My commitment to making STEEMIT a place free from Spammers. PART 3

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Hello Steemit Friends,

this is an UPDATE to my crusade against SPAMMERS.

In the last days I gathered many good advice and feedback on this project and things are therefore taking on a slightly more concrete form.

I would like to say thank you to @vimukthi, @littleboy , @costanza and @willymac for for their advise which allowed me to refine my anti-spam message and made it less disturbing in author's posts.

At this early stage i'll hit only comments who asks vote for vote or follow for follow.
I don't have enough SP to flag all kinds of SPAM comments, so i should prioritize.. but my intention is to flag all kind of SPAM as soon as possible, although this will entail an increase in SP by my own funds waiting and hoping in some SP delegation or donation. That will definitely speed up the process.

In reply to this post you will found a comment with my new anti-spam message: i hope you will give me your feedbak or advice on it. There isn't a working link for "flagging criteria an info" because i wil write a new post with all the info.

Please feel free to resteem this post to help me in this uphill battle.

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  • This comment was considered SPAM and flagged by @miti
  • This is THE FIRST WARNING, be aware you're hurting your reputation!
  • CLICK HERE for flagging criteria and INFO.
  • I also suggest you to read Steemit etiquette

I'm not a BOT and my aim is to clear posts by spammers.


wait.. your bot just flagged its own "introducing... "x0bot"- making steemit a better place".

Is this real life? This is why I hate these spam bots. Some of them are decent but most of them will put a stain on legitmate posts. I agree that steemit totally has the potential to be ruined by massive amounts of spammers, but if we use the flagging system that is already native to and the steem blockchain: The flagging/downvote tool, then this ridiculousness wouldn't be an issue.

EDIT: I see now that you are just sharing your canned response for feedback, however, ridcioulousness aside, I stand by my point.

Don't be lazy and use the god damned report tool/downvote that already exists. If everyone reports the spammers on their posts than we wont have to have an army of "spam filter" bots that are virtually impossible to keep all happy.


I think people (like you) should need to be able to read discerningly. It's clearly labelled:

In reply to this post you will found a comment with my new anti-spam message: i hope you will give me your feedbak or advice on it.

I'm not a BOT and my aim is to clear posts by spammers

And NO, I'M NOT LAZY because if you bothered to look the links to this post, you would read :

I also started to report spammers to @steemcleaners in order to increase the level of cleanliness of steemit community.

Who's the lazy man now?!

This is a very honorable initiative. Personally I think it should be done by one of the early-adopters who have more SP at their disposal.

I think your gif has a lot of good text in it, but I suspect few will stare at it long enough to see all the words. Perhaps if you made it a bit larger you could fit half the text into each of only 2 messages and have more visibility?


Hi and thanks for your advice.
I've chosen a smaller gif to "invade" the less possible the comment section of a post.. Just imagine what would happen if there was more then one spammer in the same post (which is almost always happens).. a bigger gif could disturb the post author or readers...


Yes, that's true. There are always up-sides and down-sides aren't there?


Yeah... I am not sure I will ever be able to find something on which everybody agrees.. but I'm trying. ;-)

I wrote an old post about "making people angry" by asking them to follow...

A link is here, thought you might want to read it:

I wish you luck with your project.

The copy/paste comment spammers are annoying. REALLY annoying.


Thanks. This is an uphill battle for me, as you can see in the comments above, spammers became aggressive and when they got a flag in turn flag me. I've read your post, it was a good read.

Check this one: @shahjad5974
He is spamming comments.


Thanks @fbslo

Downvoted 21comments of @shahjad5974 considered spam..

Thanks to @vimukthi reporting the same thing.

Kajak pap mamak keh
Bek kapeumin ata gop


Please translate.

hi miti i am sorry for flaging yourcomment its just that your spamming as well
i know wht i did was hard for you its just that to stop someone dont spam or flag their post or comments instead help them earn by upvoting them and giving them warnings

pls i hope you remove your flag instead upvote my post
i really worked hard for those post because i used them to enter multiple contest

i know that your a reasonable person hope you understand



i din't know it was already in effect hope you give me this last chance


Sorry but i think i don't want to remove downvote from your post and and let me tell you why..

To assign a flag to a comment or post is a great responsability.. I take a lot of time to look into comments page of every supposed spammer before to flag his comment.. and you don't. You flagged my comment writed against a spammer and you didin't take the time to make sure my comment was spam.

This will give you some lesson for the future..


And there's this other stuff:

i am sorry for flaging yourcomment its just that your spamming as well

Are you kidding me?


if your trying to teach someone not to spam by spamming the same message all over again
that has the same lesson
instead try to make them reach higher by helping them upvote them then comment your lesson
dont downvote at least warn them first cause they might not know of your's and others teaching because there new

its like if your trying to do a campaign against drug abuse
dont torture them or dislike them by making their lives even more difficult
instead rehabilitate them slowly and make them interested in good morals

i still dont get why would you down vote 4 post that are all of them are used in contest?
i am still new and low on sp
i got high rank cause i take things in consideration
so please remove all of your downvote
and ^UPVOTE ^

if you dont pls explain and if its not valid well
your not a reasonable person
your just annoyed and taking your anger on me
and dont downvote the rest of my post


I tell you again: you saw the banner? You saw the percentage of downvote? You went to see the history/comment page of user i'd flagged? NO, that's the answer.. and yet you dowvoted my comment withour reason.

Why i've to be a reasonable person if you didn't?

Is this a superficial attitude and you don't have the right to act superior over my behaviour.


Why did you flagged my comment? Are you trying to make money and increase your reputation by hurting others???? Do your homework and research before acting please.


I'm not making any earn with this fight agains spammers (like you are).

You wrote the same comment to all posts, and this is considered SPAM. I counted at least 30 comment with:

Nice post! ...
You have my upvote and follow.
Please follow me @jlopezamor

I also reported you to @steemcleaners


POSITIVE USE OF SP instead of NEGATIVE USE OF IT.. LoL... Like you really mean it.