Week 4: #introduceyourself Curation Post

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Week 4: #introduceyourself Curation Post



Happy Friday to everyone! This is my weekly post on my curation efforts in the #introduceyourself section on #Steemit. I continue to invest time and upvotes in this section given the importance of sustainable growth of new users to the ecosystem. This has also served as a way for me to explore content on the platform that is usually different than those that I typically read and curate on a daily basis. I have continued to focus on users that have the potential to share skills, experiences and news in a passionate matter that would lead to further engagement across the ecosystem. While it has been harder to find great posts due to activity being tied to the price of #STEEM, there are some great users onboarding our community every day. Here are my selection for this past week:



New user from Greece trying to use the blockchain to post his progress towards improving his lifestyle through fitness and healthy eating. I introduced him to @actifit as well as it could be a great combination to starting his journey both here and towards fitness as he could get rewarded.



Great photographer and content creator starting on #STEEM to expand his reach. He focuses on underwater photos which look amazing. He lives in Venezuela and researches the Amazon river with his work. Great opportunity to expand his audience while potential bringing followers over from his other social media pages.



Another Venezuela resident looking to share his art and experiences to the #Steemit community. He works on graphics design and photography so I am sure he will be able to find great places and users to share his work with.



Interesting user that has been working on a game using his skills as a graphic designer and experiences as a gamer. When he discovered Steem Monsters, he got interested in #STEEM. This is a great example of how the diversity that #STEEM brings can attract talent to help development and adoption.



A creative post presenting the team from Echo Cinematics who look to share their filmmaking skills to the community. Each member presents themselves in a creative manner with a picture. They also share a link to their @dtube demo reel to demonstrate their skillset. Given the future of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs), I believe this is a great way to demonstrate the ability of #STEEM to cater to entrepreneurs.


No changes to my comment that I use on these posts as it has been a busy week with the number of initiatives I am trying to get involved in around the ecosystem. I intend to include some of these in the comment to lead by example with the opportunities to engage with the communities being created around #STEEM. For example, I have recently got into @steemmonsters and @actifit which are totally different but unique ways to engage in the ecosystem. I continue to be amazed by the flexibility of #STEEM which makes me more positive on its future potential as a disruptor in many sectors of current centralized platforms. I hope sharing these experiences create more interest and engagement from a broader community.

Have there been any new users you have found that I can pay a visit to? How can we continue to support new users in order to manage their expectations coming to this new platform? I look forward to your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

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Great to see consistency on the platform despite the recent drop in views and posts generally.

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Having just replied to you on the importance of "curating," stopped by to visit and found this post. Nicely done @newageinv!

After deciding "chapter one" of my Steem "journey" was officially over, along the same lines of what you are investing in here, I have elected to spend more time focusing on the efforts of the @pifc community, as I like their underlying philosophy.

In my Labor Day reply to @thedarkhorse, the community's founder, I said this:

"So ... Opening "chapter two," I will very intentionally try to be more narrowly focused on where I find the most value in investing my time "in here." I have decided a significant part of that will be toward helping the PIFC team."

I financially backed @pifc right away. We'll see how I do with adding time to the equation. For the first time, I created this entry into their weekly contest.

So... While I haven't made any long-term promises, at least I'm following through on what I said! 👍 We'll see how it goes ...

Keep up the good work @newageinv and together with many others we'll keep building up the value of our Steem blockchain! 😊

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