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RE: Newcomers, minnows and spammers.. this post will save your reputation!

in #steemit3 years ago

@miti (53), "Newcomers, minnows and spammers.. this post will save your reputation!"
I really appreciate you taking the time for this beginners guide. We need to keep re-producing these as new beginners arrive all the time. In future, I will re-direct comment spammers to this post.


Thanks @swissclive. I think that newcomers and minnows are a resource which deserves our support and guidance. ;-)

See below my (newly amended) warning to @myaceh who just spammed-commented your blog. I often try to warn comment spammers like this. Then I check back later to see if their behaviour changed.

I think is a very good comment but it's too long and I doubt that a spammer has the will to read it all... i tell it to you for my experience with them.

Good point. I will shorten it and leave the link to your blog.

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