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RE: Newcomers, minnows and spammers.. this post will save your reputation!

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1st: don't expect to get rich in a week
2nd: post for yourself, you found something interesting - post it without expecting 1000 $ for 5 min of work
3rd: find your niche, your style and get some fans, some people who really like your posts


I wish there was a way to get these kinds of messages to newcomers. There are so many arriving thinking they can fish for votes or followers by making lots of short comments. Just look in the "hot" or "trending" posts and you will them in action big time.

The only way is to reply to spam comments individually.. i'm doing my best to do this and most of them understand the mistake and change behaviour. Some of them become aggressive.. But, you see, that's the risks you take... when you want to help someone who doesn't want it.

That is exactly how I found this article from one of your replies miti. I am a newbie and this post helped me. Everything makes sense when you read it but it wasn't all common sense for me haha. Thanks for helping and trying to make this a better place.

Very good advice!


The tough part in regards to Steemit from the perspective of a new author is gaining exposure while wading through the shit pond of garbage posts in order to gain a following. There are so many junk articles out there it can be off putting to find your solid effort in writing an engaging and detailed post swallowed by a sea of bullshit articles consisting of regurgitated links and unoriginal thought that are for all intents and purposes spam.

I find it particularly frustrating when the aforementioned bullshit articles are nothing more than an aggregation of links copied and pasted from various sources such as Google news on a topic. It reminds me of Magpie, the old content aggregation code that we would use to vomit key word relevant articles into a feed on a site in order to move of the SERP and game the Adsense system.


This unfortunately creates a situation where talented authors or those that have the requisite grey matter between their ears to write solid content must debase their character and engage in link spamming comments or whale posts in the hopes of getting some love.

I’m not quite sure what the solution to this issue is. Perhaps a category of up and coming should be created where new authors are featured based upon a ratio of positive feedback relative to posts; though even that would not work as it again fails to address the issue of initial exposure in order to gain the needed positive feedback. Perhaps a metric needs to be applied to number of words vs. links, or number of words total. Longer more engaging articles would receive a multiplier based on the likelihood of them containing good content. Whereas posts of aggregated links would receive a penalty as they likely contain nothing of substance.

This may even address what I as a new user have come to see as “lazy whale syndrome”.. I’m a whale, I made it.. I’m just going to post articles full of links with the mentality that the legion of dung beetles following me will upvote in the hopes of gaining curation manna the turd I just produced.

I’m not sure what the actual solution is so I’ll just keep lurking in the shadows ambushing whale articles with link spam until I’m all grown up and can venture out on my own.

Also on a side note; Steemit seriously needs a larger text input box in the comment section for folks like me that actually like to type detailed responses… 

@miti and @pawsdog you both have done excellent work creating meaningful content so that future Steemians (Steem-men?) can learn, understand and enjoy the network efficiently. I will be using this post as a point of reference to give to friends. Good work.

Why thank you I appreciate your kind words...:)

Also on a side note; Steemit seriously needs a larger text input box in the comment section for folks like me that actually like to type detailed responses

Not sure to understand...


But drag to expand the comment section..

Sweet, a larger comment box.. Thanks for the tip. I'm on my way now....

You are welcome ;-)

I just read your comment above... i agree.

Thanks....Excellent article yourself...

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