of quick content out there.
Anyway I'm really excited to be a part of this whole thing and I look forward to working out my writing muscles.

Thanks again for the feedback, it is very much appreciated.


Shared across the board! @papa-pepper Thank You so much for all you have done and will be doing in the future for folks here at Steemit.


Thank you for including me in this project!


How could I not include you, you are a representation of a community builder here at steemit!


This is a great series @weetreebonsai ! @papa-pepper pulls out the big guns with this one! I'm looking forward to reading the next few installments by @mericanhomestead 😃


A rolling stone gathers no moss and seeing all the information being shared by you @daddykirbs, and @papa-pepper and soon @mericanhomestead and maybe others to give others a boost in knowledge and experience here so they can be a active part of the community is just awesome!

Thanks for this. From what I can tell you have truly poured a lot into this!!! I find that a lot of times we have thoughts that sabotage our progress. This video helped me understand it better.

@papa-pepper. This is really a good advice and motivation for success on steemit. Thank you.


Thank you. I'm glad that you think so. Many have been blessed by those videos.

This will actually make out community big and more interesting language barrier was affecting a lot on this platform.We will definitely succeeded moreover you such a great inspiration to more people we thank you

@papa-pepper l actually wanted to work on interviews on different people who are making it on steemit for a start l opened a Facebook account steemit confessions and that is my whole idea but l don't even know where to start l need guidance


Why not ask me or someone else some questions and start an interview series. You can document what you learn, share along the way, and potentially get paid too.

Are you on yet?


Yes l am on steemit chat l joined recently l would want to start interviewing you l will be working on a series interview questions today will chat with you on

@papa-pepper thanks for the motivation and great advice, really appreciate it 😊😊

this really helped me. a very useful post that we rarely find .. and I am after reading all of this post very many benefits that I find and I will do as you say

wow amazing post @papa-pepper
if you can visit to my post

Dear @papa-pepper your post is very effective for new users like me. please continue like this article. how can I more better in @steemit ? please have a look @prabaltalukder. Thank you.

I still have this “ipfs error” message everytime I try to upload video and snap, also when I try to submit it.


I am not sure what that means or how to resolve your issue. Maybe someone else will chime in.


It looks like you are still able to post, whenever you click submit check here, if it shows you have authored a post do not press submit again.

You are looking for something like the picture below.

i get that error message sometimes too, but it doesn't mean an actually error occured. Hope this helps!

I just used this to help an up and coming steemian @fluidluz.

nice post

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I have done a video. I am terrified of jumping in, but after viewing your posts on this, perhaps I will get up enough nerve to jump in with both feet...






(does the chanting help?)


LOL. Yes it does. Let me think about a topic for the first one...

Thank you for the wonderful information! Def. gonna follow you.

nice post

It looks like you are still able to post

you know I m a huge fan of your videos and i'm sure you have been asked this before, but what what are you thoughts on becoming a witness?


I have been asked that before and was close to setting one up previously. I think I need to get my house built first. It'll take a whole nother level of commitment from me that I just may not have right now.


I think that is fair and reasonable. If and when you do decide I hope you continue to have fun on the platform as you do now.

Thank you for all your time and effort put into this! It will be helpfull to so, so many newcomers, including me! Much apreciated, greetings from the Netherlands 🤗